The Pro-Life Movement

When is a Human Human?

The “pro-life” movement is predicated on the notion that a person’s life begins at some point prior to their physical birth. Yet no matter how you cut it, a human being comes into existence at the time of the physical birth process. This process should be as gentle and loving as possible, for instance, a water-birth. Prior to that, any “communication” between the prospective parents and the “baby,” —which is strictly a biological mass at that point — i.e. name selection, etc., are on other (psychic) levels with the prospective incarnating soul, NOT an incarnated soul. The decision to withdraw from the birth sequence can be made by either the prospective incoming soul (a still birth), OR the prospective parent(s), with no spiritual consequences.  In other words a pre-birth abortion ISN’T “killing a human.”

Below are links to several key articles that address this thorny question from various angles. There are more among the blog posts below.

Abortion Rights, Spiritual Rights, Civil Rights

Star Trek’s admonition against “interference” in a culture and thwarting individual free will actions is a HEAVY law of the Universe — of spiritual law, not just of artificial civil law. Forcing a birth against the wishes of the prospective mother IS denying her free will, which incurs negative karma on those denying her a choice that is hers alone.

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The Pre-Birth Question

PRE-BIRTH Question on Prebirth Conditions - March 10, 1994 Questions from Don Chapin, Answers from The Buddha Consciousness, From Book 6, “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Questions & Answers, Page 331. Additional material on this topic from Book 9 “Advanced Keys for...

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