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This section/topic is being provided ONLY because I see SOME channeled wisdom coming through other entities that I honestly feel would benefit others. Additionally, I have periodically added my own comments in bold italics to some of these messages.

I’ve been an “armchair seeker” since I was eighteen years of age (I’m now pushing 81). After my second (amicable) divorce in Feb 1988 (I later, at her request, provided her with an ordination for her energy healing business), I decided to become an active seeker and began investigating anything/everything I could in a search of…WHAT? Who knows WHAT when something like that occurs…a mysterious “search” trigger has been activated? Being attracted to the logic of channeled materials, I rapidly became a ‘connoisseur’ of channels and channeling, marrying a world-class channelor in Diane, who originally wanted me to “evaluate” what she was bringing through. HA! What a joke, ME “evaluating”/justifying what turned out to be The Buddha Consciousness (see I had taken two back-to-back channeling classes and at the end, was the only one who couldn’t channel… probably because of military and engineering backgrounds that precluded ‘releasing control’ sufficiently to allow anything to come through. 🙂

Regardless, since then, living with Diane as my wife for the last fifteen years of her life, I did learn a lot, including to be more discerning about channeled material because of potential biases on the part of both channelee (the energy being channeled) and the channelor (the human that spouts the channelee’s messages). Biases on the part of the channelor are obvious belief systems which are known to the channelee (and “worked around” in any messages), but not to us as the human audience, and “carried over” biases on the part of a channelee entity (one that has experienced human incarnations and is now an “advisor” in spirit). On the part of an extraterrestrial (ET) channelee, there are also hidden biases. (I was once “chewed out” in a public session by an ET channelee when I asked a question about human genetic history and later found out that that ‘race’ of ET was historically involved in some quite questionable practices concerning human physical development.) In other words, only accept what “rings your chimes” as truth.

The first link I am providing is what convinced me to start this topic as it hits VERY CLOSE to how I live. I’ll be adding to this list as I become aware of channeled messages that “ring MY chimes” 🙂
Meanwhile websites that I could recommend without any reservations at this time, include, with Patricia Cota-Robles, with Ronna Herman Vezane, with Marilyn, with others to be added, as discovered.

Messages I can recommend:

Harnessing the Majesty and Grace of Gratitude
MessagesfromMatthew, October 15, 2019
What Are You doing While Waiting to Ascend? Wisdom Teachings From Archangel Michael, via Ronna, Nov 1, 2019
The Empowering Gift of Forgiveness Message from Archangel Michael,via Ronna, 2-2019
Dolores Cannon and The Convoluted Universe
I’m glad to have found this excerpt from one of Dolores Cannon’s books. I believe I have a copy of every book she produced and they are all fascinating reading, IF you keep an open mind.

While my late wife’s books are quite God-centered and result in strong spiritual advancement, other authors, such as Dolores Cannon’s works, the prodigious channeled works of Kryon coming through Lee Carroll and my own In Psychic Defense provide behind-the-scenes information well beyond The Urantia book and in an easy-to-understand reading format.

Harnessing the Majesty and Grace of Gratitude

Harnessing the Majesty and Grace of Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful mistress. It makes the incredible credible and the unbelievable believable. Open your heart, lift your eyes, and welcome your world with gratitude, gratitude that is alive with spontaneous joy and passionate wonder. Awaken gratitude, and your life will never be the same. — Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel

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