Using Tree Energy

35. Healing Earth Notes for Saturday, May 10, 2014

The World's forests in 2000

Global Forests in 2000


Very definitely, nothing very dramatic this morning! 🙂 What I could “see”/”feel” (or whatever 🙂 of the kinds of energy releases we had worked for seemed to be limited to N. America (see attached/ uploaded map of global forest distributions as of 2000). I “received” no sense of similar activity in MesoAmerica, S. America, or other parts of the globe, NOT to say it didn’t happen, however, as last evening (Friday, May 9), I was talking with Sandy in Klamath Falls when she got in touch with “her tree” (which calls herself Sylvia) in Sprague River. “Sylvia” stated, through Sandy, that trees, plants, in general, and even animals only come for the greater good and such an activity as we have been working on is only natural for the trees of the world. Given that, then what we have been doing is supplementing what is naturally occurring.

Spirit then also “came through” Sandy, stating that we’re making it harder than it really is… that any thought carries around the globe… which is another aspect of our work on the layer(s) of MC. And that segues into another topic of the “power of numbers” for a quote I have been trying to re-locate:

“The effect (of group concentration on a given subject) does not add onto itself, it multiplies. You see, two people who do this is not twice an effect on our world, but more like five times. And three are not like 15, but more like forty. This is the way webs change.” Stated by a Peruvian shaman, “Domano,” on p. 72 of “The Reluctant Shaman,” Kay Cordell Whitaker, HarperCollins, NY, 1991.

In a previous message, I had quoted from memory that the exponential function was basically X^X, or X(X), but the above quote goes even further… by extrapolation from this quote then, five people could be the equivalent of about 8000, while seven people could be having the effect of well over 1,000,000! Is it any wonder, then, that “the hippies” of the ‘60s could successfully “send out” such a call for assistance to change Earth for the better (while I was one of those still in uniform, wondering what had become of our “disorganized youth” :-)?

Next Saturday, a combined operation??? 🙂

Working with Global Tree Energies

36. Healing Earth Notes for Saturday, May 17, 2014

Initially, there didn’t seem to be a lot of energy from our group (the beautiful days we’ve been experiencing taking its toll? 🙂 Then, a “boost” seemed to appear and. . . Working with the concentric-energy shell around Earth that we’ve done before, this time to synchronize with the natural tree energies we hoped to be globally present, we:

• Generated an “imploding” Spiritual blue energy global shell with concepts of Peace, Life and Oneness: RESULT: “Saw”/felt an energy wave from Earth’s surface, but it “felt” as if it was more than “just the tree energy.” So, whether our requests to “spread the word globally” had been initiated, or not, that energy was present. No time/need to “look deeper.”

Initially, as that “tree energy, plus” and our blue collapsing sphere met, there seemed to be some isolated sparks or lightning (no idea what THAT was about!), but then… about a mile or three above ground level (AGL for you pilots :-)… there seemed to be a beautiful melding of concepts/energies – not visually, in color, but “feeling-wise” – a “joining,” so to speak, of tree-energy (plus whatever) and human /concept energy… a synthesis of tree/human purposes. This is another case where language fails, but I was reminded of the movie “Avatar” (which I HAD to watch at least twice, back-to back :-), where the humanoid population and that planet’s Nature were in synthesis. This synthesis interaction was essentially global, somewhat “heavier” over deeply forested areas (ref. the global forest map I posted on our “Meeting/Notes” web page, last week), but almost devoid over Antarctica.

• Shifted (very reluctantly, but our human agenda “dictated”) to generating a pink global “imploding energy shell” with embedded concepts of Love and Creativity.

RESULT: The concept of “Creativity” met with virtually no, or very little reaction as the tree+- generated energy and our human collapsing sphere met in the MC layer(s)… accepted, but not reacted to.

On the other hand, the concept of “Love” resulted an almost explosive reaction at that juncture, in the form of an almost brilliant color of pink surround Earth from all angles, even over the previously-“ignored” Antarctic regions… a sphere of pink energy that literally glowed.

• Shifted again to generating a pure white “imploding energy shell” with the embedded concept of Positive Change Acceptance.

