An Interactive Discussion

by Don Chapin

Quotes from ‘Energy Blessings from the Stars’ by Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst (inset and italics), in which Feurst is the undeniable metaphysics expert. I’m using extensive quotes from that book as it is, to date, the very best description I have ever seen when it comes to observing Shaktis, supplementing Feurst’s descriptions (all indented and in italics) with my own observations.

A related concept is that subtle energy (which I call Universal Energy ~ Don) can be “programmed.” Readers may be familiar with programming a quartz crystal, for example. Of course, what is really being programmed is the subtle energy field associated with the crystal. (The healing art of Reiki is in the same category. ~ Don)

The fact that subtle energy can be programmed leads us to the concept of “Shakti.” A Shakti is a subtle energy which has been programmed to behave intelligently, either directly by God (some people may prefer to use another word, such as Source) or indirectly by an intermediary (such as an Ascended Master or angel) who is so spiritually evolved that they can act as a pure pipeline for the divine mind. The word Shakti expresses the concept that energy is God in action. Unfortunately, there isn’t even an English word to describe this concept; that is why we use the term Shakti, which is a Hindu word. Some people in Western culture use the word Shakti simply as a synonym for “energy”; however, I always use it to refer to “a subtle energy that behaves intelligently.”

So you’re distinguishing between the concept of subtle energy and the concept of a Shakti?

Yes, a Shakti is a specialized form of subtle energy (Universal Energy ~ Don).

YES! Feurst succinctly nails it! It is subtle energy given direction.

P. 43/44-
The technology behind subtle energy (usage) is very advanced indeed. It may look like magic, but like all subtle energy phenomenon it obeys rational principles…a Shakti is a specialized form of subtle energy. All Shaktis are subtle energies, but not all subtle energies are Shaktis. It is common for Shakti and ordinary subtle energy to be found mixed together for they frequently act in concert to support our evolution in ways that we can’t sort out (but which I am attempting to better explain with this article ~ Don). I use the phrase “subtle energy” to include the possibility that we are talking about Shakti as well as ordinary subtle energy.

But this is where I somewhat disagree with Feurst, as I literally ‘see’ programmed subtle energy (or, as I call it, Universal Energy), which is what a Shakti is, as behaving very differently. O.K., Feurst may also see it (and I suspect he does), but then it becomes a matter of perception and interpretation and, perhaps, under what conditions we respectively see various Shaktis working. In his book he emphasizes healing, while much of what my group worked on was astral plane constructs. Additionally, this explanation helps explain “F’s” constructs in my book “In Psychic Defense.”

I have attempted to provide a water analogy to what I ‘see’ of the Universal Energy field in another article entitled “Meditation Mechanics,” i.e. simulating the activity of the Universal Energy field as a result of attempted manifesting. The situation of creating a Shakti is very similar.

p. 44 –

Western culture is still in its infancy in learning about subtle energy and about the energy centers already known in
earlier cultures. For historical reasons the West learned about chakras and meridians first, and as a result, many people
have assumed that this is all that there is to know, or all that is important.

We still have much to learn from these cultures with which we already have the most familiarity. For example, in Hinduism there is a vast knowledge not only of the chakras but also of the energy centers known as marmas. These are located in regions where bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, or nerves meet. These centers are important concentrations of life energy. As mentioned, we also have much to learn from traditions that are not as familiar to us. Sufism
has knowledge about the energy centers known as lat’if, the Jewish tradition of Kabbalah has knowledge about the energy
centers known as sefirot (or the Tree of Life centers), and the Hawaiian tradition of Huna knows about centers called ao.

Experience has shown that combining knowledge of the chakras and meridians with work on any of these other energy centers, produces results that far exceed what can be done by working with just the chakras and meridians alone. To master knowledge of all these different centers is beyond the capacity of any human intelligence; however, through the medium of Shakti it becomes possible to work with these less known centers in a very profound way.

It is important to understand, as stated previously, that a Shakti is a subtle energy, not a physical energy. It is also important to understand that it is not anyone’s personal energy.

Yes, a person’s personal energy does not accompany a Shakti, but their identity DOES as each Shakti automatically ‘identifies’ it’s author just as a painting is typically signed by the artist, with the information becoming part of, or being recorded in, the Universal Energy field. This is done without the author’s specific intention, but is, as stated, automatic to the process.

pp. 48/49 –

And no, I am not saying that God and [Universal Energy or] Shakti are the same?

Whoa. Now, on this topic, from my perspective, I’d say “the jury’s still out.” 🙂 When all characteristics of the field of Universal (or subtle) Energy are put together, such as somewhat described in “Energy Blessings” and supplemented in this article, personally, I wonder if we aren’t seeing God directly ‘in action’ or, at least, a very close aspect of God. Every being I have been conscious of is basically grateful for being “of service” and this phenomenon literally shouts Service with a capital “S.”

Continuing with pp. 48/49 –

Shakti (and the Universal Energy field from which it comes ~ Don) ultimately comes from “Source.” By Source we refer to that which is the origin and sustaining power of the universe. Different people have different names for this: “God,” “Cosmic Mind,” “Tao,” etc. Even though a Shakti has its ultimate origin in Source and even though it behaves intelligently, it should not be equated with Source. (Like before, to me “the jury is still out. ~ Don 🙂

Rather it is a tool which Source allows some to pass on to others; it is a nonphysical tool, but a tool nonetheless. Nor should a Shakti be considered a living being, even though its intelligent behavior may at times leave one with that impression. Some people have compared a Shakti to a nonphysical computer.

