Initiating Compression Waves Around Earth

12. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the Meeting/Workshop of Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013:

Donna and Don physically present, Jane, Sandy, Lotus energetically. 
With an apparent “good for now” message last week for working on the Mass Consciousness (MC) layering over the U.S., today we started a new, global segment with a simple operating plan: surround Earth with pink light and begin “compressing” it toward the surface to “catch” all of humanity in love energy. (Interestingly, it appeared that there were some individuals in both the Middle East and Africa that sensed this energy advancing and tried running to get away and hide.)

“Special emphasis” was included for the Philippines (typhoon damage), Japan from the Fukushima ”accident” and the Pacific cetaceans in the path of the Fukushima radiation leakage. This was followed up with pure white God-light (which seemed to trigger more attempted “escapes” in the same areas 🙂 to 1) “push” the pink to an even higher frequency and 2) begin working on converting the human-generated negativity within the global layer of MC, which appeared as a thick, dark grey layer over most of Earth.

About this time, I felt a “push” from behind, strong enough to force my upper body to lean forward. From somewhere, another wave of pure white energy materialized to cover the Earth even more completely. This combined white energy effort apparently found some really dense negative pockets as there appeared to be a few “explosions” with the MC layer around the globe over indefinable areas. These “explosions” were soundless, but took the form of billowing, ascending clouds resembling conventional-weapons detonations, rather than the mushroom clouds characteristic of nuclear weapons. Donna observed a profusion of reds and black, plus a grey, mist-like layer, which may well have been the MC layer around Earth.

Continuing Compression Waves Around Earth

13. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the Meeting/Workshop of Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013:

As an old shaman I knew once said, ”When you observe/encounter the unexpected, then you know you’re experiencing a reality.” While today’s “unexpected” wasn’t as dramatic as we’ve encountered before, it was definitely enough to establish the fact that this, too, is/was “a reality.” Physically present were Donna and Don, energetically, Sandy, Jane and Lotus (And the energy from these three was quite apparent as it prompted us to “get going,” rather than discussing the other-world support from Don’s late wife and the advantages of green drinks. :-).

Started by “generating”/calling on copious amounts of pink light/energy around the Earth, then continuously squeezing/compressing it toward Earth. Surprise #1: Interestingly, while doing this under Highest Good, virtually all of the pink changed to a healing green, with only a few tinges/fringes of pink. Compressing, compressing infusing that healing green through Earth’s inhabitants and into Earth’s outer crust. Keeping going, compressing that green all the way to the Earth’s center.

Then, while no response was expected, Surprise #2 with the “appearance” of a kind of lop-sided “happy face with a wide grin appeared within the Earth about 1/3 of the distance from the crust to the center. This was interpreted as a “Thanks, I/we needed that!” 🙂

Regrouped farther out from the Earth and repeated that exercise with pure pink light/energy (which didn’t change, this time :-).

Regrouped again, this time starting with pure white light to 1) raise the green and pink to a higher vibration level and 2) cleanse the Mass Consciousness around the Earth, as it was transversed. Then, Surprise #3, while going through the layer of Mass Consciousness, light-bulb popping sounds could be felt all over the Earth. This white light was again, “pushed through” to the center of the Earth.

Continuing Compression Waves Around Earth

16. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the Meeting/Workshop of Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013:

Could sense the energetic presence of Donna, Sandy, Jane, Lotus and Pam.
 Began by looking at Earth from “out a-ways,” and “squeezing” pink followed by white light/energy around our globe (the white, following the pink, raises the pink to a higher level), with the initial intent of working on the ley lines from a larger perspective than last week. Also worked with The Christmas Light, entwining “our” projections with that energy. Without being able to discern the exact positions, could begin to “see” major ley lines begin to “glow,” sort of as if they were gold that was being cleaned.

Began “squeezing” purest pink light/energy/love deep into Earth with the message that “here’s some humans who DO care and a LOT!” Working with that energy to see what can be done with so many badly polluted sites around the Earth, such as depicted at the website, which I had viewed this morning… trying to work from underneath each noted site. (While some might say that this waste material came from Earth, anyway, my response was that mankind refined and changed that material until it was dangerous to everyone/every thing around it AND to the Earth from which it came.)

