Be Present

Lately, I have been recognizing more subtle insights and signals that the only clear path forward is being present – focused in this moment.

The notion of ‘being present” is counter-culture to my life and much of what I see around me. Geez, just have a conversation with anyone – about anything – and there is very little creation taking place. The trend, it seems, is devoting time to explaining this and that. In that kind of conversation I don’t feel empowered.

I want my living to be inspired and energetic. Forget the medications and diseases. I want good health and clear vision. In that stream of life there is no one to blame and the only direction is forward. I don’t spend time trying to reconfigure the past or change the opinions of another.

Be Present 
“You must first have the knowledge of your power, second the courage to dare: third the faith to do so.” ~ Charles Hannel, The Master Key System

Personal Power

This is not about the control or manipulation of others. Your power is derived from your own awareness of you. You cannot fake this and it takes time to develop. No overnight sensations in this arena. More than self brilliance or a shiny, well-spoken ego, we are speaking about recognition. You relaxing, in the emotional good-feeling moment, your inherent goodness. This is the rub, you have to let go …. of feelings carrying self doubt and unworthiness.

Many people talk about it, but looking in the eyes of another you can feel if they are living their power – living in harmony with others with authentic sincerity.

In this world today, you almost always have to bypass what comes out of someone’s mouth and feel what they are saying … the life of intuiting.

Face it, we live in a world dominated by negative information and people. To grasp your power, you have to find some wiggle room in your life to just be with yourself. That wiggle room is the effort of you devoting yourself to your inherent worthiness. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself. Celebrate this time just as it is.

There are a ton of books and help to guide you in this remarkable process. Most important, I think, you must focus on the present and what you want to create. Taking more time to examine my thoughts and identify desires of what I want in life sounds easy, but I have to keep retraining that muscle. That is the muscle, of crafting my future with my thoughts. I am finding that when I take time in the morning to sit on the porch and start my day nu envisioning what I want … the day unfolds with less drama and less hiccups.

The is some delicious power in taking my self to task to envision my life. I don’t mean that it’s doing something wicked. On the contrary, it is just uncomfortable because I am not used to visualizing. The neat aspect is that the more that I visualize, the more fun I have with it.

Talking time by myself to visualize is easier when I am focusing on being in harmony with life and enjoying yourself. Are you willing to take that step every day? I am.

Are you willing to change the way you think? If not, stop reading this cause you are wasting your time.


Being brave is not the courage I am talking about here. Courage, in this process of recognizing your power, is loving and enjoying you.

It’s that simple.

In the face of all the negativity we live in from society and opinions of others, are you willing to exercise the inner courage to enjoy you, have fun in your life, love yourself?


To be present, at some point in life you have to exercise your will by choice.  To me that means making a conscious choice to be such and such or to do this and that. You can read all the books, watch all the videos but no new perceptions … no inner wisdom … will percolate within until you have the faith to allow forward movement.

About 30 years ago, I was at a turning point in my life. I was living in a new area, going through a divorce that was really rough, and starting a business. To this day, I remember a dream I had. I was in a cavern, an underground cave, having fun hiking. All of a sudden, the path took me to the edge of a ravine. I could not see the bottom, it was pitch black.  Returning back the way I had come was long and didn’t seem to be an option. I was totally focused on getting across the ravine that was about a city block wide — too far to jump. There was light on the other side of the ravine. But there was no way to cross … just a lot of empty space.

A steady, reassuring, and gentle voice seemed to well up inside me, informing me …. “walk across… trust and do it … no one can make you do this … one step in front of the other … just walk across.” Over and over the voice continued. This was one of those dreams where, while I dreamed it, I was also aware that I was dreaming. That ever happen to you? Here I am looking at this impossible task of walking across a ravine where it looked as though I would surely fall to my death, plus the cognition that I was aware this was a dream just made me feel a tad more uncomfortable. What to do? While the words sounded simple, my feelings were profound and at the same time, I was terrified.

Finally, after much consternation, I stepped off into the ravine. My foot landed in mid air on something very solid but invisible. Then I took a step with my other leg and both my legs were standing on thin air while I looked in the pitch black ravine. To my sheer amazement I was not falling, I was standing on air, or on an invisible bridge. While I was sweating profusely from being nervous, suddenly I began feeling the most joyful waves of peace and confidence rise and subside within me – over and over. I did get to the other side of the ravine – slowly, one step at a time – and when I reached the far side I was experiencing myself/life in new perceptions (impossible to put into words) … and I almost immediately woke up … still vividly living the experience of that dream.

Self Reliance

Today, it is obvious that dream was a turning point in the development of my personal power and so much more.

At the time, I understood that it was significant about understanding the level of faith I had at the time.

But, I am sure you have had your own experiences of situations that led you to examine new levels of faith … or experiences leading you to have a deeper sense of your personal power.

I think that the courage and faith that we are willing to access within will determine our degree of personal power. We all have those kinda “faith” dreams/experiences during our life. But, by positioning our life in a path to welcome those experiences is what defines our intention as a spiritual being.



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