A Full Evolution of Consciousness Is Taking Place

A Full Evolution Of Consciousness Is Taking Place

by Paul Dobree – Carey, Contributing writer, In5D.com, November 27, 2019

(Interjection: Paul is “right on” in this essay and in virtually full agreement with the eleven Buddha Consciousness books from my late wife, described in Buddha-Consciousness.org. I do feel a clarification is in order to the word ascension that Paul uses near the end of the article, The word is too often taken as full physical “ascension,” when, as I see it, it is more of a soul development process. Whatever happens to the physical body is individually determined based upon the consciousness level attained by the individual, but physicality will not be particularly important at that point. ~ Don Chapin)

Continuing with Paul’s essay:

A full Evolution of Consciousness is taking place across the whole of Earth at this time and many are experiencing massive changes both internally and externally. What these changes are and how to cope with them is based on your inter-action and re-action with everything that is occurring in your life. Every thought you have is the potential seed to become all that then manifests in your life.

Creating a life that provides fulfillment and meaning starts with managing the thoughts, desires and emotions that you encounter on a daily basis. Prioritizing, maintaining and crystallizing (focusing upon) your thoughts create your reality around you. A massive learning process is required to deal with the multiple simple and complex thought patterns and emotions being experienced to allow progress towards achieving balance, harmony and walking the enlightened path of the Ascension Process.

As many of your former motivations, desires and interests fall away at this time, there is a greater part of YOU that seeks to express its Self through you – this is your Higher Divine Self. You are here with a mission and seek to be purposeful in your actions and words and find meaning in your Life through your Soul Awakening to this world.

There is much work to be done here as many more awaken to a deeper and more fulfilling existence. Allow an energetic stream of consciousness from your Higher Self into this world and create an energized path that takes you into YOUR future. It is NOW time for each and everyone on Earth to begin claiming their birth right and achieve sovereignty of their true nature through integration with their Higher Divine aspect of Self.

You are here to gain knowledge of the Human experience and many have spent multiple lifetimes learning through trial and tribulation to achieve wisdom and connect with the higher expressions of the Heart Consciousness through compassion, acceptance, kindness and grace. None of which would have become known to you without going through the very experiences that embed that knowledge within you.

NOW is not the time to turn your back on all you have learnt, but to accept all that you are and take that accumulated wisdom into the next chapter of your chosen journey. You have done this so many times before, on other worlds and other galaxies, each time, learning the experience of existence in infinite form and variety.

YOU are Star Seeded Pioneers of Light and you answered the Clarion Call to be here at this time. You have come from Source, you have come through the Higher Dimensions to be here in lower vibrational form to experience the furthest and densest parts of the expanded Universe. The Human experience is a very real and necessary part of your Soul’s journey and you are here to add all you have learnt to the vast pool of universal knowledge by expanding awareness to the very limits you can push your individualized consciousness.

Expansion takes place in two directions – the Light and the Dark, the Highs and the Lows. The purpose of experiencing lower emotions and their subsequent vibrations is to expand your awareness of the range of light frequencies to the lowest contracted levels you can tolerate. How much can you bear, what next tribulation will you choose, what relationship will test you to the maximum, which event will stretch you to your limits?

This is why the grounded aspects of YOU on Earth are deemed to be pioneers in this field and are being watched in awe by other celestial citizens.

‘Cosmic Congratulations and Divine Gratitude’ – you have done and continue to do an amazing job!

The ability to bring full awareness of higher vibrational consciousness to a lower density existence is the purpose of Being at this time. Your body serves as a vessel of many parts with a single purpose – Unity. This too becomes your purpose – to join in Unity with Others, not as a single mass consciousness of similar mind and outlook – but comprised of individualized self-aware Beings of Light, connected and co-operating in a symbiosis of unique experiential wisdom.

It is becoming clear to you that you will always retain the experience gained through awareness of the lower vibrations that have passed through you. This is not something that can be purged, removed and forgotten easily – but you can learn to live with what you have endured on a daily basis through awareness, tolerance, compromise, forgiveness and compassion. Many of your experiences will have come from Soul Contracts with those who have agreed, through Love at the highest levels, to take part in your own created scenarios – to create together the very circumstances for you to integrate.

What once triggered an emotion followed by a physical response in you, need no longer provide the same effect, as you learn to recognize and neutralize your reaction to the events that occur to you and around you.

What Others do, is not about YOU – it may involve you but it is not what YOU are.

You will continue to attract to you all the events required for you to recognize this before your Higher Divine Self has been satisfied that integration has taken place. This is not punishment, this is Self-Realization. You are here to understand the result of wisdom gained from the experience of reality.

This is the beginnings of Mastery – the ability to adapt to all circumstances and events, no matter how they first present themselves and manifest circumstances in your Life. To become a Walking Master at this time does not mean creating a Lifetime of Eternal Bliss, Joy and Happiness in ignorance of All others situations. It is developing the skills to react in loving response, empathy and compassion of those still walking their Soul paths of Divine understanding and conscious development.

Once the lower emotions and vibrations have been absorbed and no longer provide a reactive resonance, you can start to return to the higher vibrations that you originally came from.

The Divine Higher Self is the part of YOU that creates the world in which you will live, rather than subjecting you to the forces that you allow to pass through you.

Ascension is returning you to where YOU started but with a bigger prize – the conquering of Third Dimensional reality before you travel on towards other experiences too.

A self-realized Sovereign Divine Being of Light. Your reason to Be is your only purpose – everything else is experience.
Honor your commitment and your resolution. You have earned the right to Being who you are, Here and Now.

With Loving Blessings <3

Paul Dobree – Carey / Polaris AB www.polarisab.com
About the author: Online Sessions – Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.



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