4,000 Year Old Hidden Irish History Uncovered With Google Maps

by JC Zuzierla, https://www.ancient-code.com/hidden-irish-history-google-maps/

Crop circles in Ireland? Yes, technically, but not the kind of crop circles you’d associate with aliens. It sure does look like those same types of circles depending on how you look at them. In this case, however, once again, Google Maps has allowed researchers to see into our human (not alien) past.

After a long drought period in Ireland, Anthony Murphy, founder of the Mythical Ireland group, looked at new images in parts of the countryside using the Google Maps program.

What he uncovered turned out to be at least 50 archaeological sites that were previously unknown to researchers. A gallery of those images is below. According to Murphy, the sites are extremely difficult to find since there are no traces of ancient monuments on the ground. It’s likely the people who lived there all these years never realized that the land they farmed hid the ancient history it does.

4000 year old Irish history uncovered with Google Maps - aerial image of one discovery

Some of the sites, which include ringforts and medieval enclosures from the Iron Age and barrows that date back to the Bronze Age. All of the new sites date to between a few hundred years old to 4,000 years old and were found in Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, and Meath. Some are speculating that some of the sites date back as far as 6,000 years ago. The new sites generally range in size from 60 to 330 feet (20 meters to 100 meters) in diameter, while some sites found previously are three times that size.

The team got very lucky with the timing of the Maps imagery. Google regularly updates its aerial photos, and had they looked just a month earlier, never would have spotted the rings. They looked all throughout the summer of 2018, after a lengthy drought and heatwave killed off most of the tillage fields, making the sites more visible.

Had they looked when the grass was healthy, they never would have spotted them – and you can’t see them on the ground either. But…

Please read on in the embedded pdf file below. You’re welcome to read online or download to read at your convenience.

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