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Psychic Defense

Understand that I am talking about “unseen” dimensions. But they are only “unseen” with our standard human eyes. When you work on opening your “third eye,” or develop some other form of seeing into other dimensions, then a whole new “world” opens up and cause-and-effect, or the Newtonian action/reaction, begins to make even more sense. In my case, it is virtually a whole-body sensing, rather than the third eye, per se (although I have previously almost “worn out” my third eye in attempting to “see” what might be about to transpire).

Remember that “thoughts are things.” And this is true at all levels. Do you have anyone that might not be thinking of you in the most positive sense? Depending upon the intent and energy behind such thoughts, you can be negatively impacted.

Now, some techniques I can present here are merely examples of those that Diane and I had used for several years. It should be strongly noted that truly active or offensive techniques are definitely not recommended, as, (1) similar to the gunfighters of the old American West, you invariably run into someone that is much better than you are and the damage you suffer is not worth it, and (2) by being aggressive in your techniques, you expose yourself to a much harsher level of karma. … And make no mistake about it, karma exists!

In fact, many people already have a protection, without realizing it… I did for a large part of my life, since I really wasn’t ‘into’ interpersonal relationships beyond my own family. In my case, it was a fairly thick stone wall erected by my subconscious, but your protection can be consciously constructed of virtually any materials and thickness you want, and for any specific purpose(s). The point is, however, if you need or want some form of personal protection, then the best recourse is to elect the form of protection you want to erect, rather than allow your subconscious to provide that.

Basically, these techniques, limited only by your own imagination, can, I believe, be placed into essentially three general categories: Psychic passive, psychic passive-active and spiritual. And, since we are dealing with a range of potentially higher frequencies, there is nothing to preclude anyone from combining these techniques to guard against a range of potential “threats.”

Now, in contrast to other practitioners who would want to rely strictly on their own expertise in the psychic realms, I also like to refer any psychic realm construction I undertake, as well as anything else I do or ask for, to Highest Good. Yes, you might try implying this reference to mean your own highest good, but, by doing so, you just might be filtering out interactions that could benefit you and many others in the future. So, to get on with the specifics…

Examples of Psychic Passive

Using a ‘space suit,’ with helmet as ‘body armor.’ This is one that can be donned rapidly and then discarded, being sure to turn it back to the Universe as pure light, after it has been thoroughly used and ‘beaten up.’ (Know that we can “clutter up” the psychic realms, just as some cultures have cluttered up their human environment, and as we have cluttered up the near-Earth environment with satellite debris.) This approach is one that is easily applied before ‘mixing it up’ in a crowd, such as shopping or a party. Obviously, the materials you designate should be quite flexible, such as a diver’s wetsuit, but you also need to include whole-body (hands, feet and head) protection, such as the space suit.

Putting a fence around yourself.

If you truly want a protection of this sort to be effective, be sure to think in three dimensions, rather than the normal two dimensions for a standard ‘fence.’ By that, I mean to enclose all of you, around, top and bottom. Although most of us think in terms of a squared-off design, realize how strong an egg shell is for its relatively thin wall thickness.

And what about your living area, your house, for example? What if you want to provide protection for your home and family? The same principles apply. Just be sure to, again, make sure the materials and design is strong enough for what you might envision as a ‘likely’ onslaught.

Also, why be limited to one material or thickness… why not use layers of different materials, or a even ‘new’ material that hasn’t been invented yet, but is ‘tunable’ to your particular needs. Remember, working in this realm, you are, again, only limited to your own imagination, yet the effects can be felt in the physical world.

Examples of psychic passive-active

I see this concept as also covering a range of possibilities. And it could be debated whether the mirror concept, above, might be passive or passive-active.

Using the egg-shaped fence or wall approach as above, you can “tune” your individual fence or wall to allow beneficial energies through, and/or reject any energies or frequencies that are not in your ultimate best interests. So, what energies don’t you want to get through? As a general approach, how about most of what we have, to date, constructed as a mass consciousness? Although the mass consciousness around Earth is changing for the better, what I certainly don’t want to experience is the “old” version… the version where it is “OK” to infringe upon another’s free will, to harm another person or group in any way, to accept greed as a normal human condition, etc. (I’m sure we can all think of many such concepts).

One way of increasing your wall’s effectiveness, is to borrow the military’s “invisibility” technologies, and “tune” your defensive “wall” to either be completely reflective or scattering of any energies that are not in Highest Good (or, you can select you personal highest good, if that is what you want). By “reflecting” these energies, it means you are installing a mirror that, in some cases, beams energies right back at the sender(s). By “scattering” the energies, there is no “bounce” and your wall is essentially “invisible” to the lower, or middle-level psychic practitioner. Of course, in these cases and depending upon the number of “assaults” your fence or wall receives, you may have to replace them more often… again turning the “old” fence into pure white light before totally “discarding” it. Or, you can simply “re-skin” or refresh the outer surfaces to be “as new.”

