What happens interdimensionally when we attempt to manifest?

Meditation Mechanics

(Also Appendix 5 of Book 12, “Engineering Your Spirituality”)

Rev. Don Chapin, PhD

I was quite astounded when, waking up on the morning of September 17, 2017, I was being strongly encouraged to publish this account with the admonishment that this information SHOULD be ‘out there’ for everyone to freely access. I had never ‘channeled’ before, but it was becoming obvious to me that this was MY form of channeling. In a three-year stint in leading a moderating small Healing Earth group which applied what I called ‘low-level shamanics’ (energy handling on a global and galactic/intergalactic scale).

I’m sure most are familiar with the traditional techniques of conscious manifestation… while “deep” in meditation, imagine what you want to manifest, focus on that outcome, be resolved in your intention that that outcome materializes, and provide emotional energy to that desired resolution. But, what happens then?

For those that say “I can’t ‘imagine'” or “I don’t have an imagination” (and I’ve DEFINITELY heard that excuse!), consider this… what “pictures” do you see in your mind when you are reading an article or book, or, better yet, – and be HONEST, now – have you ever fantasized about a member of the opposite sex (or, for some, a member of your same sex :-)? In either scenario, you are imagining!

For most of us, that’s the end of it… we’ve made our request and “God” or “the Universe” or whatever you like to call the Creator either honors our request or not. If so, we’re probably overjoyed (at least until we go on to the next desire) , but, if not, we have a tendency to blame “God” or “the Universe,” or whatever, for failing to “listen” to us and feel somewhat rejected or resentful, not realizing that WE have, most generally and probably, been blocking our own desires possibly by conflicting inner belief/belief systems, etc. (see Book 2, by Diane Chapin, “Living Life Radiantly”).

Editor’s Note, April 9, 2018: The pdf file in this post has been updated and renamed, now entitled, “Meditation Mechanics.” This is Appendix 5 from Don Chapin’s book, “Engineering Your Spirituality,” which was published in 2018.




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