Kept squeezing that pink light/energy… then observed what appeared to be a faintly-illuminated “ghost” replica of Earth slowly just beginning to emerge from the planet we know, not an “emerging Earth” as our digital art logo shows it, but as a full-sized fainter image simply beginning to “slip away” from the old image, very much as depicted here, from page 624 Dolores Cannon’s book, “The Convoluted Universe, Book Two,” which I only came across on January 20, 2014.

Finally, was surprised at getting a message that there are MANY others with our sentiments… potentially in the millions… and that we could also potentially energetically link with them – next session?

This session only lasted about 35-40 minutes, but I was completely “wasted” afterward… wanted to run some errands in the afternoon, but had to wait about an hour before I trusted myself in the car.


Squeezing Earth

18. Ashland Area Global Healing Group For the Meeting/Workshop of Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014 (no regular meetings/workshops were scheduled during the holidays):

Group message of Jan 3, ’14: “Have just received “the word” Friday evening (of Jan 3, ’14) from spiritual planes that, from their perspective, the global shift HAS ALREADY OCCURRED!! Therefore, to help solidify this shift from the human perspective, we need to ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE. So, rather than “cleaning up the negative” tomorrow morning, we’ll be at Heartsong Nutrition in the morning to send the energy from a positive perspective, rather than a “clean-up perspective,”
 Ref.: “Engineering Your Spirituality” Chapter 3 Item 18, “Gratitude,” for a potential starting point of “positives”… while the list goes on endlessly.

While Don was the only physical presence at Heartsong, he could feel the projected energies of Jane, Sandy, Donna and Lotus.

Again, as in Item 16 of Dec 14, observed what appeared to be a faintly-illuminated “ghost” replica of Earth slowly just emerging from the planet. We know, however, we now know this is Current Reality, not simply a forecast.

With the emphasis being on positivity, but more specifically the creativity mankind has demonstrated throughout recorded history (and while Sandy worked on a global version of the “rolling wave “ we’d used previously) we encapsulated Earth in a shell of pink light/energy and squeezed it into and through the Mass Consciousness layer covering Earth.

Likewise, the same operation was accomplished using gold light/energy representing and hopefully assisting in this Earth change. As this took place, it appeared that the MC layer began emitting a soft golden glow of its own, of a slightly different frequency (softer color) than what we had used.

Followed this up with a pure white light/energy to drive the previous applications to their highest level.

Result? As this white light passed through the MC layer, short bursts of banded, multicolored light seemed to burst out of the MC, resembling 4th of July short-range rockets.

Global Compressive Sphere Energy Waves

26. Meeting/Workshop Notes for Saturday, March 1, 2014:


1) This channeling came through Sandy last night :-): An “Adrian,” appearing about 15 years old, representing the children of the world, all nationalities, all races, all ages, came through Sandy this evening… “We are the awakening, you are the door… and there are doors all over the planet… because of you we will burst forth… we are the challenge… we will create change and it will be because of you. Because of your love and commitment, we will bring forth a new tomorrow. I am humble and honor you for your commitment, and because of that, we will rise and it will be a new tomorrow.”

2) Again, since we’re dealing strictly with “positives” now, we can expect little of the action results that we observed during our first six months of operations when we were attempting to “neutralize” negatives within the MC. However, whenever “something” does seem to happen, then we know we’re dealing with another level of Reality and that something, hopefully “positive accomplishments” is/are occurring.. .

So, from team inputs we “specified” that the global compressive sphere energy waves we work with contain an algorithm that searches for and finds any thought forms/words, etc. relating to business within the Mass Consciousness (MC) and automatically attached concepts of Life, Light, Oneness, and/or Creativity, Acceptance of Positive Change, etc., such as:

  • A compressive sphere of spiritual blue energy contains the algorithm associating Peace & Oneness with business. 