Put up “active” psychic mirrors to reflect negativity. Using a one-way mirror, you can automatically send your love through from the backside. Or, if you can’t manage that, send God’s love and/or light to those that might do you harm. This can be a very effective tool.

Going to the next level of activity (and this is as far as I would recommend going in the “passive” role), apply some of nature’s methods of passive/active defense. A skunk for odors, or the nematocysts of our ocean’s phylum Cnidaria (the Portuguese Man-O-War being one of the most famous and sometimes even life-threatening).

Personally, I like the nematocyst defense being incorporated into a defensive fence or wall… and even these can be “tunable” so that only attempts at some form of “intrusion” on someone else’s part can trigger the nematocysts. Remember however, as with the Man-O- War, this level of defense can be taken to an extreme of becoming an offense, so be very careful of how this defense is used.

Examples of Spiritual Defenses

The most common of these defenses is to call upon an ascended Master or Master-level energy, such as Buddha, Jesus/Christ, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, angelic protection, etc. Or, as I have occasionally witnessed, even a combination of these energies, although I’m not too sure what this approach really achieves.

Another, not as common, method is to wrap yourself in the pure white light of the Creator. (Remember, because we are in physical form and standing on the Earth, we can easily forget to wrap this protection under our feet for a complete envelope.) This goes beyond even the Master-level protections and directly to the Source. Of course, this can also be used in combination with a requested Master-level protection, also.

If you’ve already read “A TRUE Psychic Defense Story,” you know about the potential of “calling in” someone else at the soul level. Please understand, however, that you are treading on some very thin ice, here, because you could also be coming from a disguised ego motive. I would strongly recommend that you seek higher-level guidance if you try this approach AND that you do this only with the goal of MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, not some form of recrimination. Without a higher-level, completely non-ego orientation, you are flirting with a strong karmic involvement or debt on your part.

Remember, ‘like attracts like.’ So those negative energies you have allowed in your life attract others to it. Therefore, return their energies to them and let them know you are no longer entertaining such activity. You can discuss life-style energies with them, them release them to their own lives.

And again, if you’ve already read “A TRUE Psychic Defense Story,” another approach you can use in the case of a conflict on the human plane, and if you’re use to “journeying” in meditation, is to refer someone to the Karmic Courts. This could be done in your own name, or in someone else’s. I certainly wouldn’t try using this very often, however, unless you’re a true practitioner. And be prepared for the Karmic Court, in their VERY fine methods of being completely objective, and looking at both your and your “defendant’s” intentions and motivations, to either “table” your request because of “insufficient evidence,” or to (at least temporarily) reject your claim. While I haven’t, personally, had a claim rejected, I have had one temporarily tabled, which caused me to re-look at why I brought the claim in the first place – could it have been even a little ego-inspired? Yes, because that individual was now being “watched” by the Court, that particular claim was later accepted and action taken, but at the initial “tabling” I had to really step back and re-look at my own motivations, intentions and level of objectivity.

Going the positive, proactive route

TBC on Sep 12, ’97

“… the energy left behind by (Princess Diana and) Mother Theresa is in a protective state until accessed for the greater benefit of Earth. Good works leaves an abundance of energy, just as negativity does.”

Note, that I (Don) would normally not have associated Princess Diana anywhere near the same category of Mother Theresa, but TBC went on to say: “Princess Diana’s energy was much more past life as a personage, helping the poor and downtrodden. She also has a very strong perception to God. It is not a small thing to obtain a position such as she had.”

So, we also have that choice, now, as well. Rather than simply disparaging the negativity we perceive on Earth, we can consciously work on building positive energy to be used for the greater good of all. As a result, I have also compiled a separate file called “Doing Global Energy Work,” based on a variety of TBC inputs.


While this may sound like blasphemy to the spiritual-energy purist, in the years that we were under psychic attack (Reference “A TRUE Psychic Defense Story”), it had become fairly common for the Master energy that was our guide – The Buddha Consciousness – to encourage us to use our own psychic defenses. Understand, there is no higher Master-level-energy form available on the Earth plane than either The Buddha Consciousness or The Christ Consciousness, so it was quite a lesson, in being a participant in even their respective growths, to experience this phenomenon.

Why mention this?

It was a lesson to us (Diane and I) that there are “laws,” even at those exalted levels, that limited their (Master level) assistance to us(1)… might it have been an insistence on their part to force us to grow into a better form of self expression, self-empowerment, or personal protection? We never did get a “good” (humanly understandable) explanation, but tried to do whatever we thought was expected of us. Whatever the deeper spiritual reason(s), the lesson we both learned was that you still have to be “humanly sensible” in helping yourself, even as you call on Master-level protection or even the Universal white light.