RESULT: The concept of “Positive Change Acceptance,” similar to the earlier concept of “Creativity,” seemed to be accepted, but generated no reaction. Surprisingly, however, our collapsing sphere of pure white energy was met with a similar wave of white from the tree+- generated energy!

Total time was about 40 minutes, but the blue energy segment took over ½ of that and was difficult to pull away from.

OVERALL: What took so long? This was the third Saturday of attempting to work with the global tree energy that we knew was there, but the first two sessions resulted in marginal results, at best. My suspicion is that it took the inputs from both our Reno Shaman and Sandy’s mediumship to “break through” established concepts of “control” (yup, my own backgrounds in both the military and engineering fields where “control” is paramount, so I have to acknowledge that as the most probable reason for the previous less-than-positive results), while Nature doesn’t respond well to that concept, whether overt or covert (subconscious… another buy-in on the MC plane :-). So, the next question is, “Is this repeatable?”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jinni had emailed with: Lovely………(!)

Is it repeatable?…………of course! I wouldn’t be surprised if the results just keep getting better & better as we all relax and let the energy flow.

Sandy: I sensed that other plants around the world also chimed in… flowers, bushes, grasses (even down to lawn grass :-), all with a strong desire to be of service and an intense feeling of gratitude for such an opportunity.

Don: I suspect that the “plus”of what I sensed as trees-plus is what Sandy saw/felt. And the service/gratitude feelings are the singularly characterisic feelings I have experienced from supposedly “inanimate objects” whenever my consciousness had been “placed” within them. 🙂

From Shaman in Reno: Greetings Earthling Don,

Sounds like you have had some break throughs. Yaaaaaa! Congrats! 
As for “Creativity” a thesaurus may be of use to find a concept that is within the parameters of the folks (all the folks) that are partnering in this endeavor. Human perspectives are often from the narrow understanding/view of the physical world and thus do not translate or exist (make sense) in other dimensions or spiritual realms.

Don: Yes, and, in retrospect, that is a mindset that I think I was also in, since I’ve been quite successful with creativity in engineering disciplines, I think that word “triggered” that same limited concept in my own mind. Maybe use a concept such as interdimensional creativity, OR ??”)

Another possible perspective (see last question of below email) as a suggestion. Rather than scientific mechanical repetitions, maybe “forward movement with what’s possible this day”? Many of these types of partnerships are much more fluid than ones we are used to dealing with humans.

(Don: Back to Lao Tzu… to be “In the Flow” to allow whichever/whatever to occur. 🙂

Suzan emailed:

Hi Don,

Reading through the notes here, I thought I might add my experiences. Although I have not been working on the particular worldwide level in the manner that the group is, I have engaged what may be an approach that came to me, for a start. I

Since I have a history of immersing myself in tree energy, I feel quite comfortable aligning myself with our “standing people,” or holding my palms to one, allowing myself to merge. While doing this with a mature oak this morning, I just listened and watched with my inner eyes, for what this tree would show me. I held the intent to meld and reach out with love.

When I do this, I send roots out from my feet, deep into the earth, and open myself to the in-pouring of white and purple light in my crown chakra.

What I saw was a network of white roots under the ground that kept spreading outward, and a sense of high energy moving within the inner earth. So, my take on it was that I was simply an extension or one with madame oak, sending out the white light that would reach in, around, and to the circle of the globe.

I did not use any more intention than what I mentioned, so that I would not create any static with the level of being in this/the trees. There are, of course, the nature spirits/devas to be considered, and a respectful recognition is included.

In your notes, I am hearing that some over-analyzing may have been present, and understood to be out of places with our tree friends. Yes, we humans can complicate the simplest things, and I have been a partaker of that more than enough!

I will engage my oak friend again, and take it a step further, to see what I sense with the intent to use color, as in blue, and to ascend to a higher level; after all, that energy can seep upward to humans and other creatures. It’s all One!


