Energizing Points of Light

56. Healing Earth Notes for Oct. 11, 2014


While there are large numbers of “other cultures” incarnated in human form to assist in Earth’s humanity’s vibrational shifts to a higher dimension, there are probably some “other culture” entities in human form that haven’t “awakened” yet, plus a somewhat larger, more-all-human population that has certain individuals just beginning to wake up/evolve to self-realization. Both of these groups, once self-realized, would automatically be adding their respective energies to this global transformation, just by reason of their own vibrational shifts. I propose that we periodically embark on very simple, occasional “Healing Earth cruises” around the globe to assist those in-process individuals in actuating their self-realization, whether they are aware of that process, or not. This is a very simple activity that I have sporadically accomplished for over 25 years, but, with this group’s combined energy-direction efforts, there is no telling what might be accomplished/how many individuals might be positively affected.

So, if there are no modifying suggestions (and past suggestions HAVE been helpful) let’s position our consciousness, our energy, (arbitrarily) just west of and high above Hawaii, high enough that we can observe the majority of the geographical land masses of both N. and S. America. We begin moving eastward, slowly crossing the Americas, looking for points of light on the surface. Each of those points of light potentially represents an individual’s emerging or emerged awareness and we simply send them greetings and additional energy of whatever color you feel is appropriate… (personally, I favor the blue, pink or white we have been using) to assist with that emergence. Notice that crossing the ocean areas, we may observe additional lights. These points of light most likely are well aware/quite conscious of what is occurring, but would definitely welcome a greeting and, perhaps, a “thank you.”

Date: 10/10/2014 08:48:14 EDT
Subject: RE: Proposed, Very Simple Healing Earth Process for Oct 11 2014, Meeting/Workshop (#56)

Yaaaa! Yes on background.

Yaaaa! Go for it on process.

that guy in Reno.

RESULTS: Based on experience, I had absolutely NO expectation of any “results.” Surprised again!

“Saw” an energy “bank” available… appeared as a huge cliff, leveling out to a horizontal position, following us around the globe and available for deployment. What is different about this vs. the on-going actions of Spirit??? This is human-directed, i.e., humans taking an active role in advancing humanity… same energy, different dynamic.

Surprising… months ago I “saw” many of us connected with a vast gossamer-like thread. Today, many of those lights we are sending energy to are interconnecting in a similar manner, irrespective of geography/nationality… except… except that in more populated areas, more “lights”… and some thread strands seem to be “thicker.”

Atlantic… “lights” also interconnected, but different – can’t define it… with “threads” seeming to be reaching out for connection to the land-based lights/threads.

Africa – interesting light distribution… Europe, Asia, same as the Americas.

WHOOPS, so busy observing the light patterns/distributions, have to “step back” to send the volumes of energy.

Australia, heavy concentrations in the coastal areas.

Just to be sure, “stepped back” again to use a concentric global shell to send energy to ALL the lights. Thanks to Team and Spirit for opportunity! 45 minutes – time for another morning coffee!:-)


Energizing Points of Light

59. Healing Earth Notes for Nov. 1, 2014


From the Notes for Oct. 18, 2014, #57: “embarking on a very simple, occasional ‘Healing Earth cruise’ around the globe to assist those in-process individuals in actuating their self-realization, whether they are aware of that process, or not, to help empower both the ‘other culture’ incarnations and the larger, more-all-human population to wake up/evolve to self-realization.” With a close-up look in the “RESULTS,” that energy we were, as a group, sending to individuals was spreading out laterally, affecting those associated with that particular light/person, verifying AGAIN that this light/energy we send “is a living consciousness” and seems to carry out our intent in unforeseen ways. To the best of my knowledge, this is FAR beyond whatever I was able to accomplish when I individually did this same process in the past.

Since the advancement/assistance we might be able to accomplish in this manner to individuals, also seems to affect others “close to” those “targeted,” which will, in turn, ultimately impact both global vibrations and Mass Consciousness in a positive manner, I’d suggested we repeat this process, perhaps until someone proposes another alternative (?) and there were no proposed modifications.

Proposed Process: 
(As stated before, if you can’t make it at this time/date, we have found that you can “program” Universal Energy be made available for this exercise. If you notice, the “To:” list has an additional entry.)

Again, positioning our consciousness, our energy, (arbitrarily) just west of and high above Hawaii (high enough that we can observe the majority of the geographical land masses of both N. and S. America) we begin moving eastward, slowly crossing the Americas, looking for points of light on the surface to send them greetings and additional energy of whatever color we feel is appropriate. Again, in the ocean areas these points of light most likely are well aware/quite conscious of what is occurring, but would definitely welcome a greeting and, perhaps, a “thank you.”

There was a strong team energy, waiting to “Go!” However, this was a very difficult process to accomplish, not from specific difficulties, but from the continued distractions of what was observed.

The number of “lights” (i.e., assumed to be those emerging self-awareness) seemed to be greater than the last time we did this exercise and FAR greater than when I first started this kind of process well over 25 years ago. However, the energy we are working to direct seems to be going beyond simply sending energy to those “lights,” but also connecting them with a thin, gossamer-like “thread.” (I had “seen” such a connection during a meditation many months ago on a more local basis, but this was an active, deliberate and conscious effort to facilitate these connections. Our own country’s NE area, despite the “heavy MC layer,” exhibited a large number of these “lights,” … a “thick” network. These “dots” were also being connected to lights out in the Atlantic Ocean. (Seeing this… have to keep reminding ourselves that we’re here to SEND energy, not just to observe! 🙂

Many lights in N. Europe (not particularly noticed before), Europe, into Russia. In W. Africa Ebola and fear of that may have dimmed some lights, but N. and S. Africa were strong. Near and Middle East, many lights, but had the distinct impression that many of these were physically “young”… young people attempting to heal historical wounds. Going on to China, India, SE Asia… a lot of heavy/dense areas (populated areas?), but also many “solo” locations. Going into the Pacific and S. Pacific, more “networking” being accomplished… Malaysia, relatively few, Australia (coastal areas were heavy, some in “outback’… have to check, how many aborigines are still there?), New Zealand grouping again in coastal area.

