The Extraterrestrial Question

The Extraterrestrial Question

They’ve been with us on planet Earth since the dawn of mankind. If the seven pages in the reference list regarding the extraterrestrial question aren’t sufficiently convincing, try researching some samples such as “Strangers Among Us” by Ruth Montgomery (1979),“The Star People” by Brad & Francie Steiger (1981), “Extra-terrestrial Friends and Foes” and “Extra-Terrestrials Among Us,” both by George C. Andrews and (1993 and 1992, respectively), and “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth” by Dolores Cannon (2011) (among other of her works).

As to how they get here, read this brief post with downloadable pdf file, Interstellar Travel.

Contemporaneously, there are active websites/articles addressing the extraterrestrial question, such as:

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