Results: This morning’s news that Putin had sent troops into Ukraine and recalled the Russian ambassador from the United States seemed to overshadow this morning’s session. Indeed, the term/concept of “Peace” in this spiritual blue energy sphere was being resisted both in that part of the world and in our capitol, but, on closer look, it seemed to be only by a small minority on each side. (Putin was apparently taking a typically heavy-handed Russian military approach to 1) counter our CIA’s support of the overthrow and 2) maintain Russia’s centuries-old obsession with access to a warm-water seaport.) However, while that resistance was quite localized, in general, it felt as if globalizing the spiritualized concepts of Peace and Oneness was like “wading through a thick soup.”
  • A compressive sphere of pink energy contains the algorithm that associates Life, Creativity & Love with business. Results: In contrast, to the spiritualized blue, the wave of pink (along with the term “Creativity”) seemed to be heartedly welcomed, while the term “Love” seemed to result in wave upon wave, an endless sea,, of up-reaching hands.
  • A compressive sphere of purifying white energy intensifies the first two waves and contains the algorithm that associates Acceptance of Positive Change with business.

 Results: The previously applied layer of spiritualized blue was intensified and compressed, while the pink layer was thickened. Over-all: Throughout, even in the more “capitalistic countries/regions, the term/concept of “business” was largely ignored/resulted in no reaction, unlike the term/concept of Olympics of the last two weeks. Since the “observed” reactions seemed to have been totally absent to the “target” word/concept of “business” while there was some degree of reaction to the term/concept of “Olympics” in the last two sessions, I’m wondering if the concept of using a “linking algorithm” has/had a limited effect and that we should simply concentrate on emphasizing core concepts?

An immediate response: 🙂

Wow! What a finish! …Got a brilliant white flash through a golden pink color….fabulous! Good job!!!

Blessings, Jinni

THANK YOU, TEAM for supporting these efforts in assisting Earth in these unprecedented changes!!! Next week it’ll be a whole new and simplified approach!!

Global Compressive Sphere Energy Waves

29. Meeting/Workshop Notes for Saturday, March 22, 2014:

HUGE responses for the session today (about 50 minutes and still flowing as I record it here)… I have to say ”Responses,” rather than “response” or “result” because I felt multiple “sources” were contributing… the targeted “Children of the World,” Spirit and even Gaia. Before “starting,” a VERY STRONG level of energy could felt “ready for action.”

A compressing sphere of spiritual blue energy containing the concepts of Peace & Oneness enclosed Earth and was compressed through the MC layer and into Earth (Gaia).

RESPONSE – Again, the concept of “Oneness” seemed to be “latched onto,” and broadened out with ALL Life/with ALL consciousness, sentient or not. As this wave surpassed the MC and penetrated Earth, it felt as though Gaia actually “purred!” (what does Gaia have in common with cathood?… but that was a VERY distinct impression 🙂 With such an acceptance, true peace, commencing from our inner core, is not only possible, but inevitable.. The Children of the World… those that haven’t been “contaminated” by humanity’s “teaching processes”… KNOW this. (At this point a feeling of having been “cloaked” or completely wrapped in Universal Energy was VERY strong.)

A compressing sphere of pink energy was initiated containing the concepts of Life, Creativity & Love.

RESPONSE – The concept of “Love” really resonated… The Children of the World ARE Love, being aware of being from the Creator, “Creativity” is inherent. The Universe, the infinite multitude of universes, is LIFE… Dark matter/dark energy, so puzzling to human astronomers and cosmologists, IS LIFE… from the interior of the “empty space” within the atoms of our physical universe, throughout the multitude of universes, LIFE is in EVERYTHING.

A compressing sphere of purifying white energy was then initiated, intensifying the first two waves and containing the concept of Acceptance of Positive Change.

RESPONSE – There are two constants of God/Creator/Central Sun: Love and Change. Change with Love is continuous throughout all of Creation. (An interesting “side note” “came through: Some/many(?) of the physical Earth changes predicted by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery and others MAY be somewhat ameliorated in favor of/maybe resulting from the shifts occurring in humanity itself and that energy shift possibly resulting in social/political changes… To Be Determined.)