Although a Shakti may be passed on to you by a physical teacher or by various non-terrestrial masters (and according to The Buddha Consciousness, referencing the library addressed at, the average human is referred to as a master… I use the ‘small m’ for this :-), remember that it ultimately comes from Source (underlining mine ~ Don). It does not ultimately originate with that being, nor is it that being’s personal energy (Hmmm, are we absolutely sure about that?? ~ Don). Just as Source has provided the universe with all the necessities to sustain physical growth, so has Source provided us with the gift of these Shaktis for our personal and spiritual growth.

And this is for the growth of both sender and receiver!

P. 50 –

An example of shakti behaving intelligently would be when a Shakti that clears negative emotions will head directly for the particular chakras where those emotions are most stored. The fact that Shakti behaves intelligently has many important
implications not all of which are obvious. By utilizing Shakti we can accomplish far more than we can if we only make use of our individual intelligence. Consider a Shakti that works with clearing the chakras. (As we will see later, different Shaktis work with different energy centers and accomplish different objectives.) A Shakti can act more quickly and can access more information about the structure of the chakras than can any individual working alone. In fact, aura photographs of people who have experienced even 15 or 20 minutes of the more powerful Shaktis show chakra changes which surprise even many professional energy workers. In addition to having the power to access vast amounts of detail about the more commonly known energy centers, such as the chakras, Shaktis are also able to access information about important but less known centers such as the ao, marmas, lat’if and sefirot.

Even though you can read countless books on chakras, our information in the West is only a fraction of what there is to know. But Shakti is intelligent and knows far more than any human being can.

VE: So a Shakti knows what an individual needs even when we don’t know ourselves.

Because Shakti behaves intelligently it has the important ability to customize what it does for each person. For instance, a Shakti that has the specific purpose of balancing a person’sleft-right energy may increase the amount of charge on the
left side of one person’s body and decrease the charge on the left side of another person’s body, depending on the
individual’s unique pattern of imbalance. The degree of customization can be surprisingly great. Some Shaktis that
specialize in working on the crown chakra can work individually on each one of the thousand-plus petals of that chakra.

P. 51-

[Another] concept most fundamental to the understanding of Shakti is that there is not just one kind of Shakti in the universe; there are many; many different Shaktis. Shaktis can be quite different from one another. Those who are clairvoyant enough can see that they have different colors. Those who are very sensitive to the feel of energy recognize different textures such as smoothness or graininess. Another difference is that energies can feel hot or cold, even like electricity. They also move in different geometric configurations: some move in straight lines, some move in circles, some move in spirals, etc.

VE: But all these different subtle energies still come from the same Source, don’t they?

IF: Of course. I have emphasized the diversity of subtle energy to help balance out a tendency in the New Age movement to greatly oversimplify reality and talk only about “universal life energy.” However, because I have emphasized this diversity, I want to affirm that ultimately there is an underlying unity to all energies, both physical and subtle, for all energies ultimately come from the one Source which creates and sustains the universe. Nonetheless, it is a mistake to assume that this ultimate unity means that all subtle energies are identical.

I would suggest that the foregoing set of quotes are dramatic understatements.

As previously noted, a Shakti automatically carries the sender’s identity. Part of coming from Universal Energy is the previously mentioned intelligence of Shaktis. As such, successive Shaktis remember previous “assignments” and in addition to working around suddenly-discovered obstacles to their assignments, they carry out “new” assignments as a continuation.

They seem to work as an unstated agreement between the sender and the “target.”

In our Healing Earth group, working on mass consciousness layers, we had agreed to concentrate on a huge astral-plane mass extending from about Boston down the East coast to about Raleigh, peaking in height over the New York and Washington, DC, areas. The existence of this Astral-plane “mountain” was confirmed in a private session with the channeled Pleiadian group Laarkmaa ( This basalt-appearing mass appeared to have been formed from the combination of egos and greed concentrated along that route. Sending our group-backed Universal Energy each week, I was able to observe how that energy performed at the “target.”

(As an aside, I was sometimes also able to observe groups of “wee folk” …other dimensional beings…celebrating up and down that basalt-appearing mountain whenever we began working on sending cleansing energy. 🙂

The energy we sent, now known as Shaktis, went straight to work like a jet stream from a hose, working to find and/or create chinks in that mass consciousness mountain. Soon a small chink was found on the base at about the center on the western side and successively-sent Shaktis kept working on that, each week going back week-after-week to broaden that initial small opening without specific direction. Soon there was a crack all the way through to the eastern shore-side of that mountain and successive Shaktis also found and worked on another crack extending north to south in the middle of the mountain. Each repeated “assault” on that mountain was accomplished without specific direction by our team! Along the way, as those openings progressed with the clean-up, I could occasionally hear anguished cries from inside as the Shaktis were working.

Imagination? Dunno, but looking at that mountain today, despite the 2016 elections it looks a little bit lower and with a somewhat softer surface.

Now, the information I have received is that each Shakti is unique to the sender, the “target” and the purpose, so that there is no end of differences.



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