Meditation of 2/9/2020

Again, the unexpected! by Don Chapin

I began with the usual concept of spreading a thick layer of pink light around the globe. It occurred to me that I hadn’t used the hear-to-heart Replicator in quite some time, so brought it up…envisioning connecting with everyone on Earth…

Surprisingly, the layer of pink light I’d spread around the globe voluntarily and suddenly split, with one end entering the replicator on my side, so that my heart energy and the pink light was virtually “spraying” out to everyone on Earth. As I’ve noted previously, Universal Energy, of which the pink light is a part, “has a mind of its own.” So, how and why?

I later perceived the ‘‘why” at least:

Universal Energy, particularly the pink light part, has been “working” to get access to/through everyone’s heart chakra, so bringing up the Replicator acted like a ‘trigger’ to that Energy as the opening of “another way.”

So, while Universal Energy utilized the Replicator as another way to humanity’s heart chakras, my human vibrations accompanying or ‘riding’ was a bonus to the actions of Universal Energy for familiarity and ready acceptance to most of humanity.

Background: During the time frame that TBC (The Buddha Consciousness) was experimenting with various light combinations around Earth, they acknowledged that “piggy-backing” on Diane’s human energy profile was an advantage, simply because it made human acceptance of the energy being transmitted around Earth easier for people.

And the “how” was obvious…my personal frequency was simply accompanying the energy I was sending through the Replicator.

~ Don Chapin



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