(Such an energy shift.)

WOW! Leaving this meditation and observing Earth from an out-of-plane position, a MASSIVE and continuous energy flow to and surrounding Earth could be both observed and felt.

Originally-Proposed Meeting/Workshop Session for Saturday, March 22, 2014:

Despite my “poor performance” last week (which Jinni and Donna “noticed” even during the session… VERY embarrassing… for me!, I feel we received enough feedback (the shouts that “We ARE the Change!” and Sandy’s quotes from “Adrian,” that I’m proposing we repeat the same format as the last two weeks (yeah, I know we have to also consider “change, along with the other aspect of God, as “Love”” don’t we? 🙂 I.e. tomorrow:

  • A compressing sphere of spiritual blue energy contains the concepts of Peace & Oneness
  • A compressing sphere of pink energy contains the concepts Life, Creativity & Love
  • A compressing sphere of purifying white energy intensifies the first two waves and contains the concept of Acceptance of Positive Change.

Administrative Comments:

1) Welcome to Sam Younghans, Ashland, to the group! 
(Donna, you no longer have to be concerned about being “the oldest” in such a group… I’m older than you, and Sam joined the military in ’53 after two years of college, while I joined in ‘56 after HS graduation. 🙂

2) I’m trying to get out of here for a Spring “Vision Quest” which could be from two to five weeks. This is a modern-day vision quest to S. Utah’s “Big Five” National parks, using a car and motels and “go where your nose says to, “ instead of feet and a blanket on the ground. 🙂 Since my church’s laptop went to a deserving individual, I picked up an “el-cheapo” tablet and now I have to figure out how to get it operational. So, I’ll let y’all know when I can get my act together to get on the road. 🙂

Using Compressing Spheres of Spiritual Energy

31. Meeting/Workshop Notes for Saturday, April 5, 2014:

For now, the energy waves we are working with are specifically targeting the children of the world… it specifically searches for, finds and energizes the youth of the world with thought forms/words/ concepts of Life, Light, Oneness, Creativity, Acceptance of Positive Change, such as:

• A compressing sphere of spiritual blue energy contains the concepts of Peace & Oneness. 
Result: Sandy typically sees “Adrian” (representing the children of the world) leading a VERY long line of children as they emerge from a stair-cased opening. Sandy highlighted a YouTube video of a Chinese 3-year-old ( ) as to what seems to be a “new typical” (watch the end of this 9+minute tape, as to what this 3-year-old says he wants to do with his life 🙂

This time, I (Don) saw a line of children holding hands and encircling the Earth as they seemed to be looking to the north. Then, as this blue energy reached Earth’s surface, every other child turned 180 degrees, rejoined hands and faced south.

• A compressing sphere of pink energy contains the concepts Life, Creativity & Love. Result: As that pink energy touched them, they seemed to re-radiate that pink energy in the respective direction they faced, to cover Earth along the surface, but with an emphasis on the concept of love. As that pink energy began penetrating the surface of the Earth, like last week, a barely perceptible “Ahhhh” could be “heard.”

• A compressing sphere of purifying white energy intensifies the first two waves and contains the concept of Acceptance of Positive Change. 
Result: The children began a soft chant, “We ARE the change,” and began to glow in the white energy. Then the glow shifted to INTERNAL as each child seemed to be emitting their own white light. THAT would have been something for racists of any skin color to see… children of all nationalities and skin colors glowing with a soft white light, FROM WITHIN!

Imploding Energy Shell Around Earth

40. Saturday, June 14, ’14, Meeting/Workshop Notes:

As a change-up, I’d suggested repeating the exercise from May 24, of coordinating our efforts on the MC with that of the trees (and, apparently, other vegetation around the globe such as seemed to want to spontaneously join in),… we do that and, as before, keep “pushing” those energy bands as deep into the Earth as possible. Started about ten minutes early, but the energy “was there” already for the 40-minute session. Overall, nothing dramatic appeared to have resulted from this exercise… no sparks, lightning, or “wee ones” dancing in glee. 🙂 Positioning ourselves at about 200 miles above the Earth (approx. Earth/Moon Lagrange point 1), we:

• Generate an “imploding” Spiritual blue energy global shell around the Earth with embedded concepts of Unity, Harmony and Coherence; Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed deeply into Earth. Result: There was a definite “demarcation line” of darker blue where “our” global shell met the tree energy… I “saw” it in profile, as a line, but it had to have comprised a sphere. Pushing this energy deeper, the sense I had was that Earth/Gaia seemed to gratefully accept it (a slight difference to how mankind has treated Earth through the millennia.).

