Peak Experiences

What follows is a list with descriptions some of the experiences I have had over the years in my own personal development. ~ Don

1. Melding with natures’ works, Sep 1956

A feeling of melding with the Autumn colors and nature… of awe at how nature works through the seasons… particularly at the Autumn array of colors… no two leaves being alike, yet blending into a cacophony of color… becoming totally absorbed, melding in the visual display. (I later found out that this is not an unusual experience for someone who was about to leave home for the isolation of a military life.)

2. Extended Consciousness

After hearing about such a process early in 1988 from an entity called Lazaris channeled through Jach Purcel (Concept: Synergy at and before meeting Diane, I started sending my consciousness around the globe, observing “sparks of light” that I interpreted as individually-emerging “Christ-consciousness openings” (in the larger, not strictly Christian sense). I’d then send those “openings” as much energy as I could to encourage sustained further opening on the part of that individual. I still do this periodically.

3. Floral aroma, 1989

An aroma of a FRESH floral bouquet in my car on the way to and from a channeling class. I had never transported such a bouquet, nor did I have any artificial fresheners available to emulate such an aroma. This was repeated two more times. This was identified by my to-be wife’s guides (The Buddha Consciousness) as a “spiritual event” and, as can be seen in retrospect from the following entries over the next 24 years, this might have been a precursor of “something happening.”

4. Into another realm, 1990

While walking the dog around the limited area available at night, I tried practicing ‘bringing the color in’ as we had been working with that night. For a space of approximately two steps I was transported beyond the human experience and into another realm… one with tremendous visibility, no body attachments, a feeling of ABSOLUTE freedom and clarity. It felt like being in unfettered outer space, but without even the stars to obscure the visibility. (A shaman friend said he had a similar experience and we speculate that the extremely short duration of such experiences is probably due to the fear of the personality and ego at the ‘unknown dangers’ and a subconscious ‘pulling back.’)

5. Tree talk, 1990

Several years earlier, in late 1974 and 1975, I use to make several trips to Arnold Engineering Development Center near Tullahoma, TN, driving from the Nashville airport down I-24, which was tree-lined fro many miles. It was such a beautiful area, that I often “extended my consciousness” while driving to “touch” the mostly evergreen trees on each side of the highway.

Now, in 1990, Diane and I often drove from Santa Rosa, CA out to the coast near Jenner, going through the redwoods west of Guerneville. It was, again, such a beautiful area that, on the first such trip, I again began extending my consciousness as I had done in Tennessee. However, this time I received a shocking surprise, to the extent that I had to really concentrate on staying on the road. I received a response back from those redwoods that said “Hello, old friend. It’s been a long time.”
And here we think of trees and other vegetation as independent plants without a thought process or consciousness????

Quote – Hunbatz Men, Mayan priest/shaman, or ‘day keeper’ on Yucatan Peninsula (from p. 297 of The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Morton & Thomas):

‘… people in America and in Britain they are now destroying the jungles, even as far away as Brazil. But even though Brazil is a long way from the United States it does not mean that the Earth changes we accelerate there are not going to affect the United States. And because they are killing the trees in Brazil now the trees in the Mayan area are also beginning to die. Because all the trees in the world they can communicate. The Maya, we say, don’t kill any tree because if you kill any tree you are killing your family. When you kill a tree it is like killing your own brother or sister. In that way, the Maya, we believe in the trees. But the trees are only one part of the Mother. The trees are for the Maya the skin of our mother, and the oil it is the blood, and the rivers they are her sweat, her perspiration. But the mistakes today they are accelerating her life and now it is not good because the big change is coming.’


6. Being of Service, 1990

While driving to work near the Santa Rosa, CA, airport, I often took a slow back road route through some grape fields, old farms and barns. One particular morning while driving between a deserted farmhouse and its associated barn on the other side of the road, I felt as if I ‘entered into’ and very temporally BECAME an old, rusted sheet metal “no trespass” sign beside the road. I could FEEL the granular nature of the metal, the gratitude and joy at serving in whatever capacity was necessary… the joy of simply BEING and being able to be of service. Glancing over to the other side of the road the very same thing happened with the old barn that was in the process of falling down, I was inside the wood siding and could FEEL the cellular nature of the wood. Again, the feeling of ABSOLUTE JOY, of BEINGNESS was almost overwhelming, the joy at serving in whatever capacity was appropriate… the joy of simply BEING… and of BEING OF SERVICE. I can still feel that desire, joy and satisfaction of being of service… in whatever capacity, in whatever way. Since I estimate that I had traveled about 50 feet along the road during this whole experience, then, timewise, it only took approximately one second! Yet, that one second was absolutely life-changing, probably with a far greater late-life impact than all the rest of the experiences noted here, combined.

