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Sam, rapidly approaching his 90’s, has led a very interesting life as a boxer, football player (despite his size), diving instructor, and photographer… which led to a career in Hollywood, on the stage and as a playwright. Somewhere along the line he also picked up an ability to hypnotize and actively practiced self-hypnosis as a form of meditation. When he mentions “going under” in this essay, he’s using self-hypnosis, which he also teaches.

When he mentioned to me his “vision” of the Sphinx and Egyptian pyramid construction process (which he refers to as his ‘theory’), I became very interested. I had a previous familiarity with 1) little-known Bosnian pyramid materials analyses, indicating “poured concrete(*)” with material properties which modern technology cannot match, (along with included organic materials carbon 14 dating somewhere between 31 and 34 thousand years ago) and 2) with a new Sphinx dating analysis that placed its construction at about 80 thousand years ago. (Both of which are “debunked” by “experts” typically attempting to protect their professional status and personal egos). At that point, I strongly encouraged Sam to “go back” and get a more complete story.

(*) Subsequent to these discussions between Sam and myself, I came across an extremely well-researched and convincing book by Dr. Joseph Davidovits and Margie Morris entitled “The Pyramids, An Enigma Solved,” which fit hand-in-glove with what Sam was “seeing,” as described below.

~Don Chapin

The Creation of the Sphinx and Pyramids

By Sam Younghans

In 2011, I once more became interested in Edgar Cayce’s readings, and I started re-reading my many books about Edgar Cayce. I found some new books about him. I added a section about Edgar Cayce on my site I re-read the old books, and found some of the newer ones very interesting. Many new things turned up about various proofs of his credibility, which I never doubted. Then in 2012 I re-joined A.R.E.

Some of the many items in Edgar Cayce’s readings that interested me were his comments on Atlantis, the pyramids, the Sphinx of Giza, and the Lost Records. The pyramids and the Sphinx always fascinated me. I sailed to Bimini a few times before I read Edgar Cayce’s comments on Atlantis.

I recently read a book, “The Message of the Sphinx” by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. Both Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. Foundation are mentioned many times. A most interesting book. They did not try to answer the question of how they were constructed, but they did tell about the 200-ton blocks in the temples. The mystery remains of how they came to be. I never read my theory in any books about the pyramids. The theory came to me while doing self-hypnosis. I told it to a few people who thought it sounded very logical, and all told me that they never heard of it. Because of my beliefs, I am sure that others received this thought, but I am writing about it in order to find out.

In the May 2015 issue of “Venture Inward” an article by Don Carroll with Randy Griffith on “Visions Lead to Archaeological Discovery about the Great Pyramid”. I expected to read my theory, but not so, however one comment might help prove part of my theory.

I just finished reading “The Message of the Sphinx” and preparing for a train ride to visit my daughter, Candace, in Ashland, Oregon. The departure date, June 7, 2012, arrived while we were talking daily on the phone. For some reason I told her that, when we hung-up, I might be traveling back to Egypt to find out how the pyramids were built. Candace knows me well. She told me to be sure and get back before the train left without me.

When I hung up, I put myself under and went back to the time just before the Sphinx and the pyramids were built. I saw the following: In Egypt, on the north side of where the Sphinx would be created. There were no pyramids, nor a Sphinx. I did not try to identify myself because of my interest in what developed in front of me. The people I saw were not dressed as the people of the pharaoh’s times. They were dressed in clothes that fit snugly and were of similar green colors (Coveralls).

What happened next may be hard for some to follow, but this is really how I saw it. Visualizations of images that seemed to be created from the people I saw in front of me. They knew my motive for being there, and they were able to communicate to me and read my questions. I felt the feeling of being at a movie, watching the construction of the temples, the Sphinx, and then the pyramids. This movie keeps coming back to me with more information each time I view it.

