Interstellar Travel

Sep 24, 2018 | The Extraterrestrial Question

From “The Hathor Material” by Kenyon & Essene, p. 215, (in regard to other cultures coming to Earth to observe these changes coming about):

Virginia: How do they get here to observe?

Hathors: Interesting phenomena. Some of them make a shift in awareness and are able fold time and space and actually send a part of their awareness to be present here, although they are not here physically. Other cultures and civilizations have discovered how to transport themselves by what you might call astral traveling, and they are here in the subtler realms, very physically present, but still in the subtle realms. Of course there are some other civilizations who have mastered the ability to transfer themselves physically, using what you would call a spaceship, although that term is not really accurate to the way it is generally conceived. But it is a physical device. However, there are other, even more esoteric ways, so you have a wide variety of means get here to the quadrant of the Universe. Since the news has gone out that there is something significant happening in this arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, much activity abounds.”

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