7. Bi-location, 1990

Later one evening I had an attack of “have to go to the Redwoods.” It was obviously quite impossible to do then, and the next day was also taken up with work and other things to do. Without realizing it, I went into a meditative state and found myself in the same woods I had wanted to go to. The appearance and feeling were the same, although I could not get the aroma. Nevertheless, after about fifteen minutes in this state, I returned to our living room and no longer felt the need to physically go there for at least a couple more weeks. Later, I would characterize this as a bi-location experience.

8. Sprites, Sometime in 1992

I had often taken my dog up into the forest for long walks along the logging trails above Verde, NV, enjoying and, to the extent possible, becoming “a part of” the forest. After a good-size fire went through there, a re-visit left me quite concerned, because I felt that much more than the vegetation was gone… so were the wood sprites that I hadn’t been separately conscious of, before the fire. As it turns out, when such a thing as a major fire occurs, these sprits leave the area, sometimes changing form, and go to wherever else they are needed.

9. Vastness of the universes, July 1992

I felt as if I got a very brief but clear glimpse of what our guides talked about when ‘they’ say ‘they’ came from a long way off… I had a better appreciation of the effort ‘they’ had gone through to become better ‘connected’ with the earth plane and the ‘minuscule’ lives we each lead on this planet. It would appear to take a considerable effort for such energies to remain in connection with this plane, considering the vastness of the universes and the multiple dimensions to which they have unlimited access.

10. Time & dimension warp, November 1992 in Hong Kong

Another experience that I had originally thought to be too “weird” for inclusion, even in this Appendix… visiting a very popular Buddhist temple in Hong Kong… having never before visited one… and approaching the “alter.”

Suddenly, I was FOUR different people! I was (1) in the “present space-time as an American tourist,” yet was (2) also an earlier supplicant before the alter, (3) a “monk in learning” back in the temple, watching the proceedings, AND (4) a monk behind the railing of the alter, conducting whatever the service was. This four-part-harmony persisted for quite some “time,” to the extent that I had to strongly concentrate to simply walk in my “present” body back from the alter. I got the very distinct impression that this particular temple wasn’t the one at which all of these other parts of my existence were manifest, but that this visit to such a temple triggered these previous-life/parallel-life identifications.

11. Creation, Late November 1993

At one point the guides (TBC) had stated how The Unified Field or the God-force treats creation as an “of course” event and even allows us to accomplish total body rejuvenation (depending upon personal belief systems). The next morning in meditation I actually reached a point, very briefly, at which I seemed to be in DIRECT contact with that same energy… the “of course” aspect is the BASIC NATURE of that energy… in which creation is its very PURPOSE.

12. Clearing negative emotions, December 1993

In waking from a dream that obviously referred to a need to clear my subconscious of some deep, dark emotions, I pulled those emotions out of the body and disposed of them, immediately following up with using white light to cleanse the remaining ‘cavities’ and emotions to be disposed. It was then that I finally ‘saw’ the white God-light with more clarity than ever before. It now ‘appears’ to me as a shimmering, translucent white, containing an inherent effervescence (similar to champagne?), an irresistible cleansing power (similar to, but far more powerful than peroxide) and an inherent LIFE or consciousness of its own! Likewise, when I began using the pink light to re-initiate sleep that night, for the first time I could actually feel or experience the emotion of love that was described as its primary.