• Generate a pink global “imploding energy shell” around the Earth with embedded concepts of Love and Creativity; Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed deeply into Earth. Result: Perhaps, Earth’s tree/vegetation IS spiritual and emanating love because, interestingly, as our energy sphere met that from the trees, the whole MC layer(s) from the ground, up, began to “glow” with pink/love energy (synergy?), with only the tallest mountain tops showing above.

• Generate a pure white “imploding energy shell” around the Earth with the embedded concept of Positive- Change Acceptance of these concepts. Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed deeply into Earth, raising the blue and pink to higher levels.
 Result: No “observable” action/interaction with the tree energy, but upon penetrating Earth, the previous blue energy began to fluoresce, while the pink energy turned a deeper shade/color.

An Imploding Global Shell

45. Surprising Meeting/Workshop Notes for July 19, 2014:

After that “knock out” from the tremendous energy flow last Saturday (and with a meeting to go to this Saturday afternoon :-), As proposed (with no dissensions:-) something a bit “less ambitious” this week, such as repeating the process of July 5th (#42): Using the “imploding global shell” approach to 1) as before, coordinating our efforts on the mass consciousness (MC) layer(s) with that of the global tree energies (and other vegetation around the globe that spontaneously joins, such as in the past :-),… but 2) keep “pushing” those energy bands to also specifically provide support to the Children of the World (Earth and Humanity’s future) that will be/are effecting the positive changes that are even now coming about, and then push that energy deep into Earth’s mantle.

Started a few minutes early, but then, as 10AM approached, with gratitude, I felt our group’s energies “gathering” (manifesting as pressures on my back, as if saying “let’s go.” Again, the results listed below, are poor translations of what seemed to occur. Not so surprisingly, this meditation was difficult to return from, for a totally different reason than last week :-), but I had to put these observations into written words before they “evaporated.” 🙂 So…

• Generating an “imploding” Spiritual blue energy global shell with embedded concepts of Coherence, Harmony and Oneness (the concept of “Peace” being a natural by-product); Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed to support the youth of the world and Earth. RESULT: As before, a semi-reflective formed within the MC layer, where the 24/7 tree/forest emitted energies could be reflected into the MC. However, pushing this blue energy to the forest floors, the elementals comprising “forest support” (elves, sprites, whatever names we might individually or collectively ascribe to these energies) could be seen (assuming a physical appearance for the sake of recognition 🙂 with up-raised, welcoming “arms,” even as the forests etherically seemed to vibrate in welcome to these concepts as a reaction to man’s misuse of these forests.

• Generating a pink global “imploding energy shell” with embedded concepts of Love and Creativity; Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed to support the youth of the world and Earth. RESULT: Glimpses around the globe of the Children of the World line-dancing in welcome to such support, glowing in the concept of “Love”; forests around the globe re-radiating that concept.

• Generating a pure white “imploding energy shell” with the embedded concept of Coherence and Positive Change. Meet/join the tree/vegetation energies within the MC layer(s) to help embed these concepts, then proceed to support the youth of the world and Earth.
 RESULT: An interesting surprise (as our Reno consultant-shaman has stated before, “You know something has ‘happened’ when you encounter the unexpected”). Somewhat expecting to “see” the previous layers of blue and pink energies become radiant and effervescent, surprised to “see” the surface of Earth glowing in a soft golden color… the “color of change.”

