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Initiating Rolling Waves

Initiating Rolling Waves Continuing With The Rolling Wave 8. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the meeting of October 12, 2013 Anyas Spenser and Don physically meeting (Donna is absent for two weeks and Anyas had to attend to the store customers for about the...

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Energizing Points of Light

Energizing Points of Light Energizing Points of Light 56. Healing Earth Notes for Oct. 11, 2014 Background: While there are large numbers of “other cultures” incarnated in human form to assist in Earth’s humanity’s vibrational shifts to a higher dimension, there are...

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Homing in on a Standard Process

Homing in on a Standard Process 98. Healing Earth Process Notes for Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015 Also See below: “Recommended Videos And Audio” and “From ‘Serving Humanity’”: From my Monday evening, July 27, ’15, message to the Team… WHA HOPPIN’ ??? HALP! SUGGESTIONS...

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7 Signs That Herald the Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul is a VERY individuated experience. This author is attempting to intellectualize a deep personal experience so that only one sentence of this ‘explanation’ rings true for me: “Those that have experienced, or are currently experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul will know that something very fundamental at a core level is out of focus or completely lacking in their lives.” For me, it was as if my connection with God, which I had previously been totally unaware of, was suddenly withdrawn. We think this will become more prominent in life but, as the article states, there is a BIG difference between feelings of depression and The Dark Night.
~ Don Chapin

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Dark Matter – Have We Been Wrong About It All Along?

In a way… but science is slowly “getting there.” In my experience, it is ever-present, even within the “empty space” of an atom AND it is conscious!! The “field” of Universal Energy as analogized in “Appendix 5, Meditation Mechanics” of my book Engineering Your Spirituality and the article Meditation Mechanics includes the effects of unconscious/conscious manifesting reacting into/through the “field.” The water pictures used for this description are 3-D analogies of the effects on this everywhere-present “field.” ~ Don Chapin

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