13. Perfect Order, Late evening of March 5, 1994

While walking our dog at approximately 11:00 PM, I began to feel a ‘connection’ with everything around and in the sky. The experience was, hopefully, the first in which the Perfect Order and Beauty of Everything became quite clear. EVERYTHING operated in Perfect unison as It was intended and as is so perfectly natural. Even the supposedly ‘bad’ things that occur, occur because there is a deep inner need for the experience(s), and so everything is ALWAYS in Perfect Order and Beauty. This feeling was accompanied with what felt to be an EXTREMELY STRONG unified action of the fourth and eighth chakras, with some assist from the third chakra, so that the whole chest and front shoulder areas were suffused with a strong God-energy and ‘dictated’ that this experience be continued, rather than attempting to go to sleep.

14. “Little People”, Reno, NV, 1995

In a class where we were told to strongly “ground ourselves,” I was in the process of “sending” a shaft of energy deep into the Earth for that purpose. Apparently, my consciousness was following that shaft, because I was surprised to see that it had broken into a cavern deep within the Earth. I was even more deeply surprised to “observe” three small people in appearance, beards and green clothing EXACTLY like the “little people,” the Leprechauns of Irish lore. My light shaft had surprised them, also, and temporarily blocked their way through the cavern. “Temporarily,” because the older of the three quickly regained his composure and walked around the light shaft to get on the other side. I never did that see his exhortations to encourage the other two to follow him (who were trying to hide behind some stalagmites) were successful before I went on my way to keep from disturbing their lives any further. Somehow I knew that the “older” one to be over 400 years old, while the two “younger” ones were in the range of only a little over 100 years.

15. Angelic Intervention, San Pedro, CA, Sep. 28, 1998

This was not so much a personal experience as a personal observation. Diane and I were going out the door of our 2nd story apartment to a Judith Orloff workshop in Santa Barbara. Normally, I tried to be ahead of Diane when going down a flight of stairs as she had no depth perception and I could act as a physical stop for her if she stumbled on the stairs. This time, I was picking up what we were taking along for this day-long event when she scooted out the door ahead of me and started down the wooden stairs. Therefore, I was about two steps behind her at the top of the stairs when she apparently caught her heel on a step and began pitching head-first out into space, aiming for the concrete pad at the bottom of the stairs. I KNEW she wouldn’t live through that impact, but it happened so fast and I was too far behind her to even try reaching out.

As I witnessed this event, she seemed to hit an invisible net and was literally gently catapulted back onto the steps she had just launched from… she went from approximately a 45-degree angle, in mid-air, was caught by some invisible net, and almost gently landed on her back on the same steps that had tripped her up. Instead of landing head-first on the concrete pad at the bottom of the steps, she was deposited on the same horizontal plane from which she had initially tripped! While she had a few minor bruises and was a bit shaken up by the experience, with some sore muscles, we were able to go on to attend the workshop as if nothing had happened.

A later private session with her guides confirmed that, as they stated, “this was truly angelic activity.”

16. Mediumship?, Starting sometime in 2003

I have, on occasion, had the strange (to me) experience of being able to sense those that have departed this plane, yet are close to someone in my presence. This includes a rudimentary form of communication from the departed to the living, that seems to come through in “whole body knowing.” Apparently a low level of mediumship developing…

17. Dec 2003:

This may have started when Carlos, the popular and very knowledgeable Chief Engineer at the company I was overseeing when I was a Civil Servant Systems Engineer, had simply keeled over and transitioned when he was putting air in his car tires one morning. As the one in our group that had worked so closely with him, I was on the way to his funeral, but had somehow gotten sidetracked, so that there was no way to get there in time. Seems like “no matter,” because he seemed to be right there with me while I was driving, only he seemed to be over my left shoulder. We were having a silent conversation, in which I tried to communicate how much I appreciated him, even though we had been on the opposite side of some issues from time to time. Suddenly, he communicated that “it was time to go” and he was gone. Looking at my watch, I realized that the service in his honor was about to start and he didn’t want to miss it – as I just had. It was no matter, because the closure we had shared while I was homing in on the church for his service was, to me, far more important than attending the service itself.

