True or False?

This category contains articles on ‘lost civilizations’ for which we are usually prone to lampoon technology fields that are too ego-driven to acknowledge or even investigate (reference Chapter One of “Engineering Your Spirituality”). But then ‘Urban Legend’ stories pop up from time to time that even we might question. Of those articles we include in this directory, which way might you, the reader, lean? Should we somehow find funding to prove the story or, if disproven, suffer the resulting Cosmic Laughter at our culpability? Let us know in the comments of the individual articles. 🙂

  • The Lost Civilization of the Grand Canyon
  • A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles
  • Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon
  • Nature Spirit Said to Inhabit the Eaerth’s Astral Plan & Interior
Lost Civilization of the Grand Canyon

Lost Civilization of the Grand Canyon

the Grand Canyon is a
major natural phenomenon, but it is also a place of deep historical mysteries and oddities as well. One of the most unusual of these is the claim that somewhere under the earth here once ruled an advanced civilization with unknown origins and who have become lost to history, which supposedly inhabited a complex cave and cavern system that they left behind to sow bafflement and speculation with their passing. It is a very curious, far-out case that, if real, could shake our historical perceptions to the core.

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