Healing Earth

Healing Earth  ~ Global Healing Modalities

(Global Healing, Shamanically)

Based on the same seeing/knowing process as highlighted in “Meditation Mechanics,” these activities over a two-year time frame of weekly human-directed Universal Energy highlight “what’s possible” in metaphysics, or as I called it, “low-level shamanism.”

The Beginning

We can think of a “Mass Consciousness Layer” (MC) over the Earth, built up over the centuries by human thoughts, with regional influences. If it could be viewed in cross-section, it might look something like this:

Photo that roughly illustrates the appearance of a Mass Consciousness Layer

Since throughout our history mankind often has conducted their lives in a state of fear and/or animosity, the mass consciousness layering, both localized and global, contains a LOT of that negativity. 

My past observations of Mass Consciousness ‘layering,’ as I had observed it from topics 37 and 39 of Personal Mystical (Peak) Experiences, are repeated here:

37. Mass Consciousness Again

Started working on mass consciousness, again, this time primarily for the U.S, this last Sunday and Monday (July 24/25, 2011). By today I had gotten around to try tackling the very heavy black area along the Eastern seaboard and particularly Washington, D.C. Surprise! Looking at that area much closer, there are cracks in that heavy-looking monolith… cracks where light can be “pushed” through into the interior, so…
Posted on July 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm

39. Mass Consciousness (MC) Appearance

Have worked with/attempting to “spiritualize” MC layered across the U.S. over a period of time. Regionally, as a result of broad cultural differences, these layers appeared quite different. California, the West coast was decidedly mixed. CA appeared as “vertical curls,” spent little effort there. The Midwest and Southwest appeared relatively clean to a light gray (more yellowish in the Southwest). I suspect depending upon population densities. Southeast, a thick muddy brown color, quite difficult to see far into. East, up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be a solid black impenetrable cliff/monolith, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???) (Note: This was later “confirmed” in a June 4, 2012 private session with “Larkmaa,” a group of Pleiadians channeled through Cullen and Pia, ref: www.laarkmaa.com… since discontinued) After a few days working primarily on trying to get light around and into that monolith, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work! (I never did set any specific times aside to work on this, but did so quite sporadically after this post.)
Posted on August 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The Beginning of a Global Healing Group

Why are monks supposedly seeking higher altitudes… why the difference in “clarity” between meditations done on the earth vs. the same meditation done “at altitude” – flying at 30K feet high, or so ?

Back in August of 2013, I attended a meet-up group of Reiki practitioners with the intent of proposing a global effort, rather than a one-on-one treatment of each other as they had been doing. In other words, they were already aware of using Universal Energy (of which I had taught some classes before at the local college, independent of Reiki precepts), so I was simply going to propose using the same technique on a global scale.

The day I showed up on August 24, 2013, to potentially join the group it so happened that their regular moderator had left town without notice or suggesting a successor. When I presented my suggestion it met with enthusiastic acceptance and I became the moderator by default. In that first session, I began describing what I “saw” or “knew” was happening with the directed energies and was encouraged to continue voicing those observations. I called this “Far Sight” at the time and began recording my observations.

Topics the group addressed over its two-year life (in which I tried to apply a somewhat different approach each week) included:

Color Applications for Individuals and the Earth

Color Applications for Individuals & the Earth Using Clarity, Intention, Intensity while requesting Highest Good Sequentially... 1) Send volumes of pink light, followed by palest green to assist in healing anger and hostility; highest white light that all may...

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The Astral Plane Heart-to-Heart Replicator

The Astral Plane Heart-to-Heart Replicator: Design Intent: This completed Replicator is based on an often-stated axiom that the most effective means of communication between two people is heart-to-heart, AND that, in the quantum field, devices can be constructed...

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Working with the Christmas Light

Working with the Christmas Light 64. Healing Earth Process Notes for Dec. 6, 2014, Meeting/Workshop 

Background: It should be noted that, in private discussions about The Christmas Light (when an extra-heavy dose of God energy descends upon Earth), my late wife’s...

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Working with Global Tree Energy

WORKING WITH GLOBAL TREE ENERGY 63. Healing Earth Process Notes for Nov. 29, 2014, Meeting/Workshop 

Process: We initiated a sphere above the MC layer of Earth’s surface of continuously-flowing Pink energy (between 7 to 10 miles would be well above that layer),...

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Generating a Center-Out Energy Wave

Generating a Center-Out Energy Wave   Shortened communication from “David” (a non-corporeal consciousness) channeled thru Sandy on Nov. 20, 2014 On Saturday, you send your intent, send it out through the Universe. There was negativity in the galaxy… your energy...

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Experimenting with Coherence

EXPERIMENTING WITH COHERENCE 54. Healing Earth Notes for Sep 27, 2014 A Challenging Healing Earth Process Adapting from the processes of the last couple weeks, we initiated a more complicated, dual-action approach for this session, to both “inner” and “outer” actions...

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Soliciting Aboriginal Wisdom

Soliciting Aboriginal Wisdom SOLICITING ABORIGINAL WISDOM 51. Healing Earth Process for Sep 6, 2014, Meeting/Workshop/Session 

Regaining Humanity’s Ancient Wisdom & Capabilities 

Last Week: Donna saw the gold and white colors being projected, while Jinni, I’m...

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A Galactic Approach

A Galactic Approach This post shows the meeting notes from earliest to most recent so you can get an idea of the flow of events and how things changed form meeting to meeting. 38. Healing Earth Meeting/Workshop Notes for Saturday, May 31, 2014: Short, ~ 20 minutes,...

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Working With Global Tree Energies

Using Tree Energy 35. Healing Earth Notes for Saturday, May 10, 2014   Very definitely, nothing very dramatic this morning! 🙂 What I could “see”/”feel” (or whatever 🙂 of the kinds of energy releases we had worked for seemed to be limited to N. America (see...

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Initiating Rolling Waves

Initiating Rolling Waves Continuing With The Rolling Wave 8. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the meeting of October 12, 2013 Anyas Spenser and Don physically meeting (Donna is absent for two weeks and Anyas had to attend to the store customers for about the...

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Energizing Points of Light

Energizing Points of Light Energizing Points of Light 56. Healing Earth Notes for Oct. 11, 2014 Background: While there are large numbers of “other cultures” incarnated in human form to assist in Earth’s humanity’s vibrational shifts to a higher dimension, there are...

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Homing in on a Standard Process

Homing in on a Standard Process 98. Healing Earth Process Notes for Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015 Also See below: “Recommended Videos And Audio” and “From ‘Serving Humanity’”: From my Monday evening, July 27, ’15, message to the Team… WHA HOPPIN’ ??? HALP! SUGGESTIONS...

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Global Healing Proposed Process Standardization

Proposed Process Standardization 104. Healing Earth Process with the Observed Team Energies for Sept 12, 2015 
Background for Proposed Process Standardization: We had followed an ever-changing weekly process concept for the first two years of this group’s existence....

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Healing Earth

Editor’s Note: This is an older post from Light Path’s previous website. While it does provide accounts of previous Global Healing efforts, it is very rough and references / has links to another of our websites which is no longer online. We recommend that you check out our Healing Earth category, which references efforts made when Don moderated an Ashland, Oregon reiki/meditation group from 2013-2015.

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