19. Native American disincarnates, Talent, OR, November 2006

While “looking” at the surrounding area for disincarnates, I became conscious of a group of three Native Americans around the Ashland, OR, area that had not yet moved on to a higher plane. One was quite faint (I assume he was in the process of moving on), another was of about “medium” intensity (potentially wanting to move on, but not sure how), while the third was quite strong in “definition,” or energy strength. I sent them all energy and attempted to communicate how to move on, then forgot about the incident.18. Later that month, while describing the experience to a friend during a telephone conversation, I spot-checked to see what might have become of these three. I realized that the first two had, indeed, moved on, but that the third one – the strongest in “signal strength” – was still “here.” Additionally, he was now conscious of me observing him and moved toward me with a big “smile” on his face (an impression, not that I could make out facial details). He seemed to be grateful of what I had tried to do with his small group, but he really wanted to “stick around” the Earth plane for a while, yet. He seemed to know I have an interest in someday doing some American Indian research and had voluntarily taken over a spirit guide position to assist me with that interest, and anything else that might come up.


Quite some time later (actually sometime in the first part of 2008), after watching a TV special about the ‘ghosts’ of the Salem witch trials and executions, I ‘contacted’ this same Native American to see what he might be able to discover… and maybe we might be able to help with.. toward ‘sending’ some or all of these ‘ghosts’ on to the light. His response, after a very brief time, somewhat surprised me… he relayed the information that, for the most part they were ‘having fun’ and had no inclination to ‘move on’ in the short term.

21. Consciousness expansion, December 8, 2006

During the intermission of the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” at the Craterian in Medford, OR, I was casually observing others in the audience when I began to experience another form of consciousness expansion. This consisted of the beginnings of a common consciousness with many others in the audience and knowing that this was just the “tip of the iceberg,” since this connectedness was very possible with everyone else on the planet… and more. I still don’t know what pulled me back from a deeper immersion at the time, but the feeling was not at all unpleasant or disconcerting. Rather, it was an experience I expect to try to foster. This seems to be quite a period of time since Diane and I had been confirmed to have entered Unity Consciousness (see other links on this web site), but this was exactly what it felt like… a version of that state.

22. Consciousness within the atom, January 17, 2007

A very interesting experience… literally SEEING the way ‘dark matter’ correlates with the very wide spaces within atomic structure… KNOWING that this is God-In-Action, the ‘dark matter’ occupying that ’empty space’ that is creating the activities within each and every atom. This was NOT an intellectual concept, but an inner KNOWING… a ‘sensing’ of That Consciousness within the atomic ‘dark matter.’ ‘Dark matter’ that is really ‘dark energy’ since there really is no such thing as ‘matter,’ only concentrated energy.
(This was also the 3rd anniversary of Diane’s passing from this plane.)

23. Global work, 2007

After Diane passed and I started putting together the “World Peace Exercise” from her notes. I started using that same technique, although not as “religiously” as I probably should have.

Then, on Nov 4, 2007, I had a strong urge (“received the word”?) to simplify that process by simply surrounding and interpenetrating Earth with the effervescent pink God-Light of Love. This approach was confirmed by channeled words from an independent source, on Nov 23rd, of “He got it! He got it”

Continuing – Dec 22, 2007, I again felt as if a message “came through” and I began using the white light of Christmas, converting it to pink light and “going” all around the globe with that. The result, within the first two days of application, seems to be a very heavy concentration of pink around the globe… really thick.

24. Regional Consciousness, Dec 29, 2007

At the SF airport, waiting to board the flight to Hong Kong, then to Singapore for a back-to-back SE Asian cruise – I was very surprised to feel the energy of that region reach out and engulf me. I had to work at “coming back” to the present and felt weak/drained when I did. Although also sensing a vibrational shift at my core as I did so. This occurred without being in any form of meditative state. I would never have thought such a thing was ever possible, but it was as if that region “knew” I was on my way and the purpose behind this cruise – to say “goodbye” to that part of Earth, the world where I had experienced so many incarnations, since I do not expect to come back for another incarnation.

25. Temple energy, Dec 31, 2007

Singapore – visited the Goddess of Mercy Temple on Waterloo St. (dedicated to Quan Yin, or Kwan Yin) right next door to the Hindi Temple. I did not know this Temple’s name or dedication before entering, but inside, I was “blown away” by the happy, positive, joyful energy, which was in abundance. Yes, there were some few that felt in “desperate straits,” but the over-all energy was tremendous! In immersing myself in that energy, I began distributing it over the city, then the island, then over the SE Asia region. So as to not leave the Temple bereft, I brought in the God-light of Christmas and circulated both energies through the Temple.

