Interstellar Travel

Sep 24, 2018 | The Extraterrestrial Question

From “The Hathor Material” by Kenyon & Essene, p. 215, (in regard to other cultures coming to Earth to observe these changes coming about):

An interesting personal corollary: While living in Reno, NV, Diane and I were going to travel to Los Vegas on a preliminary visit to moving there. Our intent was to eventually help with Diane’s stepfather’s acceptance of in-home hospice care. An aspect of The Buddha Consciousness calling itself “The Physicians” volunteered to accompany us as “guardians” along the way. Getting into my Mitsubishi truck to begin the long drive, The Physicians, forgetting that Diane was “tuned in,” realized what was occurring, and involuntarily exclaimed “how primitive!”

Editor’s note 2/28/2019: The pdf below has been updated from the original file included in this post to include Don Chapin’s account of his experience above.

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