Some Further Resources

As a continuation of these works from The Buddha Consciousness through Rev. Diane Chapin, we’d refer the true student of Non-denominational personal development to other works, as well:

  1. The various books and videotapes by “Kryon” as channeled through Lee Carroll, such as “Lifting the Veil” (Kryon, Book 11)
  2. The various books by Dolores Cannon, a life-long hypnotherapist, particularly the four-book series entitled “The Convoluted Universe” and her posthumous “Between Death and Life.”
  3. “The Urantia Book, Part IV, The Life and Teaching of Jesus” (THIS should have been a large part of the New Testament rather than the current misleading “Gospels,” but it is also missing KEY elements.
  4. “Misquoting Jesus” (and various other works) by Bart D. Ehrman, reflecting a very knowledgeable New Testament biblical scholar’s research of documents from Jesus’ time on Earth.
  5. Patricia Cota-Robles channeled messages available at, specifically the following highly impacting sessions that support today’s scholarly information (such as Dr. Erhrman) and beyond:
    1. Vlog 22 – How Did Jesus’ And Mary Magdalene’s Message Become So Misconstrued?
    2. Vlog 21 – The True Purpose Of Jesus’ Crucifixion And Resurrection
    3. Vlog 20 – The Avatars Of The Piscean Age – Jesus And Mary Magdalene

Also, examples of DEVIATIONS FROM ESTABLISHED/HIDE-BOUND PALEOARCHAEOLOGY THEORY, available on Youtube and supported by published works, such as The Urantia Book, Michael Cremo, Michael Tellinger, Phillip Coppens and others:

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