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An extract from “A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races – A Typology of the Most Significant Extraterrestrial Races Interacting with Humanity” by Michael E. Salla, PhD,  (Please note that this post has been updated with a table with important information from this publication. Please check out the pdf at the bottom of this post to see, download and share it.)

The following synopsis of the ‘Not-As-Positive’ species was compiled some years ago and should be updated in the near future with changes that have occurred since the beginning of the shift to 4th/5th-dimensional status… The basic categorization, however, would still apply, with an exception…. I have found through personal experience conducting an exorcism that the more-dreaded ‘Lizzies’ ARE manageable as long as you can stay ‘in your power’ and not succumb to the fear they attempt to induce for control. ~ Don Chapin, November 22, 2017
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• “… all beings of higher intelligence fall into two simple categories. They are either working for the ‘free choice’ system (the ‘good guys’) or the domination-reflection system the ‘Not-As-Positive’ species. As beings of ‘reflection,’ they (of the domination-reflection system) are in an exact opposite to the reality of the Creator’s choice system. Higher-level entities who rule most of Earth’s domination-oriented systems are cut off from even understanding or recognizing the choice system of the Creator. While in these other dimensions, these (higher-level?) beings actually feel they are the creators of the Earth and feel humanity should give them allegiance.” Geo. Andrews, “Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foe,” Illuminet Press, 1993 • There are some highly negative and even potentially dangerous ETs (from our short-term perspective), both on Earth and from “out there,” that appear to be living among us and wanting to assume control of Earth and humanity for their own purposes.

The Reptoids

• As a species, their characteristics reportedly are: (Note that the Reptoid picture above, without the bright yellow eyes, loosely resembles the 7-8-foot tall one I encountered in “Exorcism #2″… a somewhat better picture resemblance was wiped out with the wanna-cry virus) • They are heavily mental and fear-based.

• They have a “hive mind’ mental linkage.*

• They do not honor life (but use life) and do not understand their connection to it.

• They are masters of creating holographically generated, interactive events that we take for reality (similar to how we create a film, but we’re in it!).

• Obsessive compulsive behavior.

• Personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts.

• Slavish conformance to old way of doing things.

• Obeisance to precedents, as in legal, religious, cultural and other matters.

• Cold-blooded behavior with no empathy for victims.

• Territoriality – need to control the world around them.

• Obsession with hierarchical structures of rule and control.

• Aggression and “Might is right – the winner takes all.”

• Do not recognize any form of “higher power.” But consider themselves to be “God.”* The off-planet race that is the most “dangerous” in this regard is a reptilian, warrior oriented species, that has no concept of a God or “Central Sun,” such as the tenets held by all the positive(+) species/cultures. The “negative” on-Earth species is also reptilian, has been here for a very long time, as evidenced by the numerous legends of reptilian activities all over Earth, even including Chinese dragons and the Christian Bible as opposite stereotypes. BOTH of these species, easily projects a “human” visage so as to blend in with our culture, have the capability to “alter” our perception of our own history and have regularly done so through the millennia.

• From second-hand, highly reliable accounts, the Bush 43 administration, through the powers they have delegated to the Department of Homeland Security, have enabled these “negative” reptilian species to have a free reign in terms of subjugating many American people.

• There is a movement to “legitimize” the U.S. “shadow government” agreement (at, which, in my opinion, is one of the very worst things we could ever do. This (movement) appears to be a continuation of “the Positives*” of the ‘90s, where there was no balance between different ET motivations – “They’re ALL enlightened!” *Jacobs, “The Threat,” ch11. The Native Americans finally realized, when we broke every treaty we made with them, that technological advancement had no bearing on morals. * It is these characteristics that, through personal experience, I have found also constitutes their “Achilles heel.” This (movement) appears to be a continuation of “the Positives*” of the ‘90s, where there was no balance between different ET motivations – “They’re ALL enlightened!” *Jacobs, “The Threat,” ch11.

Although “fearsome” in appearance and many actions, there are some “good guys” among them AND, despite the fear they attempt to inspire and which they “feed” upon, I have personally found they are not that difficult to “combat.”

The Greys, or The Grays

• The “Greys/Grays” (apparently spelled both ways 🙂 come in three sizes. The smallest are about a metre or a little more in height, and are known as Workers, or Helpers (while other off-worlders may be referring to this group as “biological robots”).

The middle-sized ones are about a metre and a half in height and the very tall ones, up to three metres in height. Picture courtesy of

– Although supposedly the result of a degenerated race resulting from underground living caused after a nuclear war, blamed for various livestock mutilations (alleged to be for their own “food” as, in a liquefied state “because their digestive system has atrophied,” it often has to be absorbed through their skin) and for many unwarranted human abductions, the truth from their standpoint, is quite at variance.

The Greys/Zeta…

1) are (by their account) non-invasively collecting information about our planet and all its species (including humans) as they can.

2) While they admit to having done a few livestock mutilations to gain information on developing improved strains of livestock, they claim that the vast majority of these mutilations have been done by humans for some unknown reasons. (And by Nov 2017, these activities are history.)

3) Yes, they are “the muscle” behind an unknown number of human “abductions” and even of fostering interspecies development. Their truth is that such “abductions” are not accomplished without the abductees’ permission on some level, which could be a prior-incarnation or a current-life, soul-level agreement and that most of the abductions are simply to better understand Earth-human physiology. Other ET-species do not particularly concur in the “prior-permission” claim made by the Greys. (I strongly suspect that I have also been an “abductee,” because at two distinct times in 2012, I found nose-bleed blood on my pillow case and I DO NOT get nosebleeds. 🙂

• They claim that the “cross-breeding” is not with/for them, per se (I believe that they are probably sterile), but with other humanoid-like ET races (of which there are apparently MANY throughout this and other galaxies) to assist in Earth’s version of mankind develop into “the next generation.”

• As an prime example of such reality manipulation, we only need to look at the limited perceptions and practices of our “scientific” communities dealing with Paleoarcheology and Paleoanthropology.

• Most of the “flying saucers”/UFO activity and all of the human abductions and livestock mutilations can be attributed to another “negative ET” culture that we know of as the “Greys.” See Excerpts from Songs of the Arcturians. Various other sources provide evidence of the following:

• What can we do to help with the “deflect” of the “not-so-good” species? I’m glad you asked, because it is also up to us, as the inhabitants of this Earth that is the target of this species, to do whatever we can to defend ourselves, keeping in mind that:

(1) this “negative” species, no matter how technically advanced, still has the God-given attribute of free will and

(2) they are honestly acting in what they think is in our interest, as well. However, what these “negative” species would like for us, vs. what we think is in our own best interest is not necessarily the same thing.

• A key manner in which we can exploit the weaknesses of these “negative” species, while accumulating no “negative karma” for ourselves, is to use the techniques I used in an exorcism of a Lizzie and their counter-attack.

• On the other hand, first-hand experiences obtained in attempting to “contain” at least one individual of the more “dangerous” species proved to be quite successful. Unwittingly (to me, at least), a kind of “warm-up” exercise was presented first, then a series of encounters occurred with the real thing. In the case of the Greys and their potential for abductions, do what I had neglected to do, simply cover yourself in blue energy/light when you go to bed. 🙂

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