The Missions of Various Celestials from Other Star Systems

From “We, The Arcturians,” Milanovich, Rice & Ploski, pp. 257-263

The Arcturians: Our mission is to educate the souls on Earth on the health, education, and welfare issues that will affect their lives in the future and the fifth dimension.


The missions of all civilizations that have agreed to travel the universe to aid Earth at this time vary according to the special vibrational qualities of each star system. For example, the Orion star system is a very erratic system, meaning that they have the capability to polarize forces to obtain a balance and beauty that could not otherwise be created. You might call it havoc or chaos, but we call it Another form of creation. These sisters and brothers from space are bringing in souls who have an understanding of your recently formed theory of “cognitive dissonance.  They are the ones who are working through the chaotic forces that surround them. By focusing their thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, they are able to transcend these same forces on Earth and to bring harmony to the volume of chaotic data with which they have to work. Thus, they create “systems.”

In this process they actually have taken the skill of the highest quality on their home planet, transferred the application of it, applied it to the cultures and environment of Earth, and moved it into a theory of understanding that many can comprehend. Even theories eventually do change. Allow us to prepare you for the eventual by telling you that even this theory will change one day in your future. As the Earth transcends its present stage of evolutionary development and the New Age dawns, Earth will have to discard this theory. When this day comes, it will be the souls from Lyra who will be sent to lead the discovery of a more advanced process of evolution and harmony which will be more appropriate for that moment of time.

For the purpose of clarification, then, let us state that the Orions are contributing their mental power for the development of smoothly running systems on the planet Earth. They ride on the color of yellow, and beam that frequency to Earth for the purpose of contributing to the stabilization of intuitive powers within human consciousness. They are the source of power for many of the organizational structures of government, business, and industry which have the main task of developing networks and linkages between data systems on the planet.

The Alpha Centaurians represent the band of violet. They are those who have scientific and technical knowledge that is of the highest quality in the universes. They are the theoreticians, and are here for the purpose of raising levels of knowledge to the higher realms of theory. Their difficulty is in finding ways to bring advanced concepts of the universe to the level of human understanding.

They bring a consciousness of processes to the planet. They are studying the scientific sites on Earth that have the reputation of being the most advanced, and are providing information through telepathic communication to the residents of those institutions. This information is to help speed the designs of new forms of technology that must be in place by the turn of the century.

We began by saying that the Alpha Centaurians ride the vibration of violet. The color band of violet is the highest vibrational frequency of the rainbow. It is through this frequency that connection to the universal intelligence and the Great Central Mind is made for all. This band is situated above the head area of the individual, and the information that passes through this part of the channel must be cleared to travel through all of the energy vortexes within the human. Only an individual who is vibrating at the highest of levels and in direct communication with his or her Higher Self has full access to this channel of communication. The Alpha Centaurians do have access to this channel of information in their natural state, which has provided them the abilities of being totally empathic and telepathic on their home planet.

It is because their intelligence rides so high in the ethers that it is often difficult for them to ground ideas on the Earth plane. That is one of the reasons why the souls from other star systems, such as Sirius, are here to help form the other part of the team for grounding the higher forms of information that are coming to Earth at this time.

The Beings from Sirius are here to help bridge the gaps between the theoretical levels of knowledge that are presently being brought to Earth and the practical application of those ideas. They are here to ground information and to make it usable for the inhabitants of the planet. They are the workers and the doers of the Earth. It has been written, and correctly, we might add, that the civilization of Egypt was aided by the souls from Sirius who came to Earth at that time as god-men and god- women. They were the builders of the greatest pyramids and temples of the highest forms of knowledge that have been recorded in the historical records of the planet. They built the pathways and tunnels to inner worlds and to the stars, which allowed them to communicate above and below. They were the creators of the factors that provided for the grounding, applying, and integrating of all higher forms of knowledge into the physical manifest creations of Earth.

Creating this civilization was one of their greatest accomplishments. They excelled in the development and application of their knowledge. They ruled supreme for centuries.

It is the souls from Sirius who once again will help ground the information and build the Golden Age and its new shrines and temples in the future. But this time they will have help from all that are “hear” to orchestrate this overture. The response this time from other star systems is quite different from that former time, when few came to assist. In the future, honor, accomplishments, and rewards all will be shared equally among the teams that are “hear” to sing and orchestrate the song of Happy Birthday to the planet Earth.

Soon the secrets of the Great Pyramid will be uncovered, and many of the mysteries of life will be revealed. It will be our star sisters and brothers who will reveal the information once again to the planet, for, after all, it was hey who sealed the mysteries in the first place.

The Beings from Hydra are those who excel at creating with their hands from the substances of the Earth. They are the agricultural experts, the archaeologists, and the Earth and clay people with the products they produce. They are the designers of the future who have excelled at transforming the Earth’s energy to new and usable forms of beautification. They love the common nature of human beings and they are expert at directing the love from their products and creations. They are the sensitives and the artistics. They are lovers of the land and labor.

The Beings from Lyra have brought a migratory quality and a freedom of spirit to Earth. These Beings are situated on the peak of experiences and have felt no attachments to the physical world of their home planets. They are the chameleons of the universe, and adapt their personalities to the conditions of those new environments in which they find themselves. They radiate much light from their head areas, but find it difficult to satisfy the heart centers while in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is because they are not used to the lower vibrations of this planet. They are used to total freedom of expression and of movement. They do not confine themselves to systems or to movements on their home planet like we do on Arcturus. They are the independents of the universe.

This quality of independence is very much needed today. The independence of the souls who inhabit the Earth now is critical for movement into the New Age. We see this quality as a highly desirable one, and one which more souls on Earth need to acquire. The restrictions that Earthlings put upon themselves, because of the fears and illusions around them, almost prohibit them from experiencing any form of freedom, even when they are residents of free countries.

The Lyrians ride the frequency of multiband strata of color most of the time, but have been known to settle into select patterns when the occasion arises. They fluctuate in their own frequencies, but never in the consistency of the love that they channel. This is the foremost aspect of their characteristics.

The Pleiadians vibrate on the spectrum of blue. What this means is that they speak their truth and demand justice for all. The Pleiadians hail from a star system that is known for its incredible advancements in music and dance. The main contribution of their journey here is to change the rhythm of the planet with new forms of music that you are beginning to experience. The new forms of music are those which contain higher vibrational frequencies that are designed to activate the higher energy vortexes within humans. By activating these higher chakra centers, the consciousness of the individual is transformed to a higher dimension. The higher dimensions automatically allow for more connections to the collective consciousness of the universe.

Sound and light frequencies are what comprise all of the order and manifestation of your world. The sound frequencies are also what activate the manifestation process. Visualization is not always enough to master manifestation.

Tones of the higher frequencies will open up the high centers of wisdom contained within humans. When the centers are open, the mind has access to much more creativity and knowledge than when it is functioning at the sound and light frequency of lower natures.

The Pleiadians have conquered this understanding in their own evolutionary path and are considered to be experts at sound and light creations. Much of the hologram work and laser technology of the light frequencies and art works are due to the endless effort of the Pleiadians, who work with selected Earth souls who have opened to their frequency. The explosion of information and technology and the application of the knowledge of light and sound has opened many channels for advancements in science, and medicine, and the humanities. Application of effort in these areas will only continue to produce incredible advancements. As you can see, each group of Beings is assisting in the areas in which they have excelled. We could go on and further define the contributions of other Beings from additional star systems, but it would seem pointless. The object of this lesson was to differentiate the missions between the various groups who are assisting the planet Earth at this time. We believe that we have accomplished this purpose.




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