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While a public reprimand by channeled Philiadians stating that we need to concentrate on “the now” rather than look backward is spiritually correct, I feel knowing our evolutionary history is also empowering, not only from the standpoint of seeing “the overall,” but inspiring gratitude for what has had to evolve to get us where we are in “the now.” This is an evolving topic as more and more physical (and sometimes channeled) information arises.

~Don Chapin

A Wake-Up Call

Erich Von Daniken’s initial bestseller, “The Chariots of the Gods,” was, to me as with many others, a wake-up call as to the limits of scientific exploration that professional egos would go to protect their pet theories and—theoretically—their reputations as “experts” in a given field. It’s hard to imagine the ridicule he came under for such revelations to the lay public. But, when another pair of scientists, Cremo and Thompson, came out with the very well documented “Forbidden Archeology” and came under similar intense fire from “the experts” that simply ignored the mountain of evidence they had presented, Cremo came back at them with a follow-up, “Impact,”… the professional secrecy dam was seriously weakened.

Meanwhile, in the woo-woo world of channeling, a voluminous book was produced, entitled, “The Urantia Book,” Part III of which addressed “The History of Urantia (Earth).” This on-the-surface highly detailed reference described five different skin color races and strongly refuted the “out of Africa” theory of evolution/migration… other physical evidence being made public is now beginning to support such a “heinous” idea. 🙂 In my humble opinion, Part IV of this book, “The Life and Teachings of Jesus,” should replace our – quite questionable, because of too many translations that were/are subject to personal opinions – Christian New Testament. 🙂

The works of Graham Hancock and Philip Coppens publicly raised many more finely-tuned questions. Then an “insider, ” Zacharia Sitchin, wrote a whole series of publicly available books (oh, the horrors!) based on translations of ancient Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite clay tablets. That professional secrecy dam had burst WIDE OPEN!

Now, carefully reading Part III of “The Urantia Book” it is apparent that, even as detailed as it is, I suspect the inner belief systems of those who channeled that information seriously affected a more detailed accounting and inclusion of “other culture” (i.e., ET) contributions to human development. So, in my mind, aligning that channeled information beside the revelations being produced by Middle Eastern clay tablets produces a much more accurate picture of human development on Earth (Urantia) :-). Since The Urantia Book attests to the mutual development of humanity in different Earth locations, I wonder if/when evidence of such development will emerge from the Far East?

What good is all of this…where is it going?

I contend that learning more of our own ancient history (yes, I lean toward Gnosticism, in that regard) 🙂 will help us better understand how “planetary development” takes place, because, as revealed in the section on “The Extraterrestrial Question,” we are not alone in this Universe. And understanding that more deeply and thoroughly, we can better appreciate the Wonders and the Unity of All…that we are not unique but that, on the other hand, yes we are! 🙂 Part of the Wonder is that such dichotomies abound! 🙂

Aside from the references mentioned above, various “finds” seem to be cropping up all over the globe lately, typically raising individual “find” questions, but collectively pointing to a FAR larger picture than the conventional paleoscience theories could ever have dreamed of or controlled with “it’s not relevant” cover-ups because “it” (that individual find) doesn’t fit “my” widely published and professionally accepted theory (then, with no substantiation, presented as “fact.”)

In this section are some typically off-beat and non-MSM articles I have ‘rescued’ from the web, with an often-included source being, whose originator, Bruce Fenton, appears to have a curiosity and desire for information dissemination to rival my own.



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