I thought you might like to know what the next step is for me and for Light Path Resources. In 1995, Amit Goswani published “The Self-Aware Universe.” By the title alone he advocated a concept I had seriously been considering writing about. Unfortunately I hesitated as I feel I’m at a disadvantage without a physics PhD. Now it’s happened again.

In “Bottoming Out The Universe,” a classically trained anthropologist, Richard Grossinger, has crossed the line in incorporating elements of hard, materialistic science with elements of metaphysics and even channeled material to support his contention of a conscious universe.  I would suspect that Richard was a trained cultural anthropologist rather than a practicing one. Thereby he has avoided the “out of Africa” theory-assumed-to-be-fact conundrum that has been tripping up the field of anthropology with recent discoveries. These discoveries start with physical evidence by Cremo and Thompson in “Forbidden Archeology” and include the Sumerian clay tablet translations of Zecharia Sitchin.  BUT in the very first chapter, he also, like Goswani, seems to rely on material world facts, yet with plenty of supposition.

Ergo, I’m calling on the webmistress/editor of my websites to help arrange and edit my existing web narrations into some semblance of a book as co-author. These narrations indicate additional characteristics but don’t describe them as a book might.

Rev. Don Chapin, PhD



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