25,000 Old Mysterious Dolmens of The Black Sea Region, Science Cannot Explain

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There are many widely known ancient and mysteries structures in the world from the Egyptian pyramids to Stonehenge. However, many others—some smaller but not any less important—are less known. One mysterious set of structures that are not getting enough attention are the megalithic monuments called dolmens.

In fact, there [sic] are so rarely discussed that living in the Black Sea region for 10 summers, I only found out about them while revisiting the area last year.

There are many spread out across the world in varying forms, and about 3,000 of them are all located in the Western Caucasus— particularly near the Black Sea in Russia. Their origins are as mysterious as the Great Pyramid, and there is a whole spiritual movement in Russia behind their current existence.

The Origins of the Dolmens: Cosmic Connection?

Many dolmens, sometimes referred to as ‘dwarf’ or ‘hobbit houses’ because of their size, are located near Sochi in Russia. They have been intriguing scientists since they were first discovered in 1911 at Krasnaya Polyana—‘red field’ in Russian.

Their origins and usage both are highly mysterious—and simply baffling.

First of all, scientists do not fully understand how they were built— at least not by humans. Involvement of either some giant humans or alien species has been discussed even by non-believers. The tour guide who took me to these structures last summer confirmed the cosmic involvement theory. That is because how these seemingly small structures were built cannot be fully explained.

The only theory mainstream science has about their purpose is as burial tombs because there have been bones of the buried found beneath them. Some scientists believe that dolmens were built during the early Bronze Age period or 3,000 BCE. This theory arises from analyzing some of the items found with the buried people—like beads, bronze daggers, and clay items. This age prediction would put them at the same age as the Great Pyramid, whose true age is also still discussed in the scientific community.

However, dating the skeletons and the structures by other scientists, it is obvious that the structures were built way earlier than they were used for burial—as early as 25,000 years ago. This prompts a question—were they built for another reason, but used for burial purposes by whoever found them later?

Astronomy, Sexual Alchemy, And Other Meanings

Each dolmen in the Black Sea region looks very similar. It is a cube-shaped structure with four walls a little shorter than an average adult, a roof, and a perfectly round hole in the middle with a plug that fits it. They are fully carved from stone, and each structure is between 15 and 30 tons. No one can find any evidence of how these stones got carried to their locations often hidden in the woods.

These stone walls have 90-degree perfect angles between them and are stacked so perfectly that you cannot insert a thin razor blade between them.

A few dolmens have zigzag patterns that are similar to those found at Ireland’s sacred sites. Another symbol that was found on a few dolmens is the Sun Cross from Norse mythology.

Another connection to other sacred sites is that some of the dolmens are aligned with solstices and equinoxes. This suggests that their purpose may have been ceremonial.

The round opening in each dolmen may have represented the womb and was connected with sacred sexual alchemy—a rebirth for those who have passed.

Other dolmens exist all over Europe, in Belgium, Denmark, France, and other countries. Their shape varies, while most of the western ones follow a similar design.

Some people believe that dolmens are energy portals, and there is a spiritual movement behind these structures that are connected to the followers of the teachings of Anastasia—a mysterious Siberian woman described in The Ringing Cedars book series by Vladimir Megre, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide without any advertising.

Mystic Woman Anastasia and the Dolmens

Vladimir Megre is a Siberian entrepreneur and writer whose books created a movement. In the 1990s, he wrote a series of books called The Ringing Cedars talking about his journey into the depths of Siberia and meeting a woman, Anastasia, whose life is the opposite from the modern world. Megre describes this series as non-fiction but leaves it vague as to the details of how the information was procured.

Many believe Anastasia to be a real woman, others treat her as a spiritual idea, or a spirit visiting Earth. No matter who she is, she has already changed many people’s lives and their perspective of the world. Many eco-villages across Russia were inspired by these books.

Anastasia is like no one you have ever met. She is fully interconnected with the animal world and nature. Even in cold Siberia, she needs no clothes; she sleeps next to a bear and inspires tree animals like squirrels to bring her cedar nuts, berries, and other food. Meanwhile, she fully understands the modern world, she just does not believe it is the right path. Instead, she is fully immersed in metaphysical and spiritual studies that she channeled from the cosmos, and from the nature of Man itself.

Because she talks a lot about dolmens, the book series sparked interest in these structures. There are people who specifically move to live closer to the dolmens—some set camp in the woods—to go and meditate near these structures every day. I have seen a group of them during my own visit.

Anastasia described them as energy portals and that her own ancestral mother figure went into a meditation in one of the structures some 10,000 years ago to communicate with her breastfeeding baby.

A few people have seen, and captured in photos, balls of light near the dolmens, further confirming their energy connection.

Anastasia told Megre that dolmens were used as burials but for a special ritualistic death. Each dolmen was chosen for a person who held extraordinary wisdom and knowledge. They would crawl into a dolmen and stay in meditation until they died, preserving and grounding their wisdom for further generations.

This is similar to how monks knew their time of death and would retire to the peak of the mountain, also meditating until their last breath. According to Anastasia, dying in this way stops the person from reincarnating, and their soul stays forever near the dolmen.

Regardless of the intent behind building dolmens, people today still feel the strong and positive energy coming from them, and they attract many visitors who were lucky enough to hear about them.

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