Collapsing Shell

60. Healing Earth Notes for Nov. 8, 2014


A couple on our Team have expressed problems with visualizing some of the concepts I’ve proposed in the past, so I’d attached a visual aid that might assist those having a problem “seeing” what is so possible in other dimensionalities and which also somewhat symbolizes what we are about. Just as “Walt Disney’s work on Earth had been to stretch people’s minds and imaginations.” (p.16, “Soul Retrieval,” by Sandra Ingerman, 1991.), so, here’s our little group, stretching our imaginations, stepping outside of the box, looking at that Earth sitting in the palms of our hands, ready to help facilitate Earth’s and Humanity’s dimensional shift. Technically, humanity, in general, is becoming more and more aware that the 3-D materiality we have been raised in is NOT Reality. The universe we see with our physical eyes and the laws of physics we have developed (note 1) do not necessarily apply to the multidimensional multi-universes of Reality (neither “string” nor “M” theories could really come close), but another new quantum mechanics theory is attempting to address this (note 2).

Meanwhile, while some groups work with prayer, others, such as ours, work interdimensionally with visualization and Universal Energy (and both processes work)… doing whatever we can to pass on Earth’s “future” to the next generation of vibrationally-developed souls… to assist those “new” souls in Earth’s and Humanity’s development.


1. To meet the dictates of Galilean physics, from my background, I can assure everyone that our modeling of “reality” contains an unknown number of “fudge factors,” in their totality, to force our mathematical equations to “fit” our observations of this material “reality.”

2. A “new” TOE – Theory of Everything – may be appearing: ”Radical New Quantum Theory Says Other Universes Affect Our Own” at theory_n_6091438.html. 🙂

Healing Earth Process Notes for Nov 8, 2014, Meeting/Workshop #60

Proposed Process: 
I proposed going back to the “collapsing shell” concept we’ve used in the past, still shifting the energy in the MC layer more positively, but simplifying it a bit from what we’ve done in the past. Looking at that Earth sitting in the palms of our hands… I could feel the energy building several minutes before the session “began” :-)…

• We initiate a shell of spiritualized (blue) energy, including the concept of Oneness, outside of Earth’s atmosphere, and mentally uniformly compress it toward Earth’s surface, integrating with the 24/7 tree emanations within the MC layer, then proceeding to penetrate Earth’s crust.
 Our energy sphere, meeting with the tree energies… first a shell formed, then the tree energies realized there was no conflict, that we’re “talking the same language,” our blue energy with the Oneness concept, advanced to penetrate Earth’s mantle. (This was “my bad” as I hadn’t “talked” with the local trees beforehand as we had done previously, thinking that this was almost automatic, by now. 🙂 I “heard’ a sigh of relaxation and an acknowledgement of the spiritualized concept of Oneness.

• We then initiate a shell of pink energy, including the concepts of Love and Coherence(*), outside of Earth’s atmosphere and compress it toward Earth’s surface, integrating with the 24/7 tree emanations within the MC layer, then again proceeding to penetrate Earth’s crust. RESULTS:
 This was even more ”sympatico” with the tree energies… resulted in a blending of our pink with the tree emanations and the global MC layer glowed with a very soft pink color. Earth’s crust /mantle “relaxed” a bit. Enough to avert quakes or volcanoes? Dunno. .. the word was “yes” for some smaller quakes, but “no” for volcanoes, which originate too deep.

• We finalize with a shell of pure white energy to raise the previous efforts to the highest and repeat the previous processes of penetrating the MC layer and “down” into Earth’s crust. RESULTS:
 Nothing “observable” occurred, but there was a sense of a small shifting… a “higher vibration.” (*) Coherence, in our application of the word, means that there is a unification of all aspects of the body, the mind and the spirit. It also applies to the planet. Coherence means that all of the energies are directed in a single force, in a single pattern and in a single way.

On a personal level, when you act with coherence, then you are able to accomplish many powerful things and have a resource of energy available to you that is far beyond what your normal limitations might be. Took a while to get to typing this up… while not feeling drained as I have from some earlier sessions (where I think I somewhat mishandled my own energy) , I needed to grab an early lunch to get re-grounded.

Again, GOOD JOB, TEAM!!!



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