It starts out with the building of large wooden crates at the temple and then at the Sphinx. One crate lies in the position of where the Sphinx now lies. As I looked closely at it, I could see construction in the form of the future Sphinx. I thought that very odd, because, as I remembered, a large block of granite laid there, waiting for the construction of the Sphinx. The floor of that area, looked all level up to, and, including the temples. No granite around.

Now, comes the interesting part. A long string of camels, coming out of the east from barges on the Nile River are carrying two large containers strapped on either side. The camels were led up a ramp constructed along side of the crates for both the temples and the crate of the Sphinx. When the camels reached the top, a chute placed under them became readied for unloading. Then they pulled a rope at the bottom of the containers, and the contents of the containers emptied into crates. The camels with their empty containers returned to the Nile to collect another load. The long lines were approaching the Nile or returning with another load.

What were they carrying in those containers? This article in the “Venture Inward” comes close to my theory. In the article they mention a 1987 discovery of extremely fine and almost pure quartz sand that poured out from an exploratory hole drilled behind the Queen’s Chamber. What I saw was, the people dumping ground granite into the crates, combined with the pumice, but I can see a use for the quartz. Now for the good part!

When the crates were full, they placed several crystals on top of the ground granite, and electrodes were inserted at the top. The crystals were attached to the electrodes that were attached to long rows of panels. They were like solar panels, but much more designed. They used mirrors that increased the electrical current. They explained to me that the same principle of what happens under the earth’s crust to form granite was happening. What took thousands of years under the earth’s crust to form granite could be accomplished in 30 to 60 days.

What they explained it to me; as the ground granite was being poured into the crates, there were forms placed inside the crates that would not harden like the ground granite. This was done in order to hide chambers and shafts inside of the granite blocks, the Sphinx, and the pyramids. Thus, my vision.

Note: The quartz sand may be the thing that created the chambers, because the crystals and electricity did not affect the quartz sand. Who really knows? Who knows where the ground granite came from? I wrote a theory about that. First, the granite on the sphinx should be tested for traces of pumice. There were many volcanic eruptions before 10,500 BC, and pumice probably floating all over the Mediterranean Sea at that time. The pumice mixed with the granite to help create a binding effect. Sufficient granite could be found nearby, so they brought the pumice down the Nile from the Mediterranean Sea, blended the two and loaded them on camels.

Now that I finished the article written about my theory I wanted to read it, once more, as a skeptic, looking for a laugh. I put aside the fact of being the author. The following gives a brief idea of what I saw and also what I did to understand it.

I read, “The floor of that area was level, up to, and, including the temples. No granite around.” This sentence caught my attention, because all around the area were cliffs of granite. Something felt wrong. This motivated me to return for another look. I put myself under, and returned to the same time, with the question, “What happened to the granite?”

The answer: so simple that I felt foolish. The granite was under foot, and yes, part of the Sphinx was carved out of solid granite. When they started the two temples, they started mining the area of the raw granite to fill the molds. By the time they reached the area near to the Sphinx, they decided to carve a huge statue of their image of God. The image was gigantic and stood regally in the sand. The image of the face was similar to the image of Cleopatra. There was no body with a tail, nor were there any long extended arms. Meanwhile they were removing all of the granite from around that area for the blocks for the pyramids. They moved the granite to the temples to grind and blend with the pumice.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015: I moved to Ashland on November 16, 2012. I tried to go back to that time before the construction on the Giza Plateau, but for some reason, I was unable to access that era in my regressions. However, one night it all came back; I returned to the site of the construction of the Giza Plateau.

My curiosity was about the records that Edgar Cayce spoke of. They were supposedly buried near the Sphinx. These records were written to help mankind when they reached the point where the records would be used to save all mankind from the downward direction it was heading.

My first visit back to that time resulted in an explanation of why everyone wore the same clothes. I gave it very little thought since the time when I first wrote about it. At the time, I just thought they were wearing some sort of uniform. This time I learned differently.

