Politics and The Constitution

Despite the hypocrisy and dysfunction of the current so-called Republican party, the GOP (with its Mecca-like bowing to tRumpism). Moreover, despite my allegiance to the IDEALS of the Democratic party, I cannot fully accept the Democrats as my representatives in the U.S. government, either. (Ref the 2016 election results…the rejection of Hillary Clinton’s dependence on “the business sector”…and positions as presented in the below article).  Yes, the Democratic party counts me as a supporter, but I cannot accept its hypocrisy and reliance on Wall Street money. Unfortunately, between the Constitution and precedent, we are limited to a dysfunctional two-party system, BOTH corrupted by the human frailties of greed, power and money, each to varying degrees.
Private Companies are Making Billions from Detaining Immigrants

Private Companies are Making Billions from Detaining Immigrants

“Private companies (and US politicians) are making billions from detaining immigrants—$775 per child, per day. … Rates at Trump’s DC hotel are $395…These children could be staying in luxury hotels and we’d still be paying half the daily fee.”
Spiritually, being against something provides that something with more energy, even through simple recognition of it. However, with facts such as those revealed in this article, among others, it takes a strong effort to NOT be anti-Republican (which has become the same as a tRump cult) at this time in history. ~ Don Chapin

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