Question on Prebirth Conditions – March 10, 1994
Questions from Don Chapin, Answers from The Buddha Consciousness, From Book 6, “Life on Schoolhouse Earth,” Questions & Answers, Page 331. Additional material on this topic from Book 9 “Advanced Keys for Life Management,” Chapter 14, Selected Quick Quotes, “When Does An Incarnation Begin?”

Question: There are many ‘disciplines,’ such as re-birthing and regression techniques that have established subconscious memories of incidences during the pre-birth period. While, in answer to an earlier question, you seemed to indicate that the soul was normally incarnated during or immediately after the birth process, how do these pre-birth memories occur?

Answer: In most cases, and even in this business of entering an incarnation, there are other circumstances there is a connection well established, even before conception. So, what we are talking about is energy and the drawing to one, through the use of energy, intuition, soul growth… all those things that generate opportunities in a given incarnation for experiences, expansion and growth. So, it is as if there is a line of energy that connects the infant-to-be with his or her prospective parents or circumstances as an avenue into the world, because parenting and parenthood do change, sometimes, as you know.

So, in the course of all of that, there are also the contracts one makes as to how one will proceed to experience the realization of unity with God. That is truly the purpose of most incarnations. (More souls are coming to serve humankind in so many ways.)

So, there are experiences that take place as information that lead to impressions, even before conception, we would agree with that. Now, as conception takes place, the energy becomes more solidified and as that increases, as the gestation period goes on, there is an expansion of AWARENESS, on the soul level, called pre-birth.

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