What is the Purpose of Bringing Spirituality into Your Lives?

Greetings and salutations to each of you. We are The Buddha Consciousness and we have come with the purpose of bringing spirituality into your lives as a phenomena.

On your planet a phenomena is often something that is beyond understanding and that is, in many ways, what your spirituality is about. Even though we want your spirituality to become a living aspect in your lives, it is still a phenomena, an occurrence, a happening, an experience. As such, it requires that you, as the producer or the manifester of your issues, provide the intermediary step of positivity and faith in yourself and your highest good.

The phenomenal aspect of your spirituality is that Highest Good comes to you in the most unexpected form and often in a mysterious way. Highest Good manifests itself through what we will call the God-force, that aspect of spirituality that knows beyond all doubt what your highest good really is, beyond the measure that you can know yourself.

So, spirituality has many aspects. While it is a living blessing in your lives, it is always a phenomena in that unexpected things occur. Unknown, mysterious wonders and treasures are presented to you as you are willing to give up your expectations and allow Spirit or the God-force to bring your solutions to you in the form of (your) highest good.

If there is disappointment, delays, or times of inactivity, you must rest in the knowledge that your spirituality is a phenomena, also, and events are taking place beyond the realm of your understanding. You are the living conduit through which your spirituality lives and flows. As such, it is up to you to remain completely open so that the force of Spirit can move through and bring you the phenomena of Highest Good in your life.

This is essential in manifesting the best solution for yourselves and, not only that, but the one that will ultimately bring together future and unseen events in your lives. You may feel that, on the human scale, you know all the answers and have all the pieces to the puzzle.

The truth is, you do not know what is going to happen to you even a moment from now, but Spirit sees the energy and the vibration of change much in advance. So, the phenomena of Highest Good can put you in a much better position to continuously receive your good in your life than your human expectations can possibly do.

We preface this message in this manner because it is so easy to get into the business of manifesting through light and energy and to be convinced that you KNOW what the form is that your good should return to you. However, you cannot possibly know for you cannot know the events of tomorrow.

So, you must leave yourself open to phenomena, to Highest Good, and let in that mysterious turn of events (that comes when it is least expected), as it resolves your difficulties in ways which you have never imagined

The expression on your planet, \”something will always turn up\” leaves room for Highest Good. The only negative aspect to that phrase is that people often attach it to a small something. In other words, the consideration that whatever comes along to save you doesn’t have to be very much.

We would say that whatever comes along to save you should be significant, should have prosperity and abundance attached to it and that is why we are using the word phenomena. We hope to give you a scope of greater prosperity and abundance in your lives, as well the idea that what comes in to resolve your difficulty is a force, an activity. The very breath that you breathe is an aspect of that force, so it must be quite powerful!

Let the phenomena of Highest Good be your security blanket and the resolution of Highest Good bring forth the magic for which you have all looked. This requires that you remain an open conduit to spirituality as we spoke of in the last session and that you stay positive and uplifted.

We realize this is a new attitude and not easy, but, as you set your goals and manifest things from day to day, you will soon find that the attitude of positivity, listening to your intuition and opening to Highest Good becomes an active part of your lives. This is like any other major change you make, it is painstaking and it requires perseverance and faithfulness to the principles that we have taught, mostly in listening to your inner voice.

Rev Diane Chapin: Advanced Keys For Life Management



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