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Sometimes life presents unexpected opportunities. The chance to reach others through Light Path Resources is one such opportunity for me. My name is Jennifer Faith and I lived a secret life of fear and shame as a battered wife for more than two decades. During my escape, (a time that I call my journey out of the darkness), I met a God who loves me furiously, wooed me to himself, and gave me the strength to stop living a lie. I have received deep and profound healing of the soul and this is why I have devoted the rest of my days to helping others along this path.

It is an honor to share my story here. It is my prayer that you will learn, as I have learned, that God is love. He is good. He is light. In him there is no darkness. It is not his will for you to be abused. I pray that the resources here give you the courage to choose freedom from abuse and healing for the soul. Walking away from a life of abuse is not easy. Healing the soul from the trauma of abuse is not easy. But it is possible and totally worth the work and the struggle. I am a living, breathing testimony to this truth. You are not alone and you are dearly loved.

~Jennifer Faith

Webmistress’ Note: As Jennifer’s stepmom, I was shocked, heartbroken, and deeply honored when she called one day to tell me what she hadn’t told anyone in 22 years: Her husband had been abusing her since their wedding night. She had spent the day before—Mother’s Day 2013—in a shelter for battered women and was terrified that he was going to kill her. I told her the same thing I told my own mother when she called to tell a similar story about my stepfather, “No one will ever convince me that Jesus would rather see you dead at the hands of your husband than free to live without fear. That’s just not who he is. Get out, run away, save your life!” Both of these beautiful, courageous women succeeded in doing just that, making their way to a life of true freedom, joy and victory. You can, too.

I’ve watched Jen’s life change profoundly since that day. After going through many changes and learning much about herself after escaping her abuser, she has softened from the woman who needed to exert extreme control over her emotions to keep her secret. And joy now permeates every part of her – her voice, her demeanor, her attitude, even her body. Jennifer has steadfastly resisted bitterness and vengeance against her ex, choosing forgiveness and healing instead. For years—even after finding and marrying her soulmate—she prayed he would have an epiphany that would enable him to let go of his brutal control over her, which included receiving spousal support from her since their divorce. One week before we posted this category at Light Path Resources, he sent her a text saying that she could stop sending the support checks, that he was glad she’s happy, and blessing her young marriage with her new husband. Now, nearly 30 years after her ordeal began, she is truly free — free from abuse, from deception, from fear, and from any shadow of the past returning to taint the new life she’s made for herself. We wish nothing less for you. It is a vitally important step on the Light Path to overcome your fear and escape abuse.

Don was deeply moved when I told him Jen’s story and showed him her website. He was adamant that we should share her encouraging videos—one a declaration to battered women and the other a dramatization of her journey out of darkness—here at Light Path Resources. We are truly grateful for his compassion and desire to share resources that can help anyone suffering the cruel bonds of abuse—one of every three women and one of every five men, regardless of country, culture, religion, race, social or financial status. We hope this will help others to gain the courage and the strength to walk away from fear and abuse…and into freedom and a joyous journey on the Light Path.

For more information and to purchase her inexpensive and easily hidden books to help you stay strong on this stretch of your journey, please visit Jennifer’s website at https://jenniferfaith.org.  She offers deliverance, healing and hope for battered women of all faiths. If you need prayer, advice or any other form of assistance, please contact her through her website and she will do all she can to help. Likewise, if you would like to contact Jennifer about a speaking engagement, please contact her through her website.

Do you know someone who might benefit from the encouraging message Jennifer has to share? It can be extremely difficult to talk about these things with someone who’s in an abusive relationship, but one or both of these videos could let them know you understand and support them in their effort to escape. They can strengthen one’s resolve to start planning for action and provide an intuitive roadmap to help them begin. We’ve added each one to its own post below so you can share them easily.

The Journey

The Journey

In The Journey, Jennifer Faith role-plays herself in a dramatized version of her escape from a 22 year ordeal of spousal abuse that began on her wedding night. Two videos in this post, one in English and a Spanish translation.

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Jen has also written two quick-read books. The physical books are small and easy to tuck out of sight. They’re inexpensive, but women in dire financial straits due to the actions of their abusers can read them for free on Kindle. Click the book cover images to find them on Amazon:

“Five Lies Every Battered Woman of Faith Needs to Stop Believing” was written by a Christian woman who lived a secret life of fear and shame as a battered wife for over two decades. She wholeheartedly believed each of the lies that she has written about; lies that kept her bound. The good news is that she has been set free from abuse and is walking in the safety, healing, and wholeness that God intends for every woman. Powerful and moving, “Five Lies Every Battered Woman of Faith Needs to Stop Believing” will bring clarity, hope, and encouragement to any woman of faith who is living in an abusive situation.


Do you have thirty minutes to invest in potentially saving yourself years of heartache and sorrow? Then please read this book. It will take thirty minutes to read from cover to cover. “What Not To Do If You Marry An Abuser” was written by a woman who spent more than two decades living a secret life of fear and shame as a battered wife. Despite the fact that she poured her heart and soul into changing her husband’s abusive behavior and saving her marriage, the abuse did not stop, and her marriage was not saved. It is her prayer that her story will open your heart with the truth, and that you will not do what she did. It is her prayer that you will learn from her mistakes. It is her prayer that this book will change your life.



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