25. Multidimensional space, March 1, 2008

Language fails in this, again! While surrounding the Earth in pink light, this evening, I found myself going into the interior of atomic structures, as before but, this time very briefly, because I was “swooping” out into truly multidimensional space, traversing many other dimensions. While still in multidimensional space but on “the way back,” I realized that I needed to take advantage of this experience, so I again “swooped” out and gathered whatever “higher” energies I could from those other dimensions I had just traversed, bringing back much higher-vibrational energy and surrounding the Earth with it. Felt really energized (“jazzed”)… so no sleep until almost 3AM the next morning!

26. Easter energy, Mar 23, 2008

Easter morning. Again, using the higher intensity of God Light that is so much more abundant on these holidays, I found that attempting to combine the pink and God Light (similar to FM radio waves) wasn’t as efficient as having the pink light of love ride along with the God Light (similar to AM radio waves). The “penetration efficiency” was considerably higher with this approach. Also, in using this approach on Mass Consciousness, since you are then essentially an open channel to that energy, I found you have to be on guard and work on blocking out or dissolving many of the aberrations that “love” assumes within that consciousness.

27. ‘Other’ assistance, July 9, 2008

A very interesting experience! Again, working with pink light and “infusing” Earth in that, followed by yellow light (which I now “understand” is to assist in moving Earth into the higher energies) and infusing Earth with that, also.
This time, however, I had felt many others “behind” me and to each “side,” assisting with this operation. I knew instinctively that these “others” were not of Earth. I had been reading channeled materials about the Pliadians, Arcturians, etc., and had probably made some form of connection with these cultures. I have no “direct” knowledge of this, but felt that the large numbers of “the others” that were working with me in this endeavor, came from some of these other worlds/cultures.

28. Redwood communication, August 6, 2008

On the way to the coast through the redwoods, doing “my thing” in attempting to merge energies/commune with those magnificent trees… this time received an almost overwhelming feeling of love. Later that day, while meditating in the hotel room in Gold Beach, I “learned” that this global meditation can also take the form of tapping into the love I felt coming at me this morning, adding the pink light/God’s love and feeding all of that back to Earth. Very interesting concept… and it works!

29. Mass consciousness clearing, September 19, 2009

After having been “directed” and working with white light, followed by effervescent pink light, on the mass consciousness around Earth for a couple months (this took the appearance of clearing out “tunnels”), I found myself observing another “tunnel” leading off to my right side and descending. As I went deeper, the “medium” to which I was applying the white light became extremely dense, of a consistency almost like a thick oil spill. This descending tunnel came to a “T” so I started off to my right, “received” a correction, then turned around to take the other branch.

I soon came to what I sensed was a large room or cavern, which was confirmed when the white light began clearing the “gunk” from it. Although I hadn’t expected it, I also immediately experienced a whole-body confirmation of protection (kind of a tingling sensation all over). After the cavern was cleared, I then “coated’ the room walls with the pink light. I then started to follow through to address an assumed entrance on the other side of the cavern, but “received” the information that this was enough for now, so turned around and left the cavern.

Getting a “message” to re-check the large cavern, I found it was again filling with “gunk” from the entrance on the other side. However, when I then used the white light to re-clear it, I found that the “gunk” couldn’t adhere to the cavern walls as it had originally.
Very interesting!!!

30. Using Galactic Energies, February 4, 2010

Working with both white and pink light around Earth, then began moving out to a galactic position (Milky Way), using the energies from our Galaxy to direct toward Earth. Very soon was working from an inter-galactic position (“pushed”?, “requested” to move out to here?, voluntarily moved to here? – don’t know), but using white light from all of these galaxies, not to just raise Earth’s vibrations, but to “clean up” the negativity pouring off of Earth into the Universe (see quote at end of this page citing “The earth has a negative environment at present.”).

31. Galactic Expansion, January 14, 2011

Expanding my consciousness – this time voluntarily – throughout the Milky Way and far beyond to include the galaxies in at least our local cluster. Was conscious of various “sentient beings”/cultures, as well as what humanity would currently define as “non-sentient” (which is certainly not true) and sent love to all. Felt a strong “kinship” with All, sentient and “non-sentient.”

