Meditations in Unity Consciousness

Jan 3, 2019

Throughout the 13-book series published by Light Path Resources, in the eleven books by Diane Chapin (channeling The Buddha Consciousness/TBC, for short ), then the two autobiographical books by myself, her widowed husband, Don, there has been a heavy emphasis on the benefits of meditation and several easy-to-follow examples. Then TBC announced that it was unnecessary for either of us to continue meditating. They said this was because we had mutually attained the state of Unity Consciousness. About that time, I realized that I actually couldn’t meditate in the usual sense. I actually had to be doing something…directing energy somewhere for a common good. Ergo, I began to increase my existing activity of “sending light,” automatically becoming what is known today as a “lightworker.”

TBC never got around to explaining this compulsive phenomenon before Diane transitioned in 2004. However, in August, 2013, I “inherited” leadership of a Reiki group in Ashland, Oregon. Moving forward, I re-oriented it from working on each other to working on Gaia as the Ashland Healing Earth group. The purpose was to direct Universal Energy to heal human-induced damage to Earth. This activity consisted primarily of cleaning up the mass consciousness layer on and surrounding Earth. On January 2, 2019, while reading Kryon*, Book Three, Alchemy of the Human Spirit (1995), I found a one-paragraph explanation on page 29:

”New Age energy meditations will become action sessions, where the main purpose is to involve others with you to give direction to your love for the planet. We look forward to those of you who understand that this is to begin the protocol for these sessions. Some of you are already doing this because it feels like the natural thing! If you fit this description, then you are honored indeed or seeing the changes moving with it.”

And the small Ashland Healing Earth group was definitely action oriented, applying Universal Energy in a low-level shamanic manner. In the process, I discovered I could “see”/”know” what the Universal Energy was doing as it independently followed the direction we had given it. The Ashland Healing Earth group lasted about a year after I turned over the moderatorship to Sam Younghans (in 2017). Although I had developed different scenarios for each week’s activity, the human need/perception for “something new” prevailed among the participants.

Regardless, my personal experiences exactly paralleled the prediction by Kryon. Since many are in the process of moving into Unity Consciousness, but may not have noticed the quoted paragraph, I would expect many questions concerning this topic.

* From their respective appearances on the earth plane, it appears that Kryon and The Buddha Consciousness were responding to the same “summons.” Although she had a seven-year training period, Diane was primarily “reading” people and channeling. She had the same reservations about public appearances as Lee. Both TBC and Kryon are very high levels of consciousnesses (wow, is there such a word? 🙂 )



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