Mass Consciousness Construction from a Shamanic Standpoint

by Don Chapin

My first impressions of using “far sight” in solo meditations as depicted in Working on Mass Consciousness, Examples:

39. August, 2011
Working with/attempting to “spiritualize” mass consciousness across the U.S. over a period of time. California, the West coast was decidedly mixed, CA appearing as “vertical curls,” spending little effort there. Midwest and Southwest relatively clean to a light gray, I suspect depending upon population densities. Southeast, a muddy brown color, somewhat difficult to see too far into. East up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be a solid black impenetrable cliff, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???). After a few days working primarily on trying to get light into/around and into that cliff, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work!

37. July 29, 2011
Having started working on mass consciousness, again, this time primarily for the U.S., last Sunday and Monday (the 24th/25th), by today I had gotten around to try tackling the very heavy black area along the Eastern seaboard and particularly Washington, D.C. Surprise! Looking at that area much closer, there are cracks in that heavy-looking monolith… cracks where light can be “pushed” through into the interior…

And so, when I started the Healing Earth group those first impressions remained dominant as we periodically worked on that “monolithic black mass” along the Eastern seaboard for three years… typically tasking Universal Energy with “boring through” that mass, finding small cracks and successfully enlarging them to allow more light, more energy into that huge mass.

Then, on Dec 23, 2019, in a “new” technique, using every crystal I had to address that monolith, directing the Universal Energy and supplemented by the Christmas Light, I realized it wasn’t simply ONE large mass, but appeared to be so… it was, in actually, LAYERS of ego-driven beliefs, based on separation from Source and the supposed superiority of humankind on Earth…. a composite. Each layer of the composite was separate from the one before and over time the edges SEEMED to bond together to form the observed monolith as a composite. Throughout, each layer ‘bonded’ to it’s predecessor by commonly held ego-driven beliefs.

However, this latest layer being formed by Trump and his followers hadn’t yet bonded to the main monolith, apparently not having many common beliefs, and showed many thin and distorted areas. Finding that the edges of this last layer hadn’t yet bonded, the intelligent Universal Energy, supplemented by the Christmas Light, revealed many ‘loose’ edges allowing it (light/Universal Energy) to penetrate, in turn revealing the non-uniform condition of this latest layer of this supposed ‘monolithic structure’ along our Eastern seaboard. Subsequent investigation showed this last layer to be quite thin and loose, perhaps loose enough to be peeled off?

Looking around the U.S., I could now see where this layering effect existed everywhere and that the composite mass consciousness layers were thicker over more heavily populated areas, particularly those areas where people had congregated for longer periods of time… the lower layers of these accumulations being much thinner and closer to the earth than the more recent layers (perhaps reflecting a more earth-centered, less ego-driven set of universal beliefs by the indigenous populations?).

Dec 31, 2019

I now saw the layers more distinctly… the one from the Trump administration somewhat ‘hanging over’ the rest… having some, but not as many commonalities to align with what had gone before… I could “see”/feel that once it had merged with the rest, it would have contaminated the basic monolith, changing the character and ideals of America beyond recognition. I saw the Trump administrational energies potentially aligning with the worst attributes of what already existed in that monolith, and those attributes becoming “the new” America.

I could see that, with the potential of a new, more enlightened administration in the future, the energies of the Trump administration simply fading away and disappearing. Therefore, I aimed all the energy I could muster through my crystal grid to form an insulating barrier between the existing monolith and the layer constituting the greed and corruption constituting the Trump administration, visualizing a huge foam insulation pad between the two, to delay, as long as possible, a merging with that that had been so ingrained in history.

(Side Note – As I’ve noted previously, I feel that, if Trump’s pre-incarnation life’s purpose was to emphasize the potential depravity of the human existence to the world, he needs to be highly commended for a huge success… on the other hand, from a human standpoint, he needs to be persecuted/ostracized for the same thing. The extremely conservative judges and other administration personnel installed by the Trump administration were installed for their respective learning experiences in positions of power…. The harm they have done or will do is simply “collaborative damage,” with those suffering injury being presented with adverse conditions for their own individual development.)

My dog, Shasta (meaning “a teacher” in Sanskrit), seeming to sense the energy flow… possibly because of the twitching my body was doing with so much energy flowing… HAD to jump up on the couch beside me. I accessed her life purpose of “service” (an attribute of all domesticated animals) and directed that energy to the new after-Trump administration, whomever it would be.

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