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Spiritual Principles for Daily Living

Spiritual Principles for Daily Living

Light Path Resources is a spiritual development directory. A place of collected resources that offers the viewer different perceptions or expanded ideas. The resources on our website attempt to address some very volatile topics from a spiritual—not religious—perspective.

The purpose of this site is to be an information resource, created to present

  1. Controversial “hot topic” issues with a spiritual slant
  2. Articles from sites we’ve come across whose authors are — like Light Path Resources, an online non-conventional church — primarily interested in assisting mankind with positive, uplifting, self-empowerment information.
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Where to Begin

Following are a selection of controversial topics intended to clarify widespread misconceptions.

An American Medical Dichotomy

While I briefly acknowledge this U.S. medical shortcoming in my book, “Engineering Your Spirituality,” this development, the Australian government recognition of alternative medicines is, in my opinion, a HUGE spiritual vacuity indictment of the U.S. “oversight” agencies, the AMA and the MSM!


Is America a Christian Nation?

When is a Human, Human?

The Extraterrestrial Question

Global Healing Modalities

From the activities of the Ashland OR, Area Global Healing Group – Experienced Energy Healers, working to heal Earth! (PDF file, 124Kb)

Meditation Mechanics

What happens when we consciously (or not) go through the process of manifesting? On the morning of September 17, 2017, I was suddenly aware of literally channeling this information, and was told that it was time to make this information—along with many other topics coming through many other people—available to the general public. Read the resulting information and download the PDF file here.

Personal Experience: An Opening Spiritual Heart

This post shares Don Chapin’s personal experience with his opening spiritual heart, compiled from journal entries written from July 1993 through December 2005 and an interview by Inward Path magazine with Deacon Alexander Mumrikov of the Russian Orthodox Church, who discusses the same occurrence with details indicating a surprising resonance to Don’s experience. Read On!

What is Reiki?

I saw a Reiki enthusiast’s blog and was incensed at the misrepresentation…in this case, I’m sure it’s accidental, but it portrays an erroneous situation that I feel compelled to address. Read more.

Ascending Earth

Many people see Earth’s transition from a 3-D scenario to a higher dimension as a ‘clean sweep.’ From a timeless standpoint, it probably is, but I see this shift from a material plane, much like this article’s author does…and the current (Trump) administration holding on to lower-vibration retro-concepts as a (hopefully temporary) anchor to the over-all advancement of humanity and the Earth. You can also download the PDF file on this page.

Humanity’s Earth History (Paleoanthropology/Archaeology)

While a public reprimand by channeled Philiadians stating that we need to concentrate on “the now” rather than look backward is spiritually correct, I feel knowing our evolutionary history is also empowering, not only from the standpoint of seeing “the overall,” but inspiring gratitude for what has had to evolve to get us where we are in “the now.” This is an evolving topic as more and more physical (and sometimes channeled) information arises.


Genetic Engineering in the Universe

While some detailed descriptions of this process are slightly different between sources, the general concept described here is in agreement with all of these sources, many of which rely on Sumerian clay tablet translations. More posts on this topic to come soon.

Informational Articles

Articles I have come across on the internet (very few ever found in the MSM) by people with the same concept that I have—making their works open to non-commercial reproduction as long as appropriate attribution is made. Some of these people derive an income from a private practice, so please honor their authorship. All posts offer downloadable files in Adobe PDF format:

Alternative Thinking

A couple of years ago a package was delivered by Federal Express to my house. I opened it before checking the address and discovering it had been dropped at my house by mistake. I finally got tired of asking a non-responsive FE office to re-deliver the box, so I delivered the package myself. The recipient, an uneducated common street thug, attempted to ‘deck’ me for delivering an opened box. That’s when I realized the disparity and the need for education and support of ‘ALL.’ I expanded my Healing Earth group meditations to include EVERYONE in its attempts to raise individuals’ spiritual awareness around the globe.

From a sociological standpoint, it appears that similar realizations have been occurring in other unrelated social disciplines. The subcategories addressed herein include some success stories resulting from outside-the-box thinking in housing and education. Militaristic hard-liners might disagree, but the common benefits promised by providing basic needs in housing and education seem to point to successful solutions to these problems. How many other ‘problem situations’ might be resolved by a similar approach?

Posts in the Alternative Thinking category are aimed at turning around a nation of haves/have-nots to a more successful and productive national model…

All these fascinating topics and more on the Light Path Resources blog!


Books from Diane Chapin

Listed in order of concept development:

Progressive works from The Buddha Consciousness:

and from The Universal Oneness (Diane’s 7-year training guides):

Books by Don Chapin

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