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Spiritual Principles for Daily Living

Spiritual Principles for Daily Living

Light Path Resources is a spiritual development directory. A place of collected resources that offers the viewer different perceptions or expanded ideas. The resources on our website attempt to address some very volatile topics from a spiritual—not religious—perspective.

The purpose of this site is to be an information resource, created to present

  1. Controversial “hot topic” issues with a spiritual slant
  2. Articles from sites we’ve come across whose authors are — like Light Path Resources, an online non-conventional church — primarily interested in assisting mankind with positive, uplifting, self-empowerment information.
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Where to Begin

Following are a selection of controversial topics intended to clarify widespread misconceptions from a spiritual perspective. While some links lead directly to a post, most will take you to a category on the Light Path Resources blog where you can find a selection of articles on the topic. Most posts contain an introduction including an excerpt of the article followed by a pdf file with the entire article. You can continue reading online or download the pdf to read at your convenience.


I’m glad to have found this excerpt from one of Dolores Cannon’s books. I believe I have a copy of every book she produced and they are all fascinating reading, IF you keep an open mind:

While my late wife’s books are quite God-centered and result in strong spiritual advancement, other authors, such as Dolores Cannon’s works, the prodigious channeled works of Kryon coming through Lee Carroll and my own In Psychic Defense provide behind-the-scenes information well beyond The Urantia book and in an easy-to-understand reading format.Read on our blog and leave a comment

Informational Articles

Articles I have come across on the internet (very few like this are ever found in the MSM) by people with the same concept that I have—making their works open to non-commercial reproduction as long as appropriate attribution is made. Some of these people derive an income from a private practice, so please honor their authorship. Most posts offer downloadable files in Adobe PDF format. Please share anything on our site that you feel will be interesting to like-minded friends!


All these fascinating topics and more on the Light Path Resources blog!

Books from Diane Chapin

Listed in order of concept development:

Progressive works from The Buddha Consciousness:

and from The Universal Oneness (Diane’s 7-year training guides):

Books by Don Chapin

Testimonial, received 8/25/18

Buddha Consciousness monk on light path logoDon and I were destined to meet. I was looking for a psychic healer and came across his meet-up group online. After attending a few meetings, I knew I had found my man. He was meditating and sending love to the world. He wasn’t trying to profit, except through World Peace.

A few years earlier I was living in San Diego and was a member of a Buddhist organization: Nicherin Shoshu of America (NSA). When there was a split between the priests and the lay organization, I was told that I would have to choose. I chose to quit them all, because the only way to peace is through unity and they were dividing. I had been chanting for almost twenty years. I saw the chanting as a key to God, the creator. When I moved to Glendale, near L.A., I was no longer looking for a spiritual experience. To be nearer my daughter, Candace, I moved to Ashland, OR. I again started feeling the need for spirituality. Thus I found Don Chapin through his weekly Healing Earth group.

Don told me about his late wife, Diane. After a very demanding seven-year training period, Diane became a “transparency for Spirit.” Well beyond being a “channel,” she was a “vehicle,” willing to set ego aside and live as a spiritual tool with a presence of God’s grace, unconditional love, healing energy and communication that is on-going, ever-present, always available.

Don published eleven of her progressive-development, ‘channeled‘ books to further her spiritual goals. He is not looking to profit from the books other than covering the costs of publication. He simply wants to get them into the hands of the public. You may see them at

I feel I want to help him get these books into the hands of spirituality seekers. There are many books out there about spirituality, but few in such a progressive series. The early books I read helped me to where I am today. Reading Diane’s ‘channeled’ books are confirmations for me, but would be eye openers for many people.

The page, “The Vehicle” contains a much broader biography.

Since Diane’s passing, Don is publishing two personal-experience books in the Light Path Resources (LPR) series (resulting from the principles advocated in the first eleven books). One is still in the publishing cycle, for a total of thirteen ‘lucky-number’ books in the LPR series.

Light Path Resources websites:, and

Sam Y.



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