Throughout – FAR better than any Christmas display, making it difficult to concentrate on SENDING energy to these lights.

Back near starting point near the end of this 45-minute meditation, “looking back” the horizon was literally glowing from the intensity and profusion of these lights and the connecting threads. Asked for, and could “see,” additional energy being rained down on these lights all over the Earth.



70. Healing Earth Process Results for Jan. 17, 2015

ADMINISTRATIVE: PLEASE let me know if you no longer want to participant in this group! Despite the fluctuations over time, and our relatively small size numerically, as can be seen from the “Background” section, we ARE having an effect! For the core group, you might notice when the address list expands or contracts and today, two have been dropped and two briefly added for info purposes. Note that, in order to not load your mailboxes too much, I’ve also “loaded” this message at the end with a couple more editing gems I’ve come across (“Some Editing Highlights”). Also, I’ve found that the efforts and results of this group are going to be a “main attraction” in the (eventual) 13th book in the series I’m getting published, this one to be entitled “In Psychic Defense.” (lol) With that title and subject you KNOW that it NEEDS the observed positive results that have consistently been coming from this group!! 🙂


Monday, Jan 12, 2015, channeling from Sandy: John, Michael, Matthew- “We are the future. You have done it, you have released a lot and we can (now) move forward. We were trapped and your prayers and meditations have released us. We are healers, a collection of energies with our mission being what you’ve been doing. You are of great service to the planet. We are your friends. We treasure you for your gifts to the planet.”

A channeled transmission through Sandy, the evening of January 13, from “Andrew,” a very loving entity who is working with me on a project in the Astral plane, referring to our Team: “We appreciate and protect from negative influences. You have no idea the influence of this projection. You are small in numbers, but you are great in the Universe and we recognize you.


So, with all of this in mind, I proposed (with no alternatives suggested 🙂 that we repeat a previous process, in that:

First, we simply initiate spreading Earth’s surface with pink energy “allowing” it to soak in, to include all humanity and vegetation, with the idea that, as before, that layer will re-heal whenever it might be locally “absorbed” or otherwise “depleted.”


Although the idea was/is to initiate and release, habit kept me “watching” as this layer made its way around the globe. Interestingly, starting out from our “usual“ place just west of Hawaii, this layer then followed along even going down to the ocean floor (glub-glub), before coming up onto the Continental shelf and traversing dry land! Yes, there were still some “drops” (where Earth just seemed to locally absorb that energy and the layer re-sealed itself again, but these instances, even including West Africa and the Middle East seemed to be fewer and “shallower” than before.

Meanwhile, we send our consciousness well above earth’s surface so as to circle the globe, sending additional energy to any points of light we observe.


Referring to Highest Good for these energy transfers, the west coasts of N. & S. America became very colorful, with a LARGE number of “hits,” decreasing as we traversed inland. (comparison: Think of a heavy, silent downpour, with multi-colored laser lights sweeping through and reflecting off the rain.) Throughout, this activity, too, seemed to be exhibiting MUCH heavier action than I remember witnessing previously. While the number of “hits” decreased as we traversed the center of each continent, it again picked up dramatically along the east coasts. (And, yes, contrary to what some of us might think, the southern part of the U.S. was also quite active! :-). Europe, Russia, China, SE Asia, intense activity. Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, heavier activity than we might expect from just the land masses, alone. Overall, it would appear that the number of “emerging consciousnesses” seems to be increasing quite dramatically.


In my editing for a 13-book POD and e-book publishing efforts, the soon-to-be-6th book in the series, “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” revealed pertinent, but forgotten-about, quotes:

From “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Chapter 3: “Psychic ability connects you to every other soul on the planet. This is why so many stop at the door of this ability, they are afraid of the connection to those they do not know, of the connection to the unknown and the mysterious. They are afraid to investigate the mysteries of their own unknown spirituality that another individual may trigger in their memory. Another soul could introduce something to you that is so profound as to bring you very spiritually forward. But Western man, particularly, shies away from such experiences and so shuns psychic ability.” (Input from Light Path Resources: Again, see book 13, of this series, “In Psychic Defense,” for the pros and cons of applying such abilities, treading the Left Hand and Right Hand paths.)

From “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Chapter 5: Many in all dimensions, those of us in Spirit and those in other galaxies and planets, send their love. We are all working very hard to uplift your planet and to bring about a greater measure of peace, prosperity and love. Adjust to the love in your heart for yourself and others and let it shine forth. Your spirituality is the essence of your very being and there is no greater treasure. This goes with you as you die, while your earthly treasures do not.

Sent out earlier in the week:

From “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Chapter 1: “… you can be more and more in touch with what you, really, already are, beings of light circulating around the planet. What do you think you do when you sleep? You send your light around the world. Many of you have taken up the duty in sleep to send your light around the world for peace… and we are most grateful.”

From “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Chapter 2: “Let us speak of those souls who come back to honor you. There are many spiritual beings, now, who have come onto the Earth plane and who have been in Spirit for a very long time. They are coming to teach you about yourselves.” … “You are going to be seeing many new avenues of understanding and opportunity open up in the next few years… In only a few more years are more new expressions of spirituality going to become available. It will be through these very bright, special souls who have come to uplift for peace and to teach self-empowerment, love and forgiveness that the world vibration will alter.” (And these are, for the most part, who we have been supporting in our efforts to provide additional energy to as points of light. ~ Don)




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