The Decision for Birth

by Don Chapin

“The Prenatal Prescription” and “Life Before Birth,” by Peter Nathanielsz, M.D., Ph.D.

Although already convinced of the birthing/incarnating process from a metaphysical / channeling standpoint, I wanted to check current scientific sources to see what they had to say about it. A considerable amount of investigating has occurred in the last thirty-plus years:

“How Life Begins” by Christopher Vaughan…
p. 78: “Scientists studying the development of humans and other vertebrates whose embryos develop similarly have discovered a complex ballet, a dance of cells that move, mix and multiply in time with a chemical beat.”

All three scientifically-oriented references cite the chemically dictated fetus development up to the time of birth, at which time it appears an intelligence seems to “take over” and dictate the birth process to begin.

Ibid, p. 246: “Scientific evidence indicates that it’s the child who monitors the progress of his own development, and whose brain sends out many of the first signals to begin labor.
The original signal for birth was emitted by a small area of the fetus’s brain in the hypothalamus called the PVN (paraventricular nucleus). This signal prompted the hypothalamus to release its message to the pituitary, which in turn stimulated the release of stress hormones from the fetal adrenal glands.”

In other words, it seems that the incarnating soul begins to “awaken” and “move in,” creating a Human from the biological, chemically-developed fetus.

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