Experimenting with Coherence

54. Healing Earth Notes for Sep 27, 2014

A Challenging Healing Earth Process

Adapting from the processes of the last couple weeks, we initiated a more complicated, dual-action approach for this session, to both “inner” and “outer” actions for both humanity’s and Earth’s upliftment. Because this was an experimental process, some prior embedded concepts and a third (white) energy wave was not proposed or accomplished.

Again adapting Sam Younghans’ process: Moving to Earth’s/Gaia’s center, we “pull in” as much Spiritualized (blue) Universal energy as we can, impregnate it with the concepts of Oneness and Coherence, then allow it to “bubble” up toward the surface. Nearing the Earth’s surface, we “release” those “concepts” and distribute them throughout Earth’s Mass Consciousness (MC) layers, to be drawn upon by all those currently open to such concepts and for future generations.

However, we concurrently initiate a shell of that same spiritualized (blue) energy, including those same concepts of Oneness and Coherence(1) outside of Earth’s atmosphere and compress it toward Earth’s surface, integrating with the 24/7 tree emanations and, within the MC layer, meeting and enhancing that energy wave we had initiated from Earth’s/Gaia’s center.

 From Quick-on-the-keyboard Jinni (msg. of 09/27/2014, 10:47:52 PDT): Couldn’t help but get the image of Mother Earth & Father Sky making love, with the New Earth being birthed as a result……..lovely. Jinni

From Don: Actually, because this as to be a bit “experimental,” I had “primed the pump” so to speak the previous evening and almost expected “fireworks” with full-energy applications this morning. That didn’t happen. 🙂

Initially, I didn’t sense the “gathered energy” as I typically do and it seemed to take a while before it “arrived,” causing me to begin wondering if this “experiment” was a dud…. A “rejection?” Nope, there it is. Interestingly, as these energy waves met in the MC layer, I “saw” a “zippering…” an interlocking … as if the two sides of a zipper came together perfectly (comparable to Jinni’s impressions? :-). Meanwhile, I “saw” some wee folk (sprites?) dancing in the forests. Also experienced a strong emotionally-driven desire for that sense of Oneness to manifest within humanity.

And, in a second step, we do the same with a pure Universal pink energy, initiating from earth/Gaia center as well as outside earth’s atmosphere, again combining in Earth’s MC layer, to help activate and drive the pre-initiated concepts of Oneness and Coherence to higher levels.

RESULT: Many more wee folk dancing than with the spiritual blue energy before, as apparently, as this energy seems to be even more ‘in sync’ with that emanated 24/7 by the forests of the world and its wee folk. Meanwhile, the previously embedded concepts of Oneness and Coherence (within the spiritual blue energy) seem to inflate within and to fill the MC layer.

(1) Coherence means that there is a unification of all aspects of the body, the mind and the spirit. It also applies to the planet. Coherence means that all of the energies are directed in a single force, in a single pattern and in a single way. On a personal level, when you act with coherence, then you are able to accomplish many powerful things and have a resource of energy available to you that is far beyond what your normal limitations might be.

Exited this 40-minute meditation/returned after expressing thanks to our whole Team (including Betty Smith of Santa Rosa, as a “new” full team member, rather than just being copied (for info purposes) and to Spirit.



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