Working on Mass Consciousness, Examples

These Working on Mass Consciousness Examples were solo exercises, done before my Healing Earth group, but establishing the feasibility of many of the processes that I used with that group. By election, the Healing Earth group ‘took on’ the black Eastern seaboard monolith and, with the assist of intelligent Universal Energy and the advantage of a number of people working on the same project, made considerable progress at enlarging the cracks and penetrating that monolith with more cracks running north and south inside, weakening this ego & greed-driven edifice. ~ Don Chapin

26. March 1, 2008

Language fails in this, again! While surrounding the Earth in pink light, this evening, I found myself going into the interior of atomic structures, as before but, this time very briefly, because I was “swooping” out into truly multidimensional space, through many other dimensions. While still in multidimensional space but on “the way back,” I realized that I needed to take advantage of this experience, so I again “swooped” out and gathered whatever “higher” energies I could from those other dimensions I had just traversed, bringing back much higher-vibrational energy and surrounding the Earth with it. Felt really energized (“jazzed”)… so no sleep until almost 3AM the next morning!


28. July 9, 2008

A very interesting experience! Again, working with pink light and “infusing” Earth in that, followed by yellow light (which I now “understand” is to assist in moving Earth into the higher energies) and infusing Earth with that, also.

This time, however, I had felt many others “behind” me and to each “side,” assisting with this operation. I knew instinctively that these “others” were not of Earth. I had been reading channeled materials about the Pliadians, Arcturians, etc., and had probably made some form of connection with these cultures. I have no “direct” knowledge of this, but felt that the large numbers of

“the others” that were working with me in this endeavor, came from some of these other worlds/cultures.


32. September 19, 2009

After having been “directed” and working with white light, followed by effervescent pink light, on the mass consciousness around Earth for a couple months (this took the appearance of clearing out “tunnels”), I found myself observing another “tunnel” leading off to my right side and descending. As I went deeper, the “medium” to which I was applying the white light became extremely dense, of a consistency almost like a thick oil spill. This descending tunnel came to a “T” so I started off to my right, “received” a correction, then turned around to take the other branch.

I soon came to what I sensed was a large room or cavern, which was confirmed when the white light began clearing the “gunk” from it. Although I hadn’t expected it, I also immediately experienced a whole-body confirmation of protection (kind of a tingling sensation all over). After the cavern was cleared, I then “coated’ the room walls with the pink light. I then started to follow through to address an assumed entrance on the other side of the cavern, but “received” the information that this was enough for now, so turned around and left the cavern.


Getting a “message” to re-check the large cavern, I found it was again filling with “gunk” from the entrance on the other side. However, when I then used the white light to re-clear it, I found that the “gunk” couldn’t adhere to the cavern walls as it had originally.

Velly intellesting!!!

37. July 29, 2011

Having started working on mass consciousness, again, this time primarily for the U.S., last Sunday and Monday (the 24th/25th), by today I had gotten around to try tackling the very heavy black area along the Eastern seaboard and particularly Washington, D.C. Surprise! Looking at that area much closer,

there are cracks in that heavy-looking monolith… cracks where light can be “pushed” through into the interior, so…


39. August, 2011

Working with/attempting to “spiritualize” mass consciousness across the U.S. over a period of time. California, the West coast was decidedly mixed, CA appearing as “vertical curls,” spending little effort there. Midwest and Southwest relatively clean to a light gray, I suspect depending upon population densities. Southeast, a muddy brown color, somewhat difficult to see too far into. East up to the Eastern seaboard and particularly around Washington D.C., seemed to be a solid black impenetrable cliff, which possibly arose from the partisan politics being played out(???). After a few days working primarily on trying to get light into/around and into that cliff, I began to see some cracks appear, but it was still a very foreboding edifice. Needs a LOT more work!

41. November 2, 2011

Back to Bandon, OR, again to effect a repeat of topic #29, spreading energizing pink light along the shores and inland, using crystal energies to assist (there had been one or two other such instances since topic #29, as well). However, this time there was a far more direct route… “something” took over the operation and used the oceans to emit pure LOVE and PEACE, using the ocean’s conductivity to spread this all over the Earth… the oceans were vast emitters of LOVE and PEACE. I could feel those “words” as real conditions resonating throughout my body and “see” that energy radiate from the oceans around the globe. This condition seemed to radiate out into “space” almost a new signature for Earth as opposed to the strife and discord that has been Earth’s emanation to the Universe for so many hundreds of years.


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