Generating a Center-Out Energy Wave

Shortened communication from “David” (a non-corporeal consciousness) channeled thru Sandy on Nov. 20, 2014

On Saturday, you send your intent, send it out through the Universe. There was negativity in the galaxy… your energy reaches beyond the planet, but focus on your planet because of (your) influence. You are peacemakers. This is a controversial galaxy. There is ??? reaches beyond your planet into the galaxy. You are blessed beings, regarded throughout the universe. You are angels to us and bring us joy. Everything you do is creating a better world for you.

Your planet is in tumultuous change. There is a lot happening to you on all levels. Hold steadfast. Know what is Real. Believe in yourself on Saturday. Every time, know that your focus, your love is surrounding the globe. We are grateful to all of you that gather. You are sending light & love around the globe and throughout the universe. There is no boundary.


62. Healing Earth Process Notes & msg. from “David” for Nov. 22, 2014, Meeting/Workshop

 Last week, we had an indication that a pink, then white energy progression might be more effective than the blue/pink/white. We’ve also used a “bubble up from Earth’s center” concept, as proposed by Sam, typically working on humanity and/or the MC layer. Today we modify and combine both approaches in a process we haven’t done before and work primarily on Earth/Gaia, then with an assist (and Jack may like this) by the global tree energies.

Preparation: Felt a HUGE irregularly-shaped mound of energy ready-and-waiting, as opposed to what had felt like huge regularly-shaped blocks of energy for previous processes. There also seemed to be a “streaming link” connection between this mound of energy and Earth’s center, but not passing through Earth’s materiality, already in place. Sounds “weird,” but that’s Reality. We haven’t knowingly worked in this level of materiality before and having some concerns of consequences, “received” assurances that this process wouldn’t/shouldn’t result in any “surface trauma.”

  So, concentrating our consciousness at the center of earth, we initiate an expansion of continuously-flowing Pink energy, embedded with the concepts of Love and Oneness, and begin flowing this energy spherically through Earth toward and through the mantel. The purpose is to relax tensions and stresses in the Earth as we progress, similar to a body massage that we might experience. As we transition through the mantel toward the surface, we supplement the continuously emitting global tree energies and emerge into the mass consciousness layer, charging that layer with the embedded concepts of Love and Oneness.

RESULT: Observed a few large “dark spots” dissolving as we progressed… no, too deep for oil, but they reminded me of buried emotions/buried trauma such as we do to ourselves… burying negative emotions in various places in the body, which may later result in physical problems at those sites. .. I remember that scientology would call them “engrams.” The further “out” toward the mantle we progressed, more of these spots, albeit smaller, seemed to appear, many dissolving in the pink energy, others refusing to… at least for now. The situation reminded me of the old saying, “s/he’s gotten under my skin” – as an irritant.

No, I “saw” no evidence of an “Inner Earth” or of the supposed tunnels reportedly used by “other beings.” :-), but also wasn’t looking for that. Looking back, Earth’s mantle and core “felt cleaner.” Trouble is, I got so wrapped up in that phenomena, I wasn’t observing when our induced pink energy melded with the global tree energy and the mass consciousness layer. SORRY!

We next initiate a pure white energy at Earth’s core and repeat the above process, raising the pink energy to its highest vibration, throughout.

RESULT: Interesting… as this wave progressed from earth’s center, outward, the previous “dark spot” locations, where some pink energy now resided as a replacement, seemed to fluoresce!

(Before next week, communicate with the global tree energies for a cooperative flow in the other direction?)




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