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Spiritual Principles for Daily Living

Spiritual Principles to Daily Living

Light Path Resources is a spiritual development directory. A place of collected resources that offers the viewer different perceptions or expanded ideas. The resources on our website attempt to address some very volatile topics from a spiritual—not religious—perspective.

The purpose of this site is to be an information resource, created to present

  1. Controversial “hot topic” issues with a spiritual slant
  2. Articles from sites we’ve come across whose authors are — like Light Path Resources, an online non-conventional church — primarily interested in assisting mankind with positive, uplifting, self-empowerment information.
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Where to Begin

Following are a selection of controversial topics intended to clarify widespread misconceptions.

Is America a Christian Nation?

Moroccan–American Treaty of Friendship, 1777

When is a Human, Human?

The Pre-Birth Question
The Economic Side of the Pro-Life Question

The Extraterrestrial Question

Global Healing Modalities (Adobe link, being edited)

From the activities of the Ashland OR, Area Global Healing Group – Experienced Energy Healers, working to heal Earth!

Manifesting Mechanics

What happens when we consciously (or not) go through the process of manifesting? On the morning of September 17, 2017, I was suddenly aware of literally channeling this information, and was told that it was time”to make this information—along with many other topics coming through many other people—available to the general public. Read the resulting information here.

What is Reiki?

I saw a Reiki enthusiast’s blog and was incensed at the misrepresentation…in this case, I’m sure it’s accidental, but it portrays an erroneous situation that I feel compelled to address Read more.

Ascending Earth

Many people see Earth’s transition from a 3-D scenario to a higher dimension as a ‘clean sweep.’ From a timeless standpoint, it probably is, but I see this shift from a material plane, much like this article’s author does…and the current (Trump) administration holding on to lower-vibration retro-concepts as a (hopefully temporary) anchor to the over-all advancement of humanity and the Earth.

Humanity’s Earth History (Paleoanthropology/Archaeology)

While a public reprimand by channeled Philiadians stating that we need to concentrate on “the now” rather than look backward is spiritually correct, I feel knowing our evolutionary history is also empowering, not only from the standpoint of seeing “the overall,” but inspiring gratitude for what has had to evolve to get us where we are in “the now.” This is an evolving topic as more and more physical (and sometimes channeled) information arises.

  • A Wake-up Call – Theory or Fact?
  • The Creation of the Sphinx and Pyramids, by Sam Younghans – Where a dream/self hypnosis state meets scientific theory/fact. Scientists – Geological evidence shows the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years old – HAH! So much for Egyptology “experts.” Of course, this kind of evidence will, like the Bosnian Pyramid evidence, be fought “tooth and nail” by those vested in theory-as-fact “experts.”
  • Stone Elephant Artifacts in Ecuador – And we ‘celebrate’ Columbus Day while the evidence sits before us of both the Vikings and African cultures evident on “American” soil many centuries earlier?
  • The 290 Million Year Old Footprint – O.K., so this is a barefoot print, before the dinosaurs, unlike the shoe print in the next article… what are the multiplicity of possibilities?
  • 200,000 Year-Old Shoe Print – “Earlier” than the previous topic, but other references than this one cite that, like the Bosnian Pyramid, the Egyptian pyramids and stonework around the globe, it demonstrates “a technology beyond our current capabilities.” Suppressed By Scholars: Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific – One of a number of global synchronicities.
  • Did Modern Humans Evolve in East Asia? – Check with “The Urantia Book,” as that is exactly what that channeled work states… the humanity flow was INTO Africa rather than OUT of Africa. This is a case where ‘professional ego’ (and a surfeit of evidence) has a difficult time adjusting to facts, rather than postulating theory and forcing all “evidence “ to agree with the theory as if it were an established fact.

In Reserve (not yet publishable): Genetic Engineering in the Universe (pdf link), The Urantia Book, etc.

While some detailed descriptions of this process are slightly different between sources, the general concept described here is in agreement with all of these sources, many of which rely on Sumerian clay tablet translations.

Informational Articles

Articles I have come across on the internet (very few ever found in the MSM) by people with the same concept that I have—making their works open to non-commercial reproduction as long as appropriate attribution is made. Some of these people derive an income from a private practice, so please honor their authorship. All posts offer downloadable files in Adobe PDF format:

  • 50+ Spiritual or Mystical Peak Experiences – In an attempt to “humanize” experiences described by James and Maslow, I am “coming out” with my own experiences to demonstrate that such are simply part of “being human.”
  • Global Healing Modalities – The “tip of the iceberg” of low-level energy-handling shamanistic practices that can help benefit humanity and Earth, used for a three-year period by a West Coast group of Healing Earth participants.
  • Miraculous Healing Using the Power of the Mind – For the last couple of decades, individual doctors have broken through “the veil” put up by the materialistic AMA and Big Pharma, but when is that veil going to be totally dissolved?
  • Radicalizing Islam – When are people going to wake up to the fact that the radical part of Islam is operating no differently than “our (America’s) own” evangelical right?
  • The Native American Holocaust – Contrast how “civilized” European immigrants (America) has treated out old Native American adversaries, vs. how we treated our ex-WWII adversaries under the Marshall Plan.
  • Points you might want to know before using CBD oil – Despite the Trump administration’s totally ridiculous “drug” eradication campaign I can personally attest to the success of using “this stuff” to help combat the thousand-needle “discomfort” of simply grasping a doorknob.

All these fascinating topics and more on the Light Path Resources blog!

Experienced Benefits of the Below-Referenced Material

  • Becoming Karma-free
  • Entering Unity Consciousness
  • Feelings of Gratitude Become Common Experience
  • An 8th Chakra Opening Brings Tremendous Feelings of Joy & Peace
  • Discovering Previously Unknown Psychic Abilities
  • Previously Irritating Situations Now Simply Taken in Stride

~Rev. Don Chapin, PhD

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Books from Diane Chapin

Listed in order of concept development:

Progressive works from The Buddha Consciousness:

and from The Universal Oneness (Diane’s 7-year training guides):

Don Chapin books, listed in order of historical development, page descriptions TBD

  • Engineering Your Spirituality (at publisher’s) What worked, what didn’t.
  • In Psychic Defense (in progress) Evading a Master of the Dark Side… the negative side of manifesting.


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