While these are my personal experiences, this is definitely not something I would recommend that anyone attempt in anywhere near as cold-turkey a manner as I had, because, unless you’ve got some “outside” help and advice beforehand, you have no idea what you could run into. ~Don Chapin

Exorcism 2 — ­Working on a ‘Heavy’ (*)

Thursday afternoon, September 2, 2010, S_____ called and asked if I knew of anyone in the area that could/would work on a raft of “beings” in her house. She stated that she had tried doing something about them but hadn’t been successful and needed help ASAP!!! She stated that there seemed to be a number of “ghosts” (disincarnates), plus the “heavy-duty” being she had previously worked on when she lived in another property in Medford. (In that instance, when I had advised her how to treat the “heavy” for that circumstance, I had come under a moderate psychic attack.) She emphasized she didn’t want me to try anything, because she was afraid of the repercussions on me. I looked at the situation as we were on the phone and could “see” a group of disincarnates, but not “the heavy” she’d mentioned, so that made me wonder if it might not be attempting to set me up for an ambush of some kind.

Meanwhile, that same night I got in touch with “The Commander” and we discussed the situation, as he provided a couple suggestions to make a “clean-up” of the house much easier. For this case, also because of the potential of an attempted “ambush,” he suggested going in with heavy protection (heavier than last time). I decided the next day to call on Sananda and a stronger contingent of Cosmic Cops this time, but also requested a Member of a Karmic Court to help contend with “the heavy,” so that it might be awakened to the potential of now being under their “watch” (plus my intention to inform it that it’s on the wrong side of history at this time in Earth’s evolution), and, from their continuous mental linkage, communicate the situation to the others of his species. My theory was that because of the strong mental linkages of that species, if the Karmic Judge witnessed anything not in keeping with spiritual law, the whole species could potentially and instantly be “brought to court.”

Sep 04, Don Chapin in Pastor's UniformSo, on Saturday, September 4, 2010, I queried the Karmic Judge whether this was “kosher” with them, then saw a ball of light with a very human smile – apparently this was a somewhat different experience for them, but no problem! Dressed in my “pastor’s uniform” (assuming some of the discarnates might “see” it as additional/conventional “authority” for this event), I then went into S’s house after she and the kids had vacated it, and initiated the process. Upon the Commander’s advice, I had requested heavier-than-usual protection for this event, then sensed a ‘light’ Sananda projection (I had the feeling that, because of the other support I’d requested and had shown up, that Sananda had basically sent a shell which could be “filled” before a thought could even be generated), about six Cosmic Cops, plus the Karmic Court Judge.



This figure is very close to what I was observing.

This figure is very close to what I was observing.

Although I started with the discarnates, I soon found it better to treat “the heavy” first as I sensed that he was supplying the negative energy the discarnates were “feeding” on. Despite the support I had, this turned out to be quite an effort anyway due to his (and his species’) belief systems. Although he remained full of doubts, he really did listen to my brief spiel while skeptically surveying the crowd I had asked to support me in this. He exhibited no bluster beyond expanding to full size at one point (attempted intimidation?), but eventually quietly left while seemingly in a thoughtful mode. The crowd of disincarnates then disbanded, also very quietly (some soul “particles,” some confused souls, etc., a real mixed bag that Sananda helped to properly redirect), except for one benign “older gentleman” who wanted to stick around. I didn’t query him for any reasons, but left him there.

I expressed my deep thanks and appreciation to Sananda, the Cosmic Cops and the Karmic Judge. The Cosmic Cops elected to leave two of their group stationed on the roof for the time being.

I then “swept” the physical house from one end to the other with white light to clear out any negative energies within the atmosphere and materials of and/or in the house. Repeated sweeps also included the earth below (where a strong negative energy ball was also swept out) and the attic/roof area, converting all that negative energy to white light, so as to not pollute the atmosphere. Again, much thanks to the Commander for his experience and advice.

By that time, I was so “spent,” although the whole process took only about 25 minutes, that I forgot to put up additional defensive shells around the house or property, but later told S____ (since she is quite capable in this area) that she could accomplish that when she got back home.


ADDENDUM 1: The next day, Sunday, September 5, 2010, about two minutes to midnight (2358 hours), as I was reading in my living room, I was suddenly struck by an OVERWHELMING feeling of ill-will and malice, then saw or felt the “heavy” from yesterday right in front of me, looking very close to the picture in Chapter 7. A few short seconds later, two Cosmic Cops seemed to form between myself and this apparition, while the Karmic Judge stood beside and to the left of them, all facing the “heavy.” At the same time, I felt a reassuring touch from one or more of my guides (typically as a kind of prickling sensation, primarily along the right side of my back). The ill-will/malice feelings rapidly faded, as did the “heavy,” the Cosmic Cops and the Karmic Judge, leaving me with strong feelings of gratitude that such after-the-fact protection had been arranged and provided.

ADDENDUM 2:  A few days later, S_____ called me to say that this “heavy” was still in contact with her, but that she was now able to handle it. She had also picked up the info that it was designing an attack upon me to be accomplished within the next three days.

It seems as if my defenses immediately went into action, since I could literally “hear” and “see” a heavy iron shield slamming shut and enclosing my house. This was not a defense I’d have chosen, but it seemed to be one that was chosen for me. 🙂 Just to supplement that, I “installed” a different breed of nematocysts, those that would place, not a poison or shock, but a recording into whatever antagonistic being attempted to enter my presence. The recording simply repeated these Islamic words on an endless loop, “God is great.” The intent being that, with the kind of mental hook-up these beings have, this concept could infest their whole population!! 🙂

NOTE: * The ‘Heavy’ in this case refers to a reptilian being as described in Chapter 7 (some people would probably say this was an Annunoki), a supposedly “dangerous” warrior-oriented reptilian species that has no concept of a God or “Central Sun,” such as the tenets held by all the positive (+) species/cultures.
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