• “So much of what we know as ‘fact’ in life is, in truth, nothing more than propaganda or a well-meant reflection on how events and people are perceived by those with a bias and poor vision. Tales pass from lips to lips, from news story to news story, from e-mail to e-mail, from politicians to us, from witnesses to jurors, and eventually we are led to believe all manner of things that are grossly distorted if not patently false.” From p. 10, Isle of Dogs, by Patricia Cornwell. This quote is a lead-in to explanations of Jamestown, VA, being the first European settlement in America, rather than Plymouth, MA.
  • References such as 1491 and The European and the Indian, by James Axtell, that contradict the ‘accepted history’ of school-taught Indian ‘savages’ vs. ‘enlightened European’ invaders.
  • The research of people like Dr. Bart Ehrman on the potentially chaotic writings of the Christian New Testament, in the first 300 years before the arbitrary, politically-driven decisions of the Nicaean Council in 325 AD.
  • Then there’s the other side of the coin in this quote by T.S. Eliot “People cannot bear very much reality.” A ‘reality’ that conflicts with pre-programmed false beliefs can accept only just so much contradiction to those beliefs. Is it any wonder then that a concept such as a multi-dimensional existence and universe with its attendant implication of unlimited possibilities is so difficult to ‘sell’ to a public whose awareness is limited to what is translatable by the physical sensations of sight, sound, feeling and taste?


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