Whale Communications

by Don Chapin

This highlighted article, “New Research Helps Explain a Sudden Population Crash for Rare Whales North Atlantic right whales had been making a slow recovery, but ocean changes linked to global warming are pushing down their numbers again, scientists say. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/climate/whales.html ” blames climate change as the reason for a drastic reduction in the global whale population. BUT in Patricia Cori’s channeled book the whales themselves claim human whalers and intolerable “noiseapparently generated by Navy global communication systems as the reason for mass whale suicides. These systems operate globally and whales cannot filter the, to them,
intolerable sounds, so whole pods beach themselves in a suicide pact.


Inspired by the eloquence of Patricia Cori’s book “Before We Leave You,” in which the whales also predicted eventual telepathic communication between humans and cetaceans, here are my communication experiences to date with the cetacean population

cetacean communication

News article of Dec. 22, 2008:

SYDNEY (AFP) – Environmental activists Monday said they had been pursuing Japanese whalers through blizzards in the Antarctic for two days during which the harpooners had been unable to kill any whales.

Paul Watson (formerly of GreenPeace), captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel trailing the Japanese fleet, said they had intercepted the whalers on Saturday morning in dangerous conditions off Antarctica.

“Yesterday we were locked into the ice, we had to work our way out of about a dozen miles of ice and there were some heavy swells and large chunks so it was a little hairy for a while,” Watson told AFP.

“But we are still pursuing them. They haven’t killed any whales. We will keep on them and the longer we keep on them, the more we can impact their profits and their quotas.”

The society’s vessel the “Steve Irwin” remained on the tail of the Japanese whale-processing ship Nisshin Maru, which Watson said was in Australia’s Antarctic waters.

Watson said the activists, who initially attempted to hit the Japanese harpoon boat the Yushin Maru 2 with stink bombs, would continue to try to hamper the whalers, who kill hundreds of whales a year.

“We will just harass them, blockade them, do everything to prevent them from resuming whaling,” he said.

“Most likely they will run and we will chase and they’ll run and we’ll chase and that’s fine. As long as they are running they are not killing whales.”

For the past four years Watson has led a Sea Shepherd vessel to find, track and harass the whaling ships during their hunting season, the southern hemisphere summer.

In an online log, Sea Shepherd said this year was the earliest in the season that they had been able to locate the Japanese fleet.

Watson said navigating through icebergs the size of houses “tossed about like confetti in massive swells driven by gale-force winds” was frightening.

“I had to thread the ship between those bucking chunks of lethal ice knowing that if just one of them was tossed against our hull, we would be holed and sunk very quickly,” he said on the site.

An international moratorium on commercial whaling was imposed in 1986 but Japan has continued to hunt under an exclusion allowing for scientific research, although it concedes most of the meat ends up on dinner plates.

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My Experiences

As a result of the above story, I managed to telepathically contact’a whale in the S. Pacific to suggest a defensive tactic by a hunted and harpooned whale (assuming the harpooned whale was still functional). This whale I was “talking to” was quite cognizant of the “good” ship (Sea Shepherd) and the “bad” ship (the Japanese whaler) and the conflict between them, stating that the “good” ship often had someone aboard that could converse with the whales. THAT was a surprise.

My first suggestion was for the whales to get under the small boat containing the harpooning crew and suddenly surface, spilling the boat’s crew into the sea. In the cold S. Pacific ocean near Antarctica, the crew would soon be overtaken by hyperthermia. That approach was immediately nixed by the whale due to some “code of honor” of the whale population something like “Do no harm to the human population.” Apparently the whale population has no interest in “street brawling” where “anything goes as long as you win.” It’s one thing to eat tons of plankton and/or smaller fish, but quite another to harm a human who they consider at least mentally equivalent to themselves and (potentially) assisting Earth and Humanity in upgrading from 3D to a 4and/or 5D existence. (Yes, the cetaceans are apparently aware of these pending shifts!) Hmmm, now considering their response in total, I’m beginning to wonder, who’s “superior to whom?”

My second suggestion was for the harpooned whale to somehow manage to wrap the harpoon line around the propeller of the “bad ship,” disabling it and potentially freeing the harpooned whale from a propellersevered line. However, my communicative whale responded that both types of harpoon heads almost immediately incapacitated the targeted whale, one type of head was a springloaded set of barbs which “anchored” and incapacitated the whale, the other type, used much more frequently, used a shotgun type of projectile attached to the spearhead to ensure incapacitation (death). Being raised as a landlubber, growing up far from the water, I had to check this out and found patents for the two basic concepts my communicative whale partner had described, were true… they were…. both harpoon concepts obtaining patents in the mid1800’s.

Ergo, Education by Whale!

My second attempt to communicate was in response to an emailed request for assistance to the cetacean species as a result of the Fukishima disaster: I managed to “contact” a whale or dolphin—I assumed a whale—with the following result as I answered the requester:
“Not good news. I worked on the situation with the crystal (described in
Global Shamanic Energy Work) last night, attempting to neutralize the radiation being dumped into the ocean from Japan while attempting a very low-level communication with whatever cetacean species I could link with. What I picked up from them was that even if the cetaceans could squeeze closer to the western U.S. shores, the contaminated waters are slowly moving eastward. From their viewpoint, it isn’t so
much the direct contact with the contaminated waters, at least not yet, but the absorption of the contamination at the lower levels of the food chain (plankton and on up) and the cetacean’s ingestion of that food chain, where the radiation then works on them from within.

Furthermore, their concern is that this radiation will be slowly creeping eastward, across the Pacific, towards the western shores of the U.S. Then, someone sent me a link to this article: “Fukushima’s Radioactive Ocean Plume to Reach US Waters by 2014,” by Jeremy Hsu. Unfortunately, it was another fear-based approach. However, the author also made some good points and, if my supposed communications earlier have any merit, there very definitely do seem to be some long-range problems.

Nonetheless, I made a request to Spirit to change the crystal’s orientation from universal love surrounding the planet by using the ocean surface to one of pumping a spiritually-derived antidote to the Cesium radiation into the ocean to help protect the ocean’s cetaceans. Then, in October, I ran across an article that seemed to indicate
“something mysterious” had happened.

Later, I saw articles where the scientific community was quite concerned about the cetacean’s low-level food supply affecting the animals from within!

The rest of this story appears in my third book, “Global Shamanic Energy Work.”

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