32. The Inner Planes, March 5, 2011

Reading “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes,” by Claire Heartsong, trying to absorb the truths of the Magdalenes practices, including their “inner plane” communications. Many years ago, when Diane and I sent a letter to the Dalai Lama announcing her channeling of The Buddha Consciousness, we received a reply through The Buddha Consciousness, saying “we’ll meet on the inner planes.” HUH! At that time we/I had no idea how to do this. This evening, however, I sent an “inner plane” message to the Dalai Lama and I could almost immediately see and hear him (on an inner voice). The problem was that my mind drifted off and he chastised me on not being able to concentrate! Needless to say, I was a little put out with myself and set out to regain the level of concentration I had exercised as an engineer and programmer.

A couple days later I made a new attempt to “meet on the inner planes” and this time I didn’t embarrass myself. I learned the Dalai Lama had made his decision to abdicate his head-of-state position for a number of reasons, including 1) Tibetan Buddhism had made some significant contributions to raising Earth’s energy in preparation for the coming changes and this process was now pretty well self-sustaining, and 2) this action would somewhat thwart Beijing’s attempts to replace him (even in his next incarnation) with their own puppet Dalai Lama. Later, reading “Why the Dalai Lama Matters,” by Robert Thurman, I found that he had been considering this step for some time.

33. Mass Consciousness again, July 29, 2011

Having started working on mass consciousness, again, this time primarily for the U.S., last Sunday and Monday (the 24th/25th), by today I had gotten around to try tackling the very heavy black area along the Eastern seaboard and particularly Washington, D.C. Surprise! Looking at that area much closer, there are cracks in that heavy-looking monolith… cracks where light can be “pushed” through into the interior, so…

34. Consciousness Continuity, July 31, 2011

Intellectually, we “know” that God “is all things”… that, as Goswani (and others) stated in “The Self-Aware Universe,” and as physicists and cosmologists are becoming aware of “the field,” everything is connected.

However, even though I had supposedly “achieved” Unity Consciousness around November 1999, this morning I suddenly experienced both feeling and seeing that commonality with all things – that consciousness in everything I looked at… as a build-up, an accumulation of varying levels of awareness – as I suddenly “connected” this morning, is quite different from the intellectualization of that concept. Each consciousness I “saw” seemed to have an over-riding, ingrained purpose to be of “service,” but where is that ingrained purpose in mankind? This is where language, any language, falls considerably short… “seeing”/experiencing the continuity of all consciousness!

35. Mass Consciousness Appearances, August, 2011

Mass Consciecness (MC) Appearance
Working with/attempting to “spiritualize” Mass Consciousness across the U.S. over a period of time. California, the West coast was decidedly mixed, CA appearing as “vertical curls,” spending little effort there. Midwest and Southwest relatively clean to a light gray (more yellowish in the SW0, I suspect depending upon population densities. Southeast, a muddy brown color, somewhat difficult to see too far into. East up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be a solid black impenetrable cliff, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???) (This was later “confirmed” in a June 4, 2012 private session with “Larkmaa,” a group of Plaidians channeled through Cullen and Pia, ref: – who have, as of October 13, 2013, pulled back from channeling Larkmaa: The recorded messages will remain on the website as long as there are donations to support the maintenance of the site..) After a few days working primarily on trying to get light around and into that cliff, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work! (I never did set any specific times aside to work on this, but did so quite sporadically after this post.)

36. ‘Lizzie’ re-appears, October 7, 2011

Quietly reading another action/mystery about 11:30 the evening of Oct 7, 2011, I experienced some really sharp and uncharacteristic arthritic pains in the middle fingers of my left hand, I realized this could be another small attack by my “old buddy.” While still seated, I mentally “stepped back” to look at the whole house defense… pretty shabby from neglect… and found my “old buddy” just inside my neglected defense shell, crouched down, seemingly trying to hide. VERY uncharacteristic of that species!

I re-activated a large number of nematocysts from my neglected defense system and immediately started “stinging” the suspect with many “God is great” injections, communicating that this is definitely to be passed on to the rest of his/her species. I then “saw” a group of that species bowing, Islamic style, in whichever direction the “Central Sun” might be. Meanwhile, I was calling in “protection” and sending healing energy to the affected fingers. The pain/discomfort disappeared very soon.