Imploding Shell and Global Tree Energies

37. Healing Earth Notes for Saturday, May 24, 2014, Meeting/Workshop:


Donna: I saw a lot of blue/indigo … 🙂

Sandy: Was addressed by “Simon,” who has become the spokesperson – to Sandy – of the Children of the World… “Adrian” is still their designated leader, but apparently “Simon” has taken over the spokesmanship role. (Sandy was also somewhat “overwhelmed” with the preceeding evening’s event that constituted a graduation from Mediumship to Channeling, with “Cirus” being the “name” for a high-level collective Consciousness constituting The Children of The World…. only time will tell how these “names/”labels” will sort out for Sandy. 🙂

Jinni: On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 10:25 PM, Jinni wrote:

Thanks, I had a good result too…esp. with the pink love energy. When I sent it down into the earth, it “exploded” into a bizillion sparkly pink crystals which became “vitamins” for the tree/vegetation roots. They then trickled up the inside of the tree trunks & showered out the tops…..beautiful! I have no idea where this comes from……maybe the water I’m drinking……..J.

Don (in response to Jinni): BEAUTIFUL, Jinni !!! “I have no idea where this comes from.” That’s EXACTLY my situation, as well!! I was COMPLETELY FLUBBERGASTED when I began “seeing” such “resulting phenomena” when I started this group!

Response (to Jinni’s email) from The Reno Shaman:

It’s not the water!!! 🙂

If these processes are done from the level of the human mind/intellect, then the experience, process, results, etc are confined to a great extent by the limitations of the intellect/logic/third dimensional Newtonian physics. If they are done from the level of the Heart/higher Self/field of all possibilities Quantum physics, then anything is possible including lots of stuff no one has dreamt of… YET!

How to tell…(see Jinni’s email)…”I have no idea where this comes from…”
You took action…you paid for the ticket, you got in the roller coaster car, you put the seat belts on, you let go of control (rather you have no control). Just relax and enjoy the ride… Holding hands high over head and screaming for joy is… optional!

However, “the water” may have been a possible contributing factor if it assisted one in letting goooooooooo!

Many congratulations,
The Reno Shaman

He who uses toys for shamanic “porpoises”

Don’s Notes: 
Instead of our ultimate goal to be coordinating our efforts on the MC with that of the trees (and, apparently, other vegetation around the globe such as seemed to spontaneously join in last week :-),… we do that, but also kept “pushing” those energy bands as deep into the Earth as possible, as we have also done on other occasions in the past.

• Generated an “imploding” Spiritual sparkling blue energy global shell with embedded concepts of Peace, Harmony and Oneness;
Met/joined the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceeded deeply into Earth;

RESULT: This sparkling blue met the tree/vegetation energy and a “roiling” took place within the MC layer(s)… no fireworks (sparks, lightning, etc.) like last week, but “something was going on!
Earth: softening, relaxing accepting… heard one softly-spoken word, “brotherhood,” but couldn’t tell if from the trees or Earth.

• Generated an effervescent pink global “imploding energy shell” with embedded concepts of Love and Creativity;
Met/joined the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceeded deeply into Earth;

RESULT: The global trees seemed to “perk up” with the “Love” concept and, as these energies met within the MC, the MC layer(s) seemed to softly alight in a pink glow. As this energy band began to touch Earth, I “saw” a line of children walking beside a line of trees/ a forest edge, with another line weaving in and out of the trees just within the forest. (Have no idea what this was about! 🙂

• Generated a sparkling white “imploding energy shell” with the embedded concept of Positive Change Acceptance.
Met/joined the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceeded deeply into Earth;

RESULT: Again, the sparkling white from our “imploding energy shell” met with the white energy emanating from the global trees (and other vegetation), again producing a kind of “roiling” at the juncture within the MC layer(s). Proceeding into Earth, a deep sigh could be heard. Although starting at 10AM, the energy level literally knocked me out until a little after 12 noon.

A Note on Time Acceleration, from “The Awakener” by Sandy Stevenson, 1997, p. 55:

“Perhaps you have noticed that you can’t seem to get as much done in a day as you need to. The reason for this is that time is accelerating as the planetary vibration speeds up. Although the clocks may appear to look the same, we have currently lost 4 hours, 40 minutes and 3 seconds (as of January 1997) in a twenty-four hour period. That leaves us with a 19 hour, 20 minute day. This pattern of “losing time’ has been occurring now for several years and the momentum is quickening. This will continue until there is ‘no time’ left and we move into the eternal ’now’ of the fifth dimension.”



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