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Working with Global Tree Energy

WORKING WITH GLOBAL TREE ENERGY 63. Healing Earth Process Notes for Nov. 29, 2014, Meeting/Workshop 

Process: We initiated a sphere above the MC layer of Earth’s surface of continuously-flowing Pink energy (between 7 to 10 miles would be well above that layer),...

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Experimenting with Coherence

EXPERIMENTING WITH COHERENCE 54. Healing Earth Notes for Sep 27, 2014 A Challenging Healing Earth Process Adapting from the processes of the last couple weeks, we initiated a more complicated, dual-action approach for this session, to both “inner” and “outer” actions...

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Soliciting Aboriginal Wisdom

Soliciting Aboriginal Wisdom SOLICITING ABORIGINAL WISDOM 51. Healing Earth Process for Sep 6, 2014, Meeting/Workshop/Session 

Regaining Humanity’s Ancient Wisdom & Capabilities 

Last Week: Donna saw the gold and white colors being projected, while Jinni, I’m...

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A Galactic Approach

A Galactic Approach This post shows the meeting notes from earliest to most recent so you can get an idea of the flow of events and how things changed form meeting to meeting. 38. Healing Earth Meeting/Workshop Notes for Saturday, May 31, 2014: Short, ~ 20 minutes,...

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