37. An Intervention, November 2, 2011

Back to Bandon, OR, again to effect a repeat of topic #30, spreading energizing pink light along the shores and inland, using crystal energies to assist (there had been one or two other such instances since topic #30, as well). However, this time there was a far more direct route… “something” took over the operation and used the oceans to emit pure LOVE and PEACE, using the ocean’s conductivity to spread this all over the Earth… the oceans were vast emitters of LOVE and PEACE. I could feel those “words” as real conditions resonating throughout my body and “see” that energy radiate from the oceans around the globe. This condition seemed to radiate out into “space” almost a new signature for Earth as opposed to the strife and discord that has been Earth’s emanation to the Universe for so many hundreds of years.

38. Redwood consciousness, December 29, 2011

CA 1 and the Redwoods… the next-to-last day of a week-long driving loop. encompassing the Bay area, SF, Santa Rosa and a coastal drive, back to Talent, OR.
In a trip leg from Mendocino to Crescent City, the drive from Mendocino on CA 1 to where CA 1 intersects with 101, traverses a tremendous, apparently virgin Redwood forest that is absolutely astounding. I started to extend my consciousness through the forest as I have done on many previous occasions, but then something began to “happen.” While driving through the myriad twists, turns and switchbacks, I suddenly began experiencing intense feelings of completeness and joy… an indescribable spiritually uplifting event that, except for having to accomplish the driving, would have reduced me to tears. I experienced tremendous waves of thankfulness that these magnificent plants existed, along with their natural supporting undergrowth, and could feel their presence as an integral part of my own presence.

The next day, leaving Crescent City and driving thru the redwoods on route 199, I experienced the distinct feeling that these trees were communicating telepathically… no, that word (telepathic) implies a conscious effort and this communication capability was inherent. Further, this capability extends to “lower” forms of vegetation, as well, potentially including fields of corn or wheat, for example. This communication is similar in concept to that attributed to “the field” of quantum physics, yet different in that it is limited to plants, with an occasional opening to other life forms, such as I might have been briefly exposed. (See quote of the Mayan priest/shaman in Topic #5.)

Postscript, Dec 30 thru Jan 1: Have been experiencing uncharacteristic bouts of “spaciness” and vertigo(1). In a telephone discussion with a friend on Jan 1, he later said he’d immediately picked up on a very “spacey” quality in my voice.
Postscript, Jan 1 thru Jan 6 (and beyond): The “spaciness” and vertigo disappeared as I got into end-of-year spreadsheet updating, but then I was experiencing “fast-flying-knats” that rapidly traversed my visual field, top to bottom. Initially, as an automatic reaction, I’d swat my upper chest in an attempt to smack them, only to eventually discover there was no “them,” including this being the time of year that bugs of this nature weren’t around.

(1) O.K., I’d just turned 73 and have experienced some light vertigo periods in the last few months, but this level of intensity is relatively sudden, a much heavier-than-usual experience, and accompanied by this “spaciness,” which is quite uncharacteristic. Yet, it is forcing me to be far more conscious of “the now,” and to not take even normal body movement for granted. Also, having previously been a Type A working personality, I’m now experiencing a far more laid-back outlook, at a considerably deeper level than I had intellectually been attempting to incorporate previously.

39. Gratitude, November 20, 2012, Talent, OR

As usual, human language is severely limiting, but I experienced an OVERWHELMING sense of gratitude as I FELT that new wave of positivity enveloping us, enveloping Earth… SO MANY people volunteering at ALL levels, from forming people-assisting organizations, to the detailed “street level” one-on-one assistance individuals provide… to a new wave of artisans melding older ideas and new technologies into new expressions of beauty… FEELING that new/old energy energizing EVERYTHING. As The Buddha Consciousness had said to Diane and I more than once, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE on this Earth plane!
A few days later, sometime after the December 21 “apocalypse,” I was “tapped into” an over-riding/interweaving energy around the Earth that felt uncommonly “clean” and uplifting. Could this be that “higher vibration” Earth is supposedly elevating to?



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