Who Is Lucifer?

Dear Kryon, who is Lucifer, and what was the purpose of the Luciferian rebellion?
Kryon’s answer (via email of 5/14/21): “We know this will disappoint many and enrage many more, but there is no such thing as the devil, and there never was a real Lucifer. These were all metaphoric stories to help you understand yourselves.

The darkest energy on the Planet comes from the Human Being as a result of free choice. Even the added metaphoric story of Adam and Eve should have given you that information.

Free choice meant that a Human could choose darkness even in the Garden of Light. It’s what ‘duality’ is capable of.

For those who don’t believe this and would rather think that there are those who are after your soul, you still have free choice to think as you wish.

But it will also keep you from seeing your magnificence within the love of God, as you base your reality in fear of dark entities. We have given you a full discussion of dark and light several times.” — KRYON

Kryon’s answer is in keeping with many other sources I have seen, notwithstanding The Urantia Book, which recites the Adam & Eve fiction and which I maintain was channeled by people steeped in ‘Christian’ orthodoxy (typically various human modification’s of what Jesus was trying to convey). Be discerning, even of channeled materials. The information presented must “ring” within you. ~ Don Chapin



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