First, there were no manipulators, or power hungry people, in charge of their government. Those types of people were soon ousted from their positions. The people in charge of making decisions for the people were all honest, caring people. They did tests that proved the intentions of those chosen to help the people. If any negative individual, or a manipulator slipped through, it wasn’t long before their true intentions were exposed.

The reason they wore those clothes was to conserve their resources, and help the environment. There was much less material waste, keeping everything almost identical. There were manufacturing companies, who saw to it that there was no waste. Each person received four outfits each year. Fashions and styles did not exist.

So, How does one find these records? When they explained it to me it seemed so simple, I am surprised it hasn’t been done. Below I wrote something researched that tells you how, without telling you.

On Thursday, April 16, 2015, I was bitten by a virus bug and was in bad shape for almost three weeks. I spent much time in bed healing myself. During that time I was able to return to the Giza Plateau. I was shown the large urns being loaded with the records. Mostly scrolls of unknown properties. Once an urn was full, it was capped and sealed. Then the urns were set inside of a large wooden container.

They told me about the records and how, and why, they were hiding them for a future use. They did not want the records to fall into the wrong hands. These records could be used for good or for bad. They wanted them to be used for the good of all of the people.

Two crates were first placed in the temples before the construction of the temples began. About six to ten inches of granite laid down first in each crate, and then the urns were placed on top of that. The urns were about eight feet tall. Once they were set, they poured in the granite mix until the urns were covered, then they laid a large block of solid granite over the urns. After that, they filled the crates to the top, and then set the crystals over the crate. In about six months the crates would be removed and there would be this 200 tons of granite.

These blocks of granite were never moved. They were created on the spot where they would rest for eternity, or until someone got the idea to find the records. They tried to make it very difficult to discover those urns. They put the slab of granite over the urns so that it would discourage any one going further if they were breaking the block.

But the answer to how the urns can be accessed was so simple, I hesitate to tell the solution. Now that I hesitated, I will tell it for the future of mankind. Hopefully, some power-hungry, greedy ignoramus doesn’t find it with the hopes of controlling the world. That was the reason the records were so carefully hidden. After saying that, I don’t feel I can put that out for just anyone.

Sunday, June 7, 2015: Since I last wrote about my visit to the Sphinx, I tried to go back to that time to find out if I could read the records for myself. That didn’t happen. My dreams and visions happened, but not connected with the Sphinx, or the records.

However, because of my other project, a one-man show called “Jung, Cayce, Einstein, and Me,” I dedicated all of my reading time to books related to those people. There were many things in common. I am very curious about that. I wondered if they met in this life or in past lives. They all spoke of Atlantis. Cayce’s readings were close to the words quoted from both Carl Jung and Albert Einstein’s writings. It was exciting being placed in the middle of such people, because I am just a common, ordinary man.

Yes, I went through many life and death experiences, and I do honor and respect all three of my colleagues, (I call them colleagues because of my one-man show) but I do not posses their intellect – if I did, it would be in my way. So, as an ordinary dude, I am following a path, which includes writing this story of my experience under self-hypnosis.

I kept trying each night, and sometimes during the day, to return and get the answer to my question, “What was in the records?” I also worked on my one-man show. Then, one morning, as I was lying in bed with my thoughts, the answer came to me. They were already out there for all to read. I was reading the words of those records. I agreed, but I did not realize that they were the words of the records. All three; Jung, Cayce, and Einstein were trying to save the world in their own way.

I read Edgar Cayce, the quotes of Carl Jung, and Albert Einstein for my show. Their writings contain the answers. So if you are interested in saving the world, or if you just want to better yourself, as a start to bettering the world, then read about these three men and their various statements about world affairs: Carl Gustav Jung, Edgar Cayce, and Albert Einstein. They gave us the answers. Are we strong enough to make them work?

Sam Younghans
1650 Sunset St.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 631-8545

Editor’s note: We regret to inform you that Sam Younghans, a dear friend of Don Chapin’s, transitioned in early January 2019.



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