In other words, help yourself to better enable the Universe to help you.

  • Learn to provide a level of self-protection, without being aggressive in any way.
  • Learn to “layer” your defenses, if you so desire, so that you incorporate various protections.
  • Also learn to dispose of whatever you have created in a spiritually-responsible fashion, so that you don’t litter the psychic world(s) with debris.
  • Since thoughts are things and your creations are things, learn to be able to create them, but to also dispose of them in a spiritually conscious manner.
  • Finally, take the proactive route. Work individually and with others around the globe to uplift the Earth with energy handling techniques such as in the file “Doing Global Energy Work.”
  • In other words, be responsible for your thoughts, actions, words and deeds on all planes.

Also, if you are on a spiritual development path, note the June 7, ’95 comment by TBC in “A True Psychic Defense Story:”

“Understand that, because of these psychic operations, you have ‘stepped back’ from Unity Consciousness (UC). Becoming too involved with psychic tasks (no matter the apparent need at the time) can limit yourself to that.”

Remember: spirit responds to what you are focused on.

Quest on Jan 28, ’03 (As an adjunct to the last paragraphs in Case #3, of “Energy Theft.”)

Guarding your energies, spiritual and otherwise, means being aware that you are ‘conscious.’ Assuming that you are, or that you have more to do before you become conscious, poses the greatest danger. In knowing you are conscious, you will automatically take better care of yourself in many respects, including health. Just as you ‘consciously’ take better care of your finances, so, too, will you want to care for your energies. Why? Because everything is energy! Self love and respect are at the core of guarding your spiritual energy.


(1) There was one instance (in a private reading of 9/27/98) where TP, the day before, had identified a neighbor that was quite mentally unsettled. This person, because of their own jealous fantasies of “what Diane had and that person did not have (later, on Oct 3, identified as spiritual advancement),” intended considerable harm to Diane. TBC looked at the situation and said we could safely stay where we were (as an alternative to moving because of this neighbor, as TP had suggested), although, according to TBC, “without attention (in this unique situation) this could have been a dangerous situation.” What TBC did was, “We have been able to restrict this person by ‘corralling’ the energy and ‘neutralize’ the inclinations, because this person’s actions impinges on free will.” Now, what the differences were between this situation and other threatening experiences we had, I cannot say.

A reading on Oct 31, 98 mentioned that the ‘corral’ has been reinforced by Quest with respect to the ‘unbalanced one’ in the apartment complex, to attempt to decrease the threat to Diane – which reminds me, I forgot to mention that we have to periodically monitor and renew our fences. Later, however (Dec 2, 98), this woman’s mental condition deteriorated to the point that TBC warned us that this was a human situation, not spiritual or psychic. “Luckily” they moved out before there was any real trouble. Borrowing from a metaphysical practice, we kept sending light and the message “you are going on to your greater good, whatever that may be.”

TBC on Jan 8, ’98

(This is a repeat of the same info in “On Spiritual Living”)

Go to Keeper of Coins *

With regard to money and what it’s supposed to do

Go to Keeper of Daily Life and Responsibilities *

With regard to “previous vow” cords **

With regard to duty and responsibility (i.e., learn to “be yourself”)

* Aspects of eternity – ways to work with energy. (And there are other energies that can be accessed for other situations… what does your “imagination” tell you? – Don)

** What vows have you made in this and previous lives that may be hindering you now? This is a topic that has not been addressed elsewhere on this web site. Through this life and many past lives, we commit ourselves – we make or have made vows – many of them. These vows often “reach” us at a soul level without our conscious decision. Remember, the subconscious doesn’t discriminate, so vows of poverty (religion again?), chastity (Viagra anyone?), allegiance (to persons, places, concepts or things), “bargains with God” (emergency prayers), etc. have been made and still affect our subconscious behaviors, today. So, to work with dispensing with unwanted vows that may be blocking our good, today:

1. As suggested, go to the Keeper of Life and Responsibilities to vacate the previous vows – and there may well be more than one in the same vein, and

2. examine your own beliefs and attitudes to energetically release and effect a replacement..

Available Courts (One on Earth plane, two “upstairs”, all with various “levels”):

  • Legal – human condition. “The legal system can badly distort and manipulate the facts, so predictions are hard to do.” TBC on Aug 19, 97, private reading. Also, “The (human) courtroom is where the facts are manipulated to effect the outcome.” TBC on June 19, 97. (My personal experience is that these are a very true statements by TBC. – Don)
  • Soul (Karmic Courts) – for karmic violations (I have found that you really have to have a case, since they impartially look at all sides. – Don)
  • Celestial – (An individual’s non-provoked assaults were viewed as a relatively significant item, particularly as it also affected Diane and TBC’s work. – Don)


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