Addressing the “Good Guys” Species

An extract from “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity” by Michael E. Salla, PhD,  (Please note that this post has been updated with a table with important information from this publication. Please check out the pdf at the bottom of this post to see, download and share it.)

The following synopsis of the ‘good guys’ was compiled some years ago and should be updated in the near future with changes that have occurred since the beginning of the shift to 4th/5th-dimensional status… The basic categorization, however, would still apply. ~ Don Chapin, November 22, 2017


According to some sources (Sitchin and Tellinger, working from ancient Sumerian clay tablets), we are a product of Creation-guided extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, primarily accomplished by a culture called the Anunnaki. On the other hand, according to other (various) sources we possess a vast gene pool consisting of at least 22 different races (ergo, the Sumerians didn’t know EVERYTHING that went on around the planet and apparently there were at one time no restrictions against “fraternization with the primitives/with the natives.”

Because of our genetic heritage and because we are spirit, (some of) the more benevolent extraterrestrial races, in spite of mankind’s “crude and violent nature,” may actually view us as royalty. 🙂 To varying degrees, virtually all ET cultures/species/races concurs that humanity has the potential to do great things. (Aren’t we ALL proud of our offspring? :-).

Characteristically, these species/cultures/races are all highly evolved, refer to what we call “God” as “Source” or “Central Sun,” are interdimensional and navigate between stars, planets and dimension via mental means (I have seen few references to such advanced cultures that may use interstellar “spaceships,” as such). Such travel, whether within this galaxy or intergalactically is accomplished instantaneously, without regard to our Galilean/Newtonian/Einsteinian limitations. Communication is universally telepathic and, likewise, instantaneous. Many of these advanced cultures don’t nourish themselves with food as we might know it, but simply absorb ambient universal energy.

So, considering that the Milky Way constellation is about 100,000 Light Years across, how far away from Earth and to what purposes do some of these positive species/cultures expect to assist Earth and/or Humanity?

• Arcturians: ~ 37 Light Years from Earth. Purpose: “To educate the souls on Earth on the health, education, and welfare issues that will affect their lives in the future and the fifth dimension.” Highly involved with Earth and channels a wide variety of books. One of the two most active of the positively-oriented species working to aid Earth/Humanity in transitioning to the 5th dimension. The Arcturians and Ashtar are theons speaking to our world governmwnts. • The Pleiadians: ~ 450 Light Years from Earth. Purpose: “Change the rhythm of the planet with new forms of music. Open up humans’ higher centers.” Considered our “seed group” as they began genetically altering our DNA about 300,000 years ago, (which agrees with geneticists’ analyses 🙂 so might be considered our (mega-great) grandparents! 🙂 Highly evolved and work through many channels, directly and through published books. The second of the two most active of the positively-oriented species working to aid Earth/Humanity in transitioning to the 5th dimension. They are, by their own admission, which I had discovered recently (11/22/17 addition), also working off negative karma from their original intentions of their 300,000-year-old DNA modifications of humanity, when they worked with a ‘not-so-positive species/culture.

• Orions: ~ 1600 Light Years from Earth. Purpose: “Aid in the development of smoothly running systems on Earth. To stabilize intuitive powers within human consciousness.” • Alpha Centurians: The closest star system to our Solar System at ~ 4.4 Light Years from Earth – Purpose: “Finding ways to bring advanced concepts of the universe to the level of (others to potentially be added). Physically, while many of these species are generally humanoid in appearance (some even being nick-named “Nordic,” there are many variations. At least one species resembles a preying mantis, another with four short legs and feet, etc., through to those that are pure energy. There have been “treaties” established between some ETs and human governments, but, like the Native Americans finally realized, when we broke every treaty we made with them, that our level of technological advancement had no bearing on our government’s morals.

• Considering conventional scientific theories concerning human evolution on Earth, what physical evidence is there to suggest that we have been “visited” in the past?

• In the first place, the “conventional scientific theories” in the fields of paleoarcheology and paleoanthropology are just that: theories. The definition of a theory is “an assumption based on limited information or knowledge.” Therefore, a theory is not an established fact, although our education system and even some calling themselves scientists typically treats theories as facts. Just as in many other scientific circles or “disciplines,” in arriving at these theories, various other facts are conveniently overlooked, with the fields of paleoarcheology and paleoanthropology being a couple of the worst defenders of the “status quo.”

Consider a few ground-breaking sources:

• Cremo, Michael and Thompson, Richard: “Forbidden Archeology” (848 Pages of eye-opening facts which conventional scientists completely rejected, as depicted in Cremo’s “Forbidden Archeology’s Impact,”), “The Hidden History of the Human Race” (a popularization of “Forbidden Archeology,” and quite a bit shorter), followed by references like Frank Joseph’s “Before Atlantis,” The flood gates from the “non-scientists” had opened. There are many facts in the various references cited below, coming from many different sources and disciplines:

• “Deep Truth 5: A growing body of scientific data from multiple disciplines, gathered using new technology, provides evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that humankind reflects a design put in place at once, rather than a life-form emerging randomly through an evolutionary process over a long period of time.” (“Deep Truth,” Greg Brandon.)

• Then, of course, there’s the ET species/culture I “ran into” almost literally, as I documented elsewhere in my file, “ETs of May 26, ’92,” although I never did get any info from them on their origin and, with their channeled message, they’ve GOT to be counted among the ‘good guys,’ right? 🙂

• And an evening in Oct, 2017, with another spontaneous ‘Far sight’ occurrence: Sunset meditation found myself in deep space and it felt like HOME. Was aware of being tasked with (requested) helping raise a planet and the beings populating it in consciousness. Took a closer look at the inhabitants and, surprise, they turned out to be arachnids!! Since, in this present incarnation, I have a quite strong dislike for them, this was QUITE a surprise, but a ‘being’ is a being so, to work.

What this last peak experience did, however, was refresh an intention to make the REAL “ET” situation (not the once-pertinent UFO B.S.) better known, so I began a search to see what files I could recover from the wannacry file distruction… when I had a website dedicated to this topic and made a video over ten years ago (now obsolete) concerning the ET situation at that time. I know the ET situation has shifted since then, particularly with respect to the greys and lizzys, but those files that are pertinent are to be resurrected on as another ‘hot topic.’


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