Facts You Never Knew About Trees

Facts You Never Knew About Trees

Heading towards Jenner from Santa Rosa, driving through the second-growth redwoods along the Russian River outside of Guernville, Ca, I started to extend my consciousness as far as I could along the highway to ‘touch base’ with Nature. BUT almost ran off the road when a very clear, sharp voice spoke from WITHIN my head, “Hello, old friend, it’s been a long time.”

How the Religious Right Indoctrinates Followers With False Version of History

How the Religious Right Indoctrinates Followers With False Version of History

REPOST – American evangelical political engagement is built on a very weak historical foundation. It is time that Christian philanthropists, motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit informed by the pursuit of truth and a concern for the testimony of the Gospel in the world, take the long view and invest in responsible Christian thinking about the American past. The American republic, and more importantly, the witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, depends on it.

New Animal Abuser Registry

New Animal Abuser Registry – Repost of “Thanks to New Law, Animal Abusers Will Now be Registered Like Sex Offenders” on True Activist: A number of US jurisdictions have now made laws that require the names of animal abusers to be displayed in a registry that is similar to the ones that are used for sex offenders.

Body Scan Meditations for Clarity and Clearing

Repost of an article by Ethan Indigo Smith: Meditations for Clarity and Clearing – “…the processes of mindful meditations…can be utilized to enhance clarity by providing a pathway for our mind, which is beneficial in innumerable ways, including initiating healing. “

Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases Is Bad For Business

Goldman Sachs is an investment firm that both helped cause and then exploited a global economic meltdown, increasing its own wealth and power while helping to boot millions of Americans out of their homes. Now it is openly saying in financial reports that curing people of terrible diseases is not good for business.

Shocking Victory for Proponents of Alternative Medicine

While I briefly acknowledge this U.S. medical shortcoming in my book, “Engineering Your Spirituality,” this development, the Australian government recognition of alternative medicines is, in my opinion, a HUGE spiritual vacuity indictment of the U.S. “oversight” agencies, the AMA and the MSM!

The Truth About Radical Islam

A very thought-provoking and believable piece, particularly when compared to How FDR provoked Japan into attacking the U.S. so we could enter WWII to assist Europe against Hitler How the DoD trains S. American military in combating popular internal “uprisings.” How...


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