Religion, for this Christmas season…

Extractions from two references,New Teachings” and “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” (Text in italics are direct quotes)

From “New Teachings” from The Christ, channeled by Virginia Essene, 1986

Page 24:

The part of your holy book, called the Old Testament, refers to a time of the beginning but gives you no scientific explanation about it. Yet there is a sense in you that there has been a beginning of some kind. That is why the question torments you – for it is as if you feel the answer is there, just a hidden thought away. (Hindu teachings are more useful
about this than the Jewish and Christian religions, of course.)

Much is being revealed today, however, of Humanity’s origin and development with references such as The Gaia Effect by Monica Muranyi and Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution by Amorah Quan Yin. However, neither reference adequately addresses a human civilization before about 200,000 years ago, to which I have seen other references.

Page 25:

Within your earthly Bible is the statement that “Ye must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven.” That is true merely because children are open to learning whereas most adult earth dwellers are puffed up with self-importance based upon the fact that your society says they have studied and are therefore knowledgeable; they are the so-called experts of it all. In fact, very few such experts, especially in the areas of what you call science, know much at all. Historians are even harder pressed to fit together pieces of a puzzle that clearly lack a majority of the pieces. How, then, can such incomplete evidence be examined and explained by those who believe they understand it?

HA! “Experts.” I address this topic in another short article. But who is to decide just who is an “expert” in spiritual development? Those that have studied the religious writings of other humans through the centuries, or the garbage man or grounds-keeper that has practiced meditation and the art of quietly “going within” for a long period of
time? The church obviously considers the religious scholar as “spiritual” without consideration of quiet inner development, a major tenet of the Gnostics, whom the church managed to wipe off the face of the earth, old men, women and children.

Page 53:

My most serious evaluation of the present Christian churches is that many sects do not acknowledge such ideas (as channeling Spirit) nor do they understand prophecy and direct revelation by God. Yet when a human being is connected to the higher truth in Spirit, then indeed she or he hears the voice for God! And is led to the future action which is most appropriate and loving. I wish to say that there are those in the church groups who practice this principle to the best of their ability, but there are many who have separated themselves from those of other races, nationalities, beliefs and religions. I say to you, each one, examine your conscience. I ask you to listen to the voice of God within you, the voice that will lead you into the activities you must do immediately.

I herewith issue a last pardon to every child and adult on this planet — something I am empowered to do because I overcame negative thinking and returned fully conscious to God, fully Christed. (This means I never doubt the power, truth, and love of our Creator.) But each soul has free will choice to accept or reject. I once said, “Go and sin no more.” I remind you that this means have no further doubt, no lack of love.

Page 184:

Today’s churches must change. They have deified me instead of encouraging each child of God to go into his/her own inner soul sanctuary and bring forth God’s empowering energy which could then be joined in concert with others of like intention. Today I advise you that any church official who does not drop meaningless ritual and lead its members to quiet times with their souls must face the effect of this behavior.

Very true, Christianity has deified Jesus, the man, instead of the message he brought and his resurrection, proof of life everlasting, also
confirmed by various mediums today that can now, in today’s tolerant if not fully accepting environment, publicly confirm life beyond the veil. And the “meaningless ritualis reference to the church’s “pomp
and circumstance” originally designed by the church to impress (and better control) the illiterate and uninformed.

Page 188:

I, The Christ, can do nothing to save those who do not acknowledge and demonstrate the truth of their inner beauty. Christians, hear this. You who believe you are born again yet act self-righteously superior had better evaluate your state of purity and surrender your attitude to one of true service and assistance during this time of Tribulation. Let your test be how well you can truly love all and try to assist them. Judge not. The cost is high.

Page 189:

As of today every soul is notified of this opportunity of spiritual growth, self-knowledge, and service.

“Service.” Another HA! What do humans know of “service” except those that work to help others for little pay or simply to volunteer? It is common to call military indentured servitude as “service” but that “vocation” is
anything but “service!” To better understand the reference of “service,” I challenge the reader to “go inside: any domesticated animal or even an “inanimate” object (as I have been, inadvertently placed there) to sense its innate purpose…THAT is “service.”

From “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus,” by Claire Heartsong, 2002, Reread in Dec. ’21:

To begin with, a quote from page 336:

Yeshua told us that he never intended to be worshipped nor create a religion centered around him, nor did he desire to create a dynasty of earthly rulers.

Again, the “church” is an artificial (man-made) institution designed to control money and power, as any true history of the church’s popes will testify. The Reformation was as much about theology as against deep corruption in the core of the church… something that is STILL a problem.

Page 183:

By placing themselves as intermediaries between the seeker and God, the priesthood sought control over people’s ability to have direct knowing of God within.

Page 140 (Christ was not born in a manger!)

Joseph sat her (Mary Anna, the mother-to-be of Yeshua ben Joseph – i.e., Jesus) on Elizabeth’s faithful donkey, and we made haste to Elizabeth’s small upper room which was situated above a stable
(underlining is mine ~ Don Chapin)

Yeshua (Jesus) was born in the sign of Aries, about one hour after midnight on the twenty-first day of Nisan, according to the Jewish calendar, which corresponds to early April of 4 BC, according to your Gregorian calendar.

(Nisan is the name given to it in the Tanakh and later in the Talmud, which is called “Rosh HaShana”, “the new year” for kings and pilgrims. There are 30 days in a month. The Gregorian calendar usually dictates that Nisan falls between March and April.)

The Bible isn’t clear about a date of birth (there is widespread disagreement between “experts” even about the date, reflecting a pagan holiday and probably inserted sometime in the 300+ years before the scripture was “frozen”), and the location of a manger is clearly artificial, again attributable to the 300+ years of uncontrolled transcriptions.

So, in like manner, was Yeshua’s baptism recorded in your Holy Bible account. However, no mention is made about Mary Magdalene. I, therefore, add my witness that she also went to be baptized by John and thereby to set an example that she was equal with her mate. Few recognized her as an adept or what she was doing at that time. However, many wondered when the same signs that occurred with Yeshua were seen and heard following her baptism when she rose up out of the water. Then all of the other disciples who were present were baptized with John’s assistance. (underlining mine ~Don Chapin)

So it was that the number of the close inner circle began to grow until there were twelve men and twelve women. And, then, as the populace began to hear of the miracles and teachings that Yeshua and Mary Magdalene wrought, the circles of twelve men and twelve women multiplied so that the required assistance to those who sought healing of bodies and souls could receive in equal measure. Although I did not have a mate to whom I was married, I also became one who a member of the second circle of twelve men and twelve women disciples. Over
the next four years, the twelve multiplied to total 144 – 72 male and 72 female dedicated disciples
. (underlining mine, Don Chapin)


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