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All posts personally written by our founder, Don Chapin, can be found in this category of the Light Path Resources blog. We hope you will find plenty of information, inspiration and encouragement in his posts and the articles from other sources he reposts in other categories.

Initiating Rolling Waves

Initiating Rolling Waves Continuing With The Rolling Wave 8. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the meeting of October 12, 2013 Anyas Spenser and Don physically meeting (Donna is absent for two weeks and Anyas had to attend to the store customers for about the...

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Energizing Points of Light

Energizing Points of Light Energizing Points of Light 56. Healing Earth Notes for Oct. 11, 2014 Background: While there are large numbers of “other cultures” incarnated in human form to assist in Earth’s humanity’s vibrational shifts to a higher dimension, there are...

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Homing in on a Standard Process

Homing in on a Standard Process 98. Healing Earth Process Notes for Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015 Also See below: “Recommended Videos And Audio” and “From ‘Serving Humanity’”: From my Monday evening, July 27, ’15, message to the Team… WHA HOPPIN’ ??? HALP! SUGGESTIONS...

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Global Healing Proposed Process Standardization

Proposed Process Standardization 104. Healing Earth Process with the Observed Team Energies for Sept 12, 2015 
Background for Proposed Process Standardization: We had followed an ever-changing weekly process concept for the first two years of this group’s existence....

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In Psychic Defense by Don Chapin

In Psychic Defense by Don Chapin 233 pages, Category: Self Help This is not a detailed psychic defense treatise, such as produced by Dion Fortune or H.P. Blavatsky. It does, however, address a topic such as ‘Countering A Psychic Master Of The Black Arts’ from...

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America’s Purpose

America’s Purpose by Don Chapin The following is excerpted from “Europe’s Dependence on the U.S. Was All Part of the Plan” By CLAIRE BERLINSKI, July 15, 2018 “For centuries, Europe was the fulcrum of global violence. With the age of global exploration, it became the...

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Colleges Can Kill Creativity by Offering One-Size-Fits-All Education

“While I HEARTILY recommend college for the potential of intellectually broadening one’s perspective, this article points out the down-side of believing everything presented. Remember, most subjects being taught in colleges, or any school, are the result of human interpretations of human- developed theories of existence or endeavor with the ultimate objective of getting the student a job working for someone else! Most true learning comes from ‘following your muse’…following your innate wisdom, your personal intuition, concerning ‘your path’.” ~ Don Chapin

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Fourth of July Editorial by Don Chapin

Blowback from the School of the Americas Fourth of July Editorial by Don Chapin Blowback, politically a CIA-coined word, adapted from firearms usage, for reactions to adversely-programmed situations... the unintended/unforeseen/unexpected adverse results of an action...

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Engineering Your Spirituality by Don Chapin

Engineering Your Spirituality by Don Chapin 256 pages, Category: Self Help Though a long-time student of both metaphysics and spiritual development, Don has yet to find any other references that cover the range of topics and options presented in his book, Engineering...

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Specific Types Of Meditation Affect Different Areas Of The Brain

This article seems to be a corollary to an experience I had while Diane & I were living in Hong Kong, early in ’93. Having meditated using both TM and TBC’s Peace Be Still meditation – TM producing a steeper ‘path’ aimed at healing, while TBC’s meditation produced a more gradual ‘path’ aimed at spiritual advancement – I once attempted to combine the two in one session. Once was enough as I felt thoroughly jumbled and Diane’s guides had to straighten out my jumbled chakras.
~ Don Chapin

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Why Psychedelics Are Not A Shortcut To Enlightenment

This may be controversial in some perceptions, but authentic truth is so important to me that I had to share this for deeper reflection. It’s especially important in a time where psychedelic substances like mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote and so forth are becoming quite popular. I believe we are losing sight of what they actually do and what their true purpose is…

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Personal Experience: An Opening Spiritual Heart

This post shares Don Chapin’s personal experience with his opening spiritual heart, or 8th chakra, compiled from journal entries written from July 1993 through December 2005, and an interview by Inward Path magazine with Deacon Alexander Mumrikov of the Russian Orthodox Church, who discusses the same occurrence with details indicating a surprising resonance to Don’s experience.

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What is Reiki?

A recent web-based article, actually concerning various alternate forms of healing in an interview format, entitled one portion of that interview as, “The Power of Reiki – Explained By Postdoctoral Research Fellow At Harvard Medical School” (published on February 14, 2018). This article led off with the statement, “In this part of the interview, we discuss the ancient healing art of Reiki, a healing modality that has been practiced and taught around the world for thousands of years.” This wording gives a completely erroneous concept of Reiki!

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Living An Insightful Life

Living An Insightful Life Thinking is a creative experience. Plus, thinking is one activity that all us humans do. Yes, we all a diverse group from many cultures and ideologies. None are better than the other. I believe that we are all equal and have the right to be...

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Be Present

Be Present Lately, I have been recognizing more subtle insights and signals that the only clear path forward is being present - focused in this moment. The notion of 'being present" is counter-culture to my life and much of what I see around me. Geez, just have a...

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