Cleaning the Mass Consciousness Layer

58. Healing Earth Notes for Oct. 25, 2014


We’ve worked on the Mass Consciousness (MC) layer from “above” (“imploding” concentric shells) and below (expanding from the Earth’s center). So, how about from within? Adapting the concept of the barnstormers of the 1920s, with an altitude adjustment from the last two sessions, how about projecting our consciousness about a mile above and parallel to the Earth’s surface? I did a solo “dry/trial run” on Monday night (Oct 20) and found quite a difference in localized MC “densities,” if you will.


So, again positioning our consciousness with the universal energy we each request to be involved with/sent for this exercise, we (arbitrarily) locate just west of, and about two to three miles above Hawaii, and positioned to address the land masses in the N. Hemisphere only (as I suspect this is a bit more populated, therefore probably possesses a more dense Mass Consciousness layer and as much as we might be able to address in one session). This time, we extend our accumulated Universal Energy, pre-loaded with the concepts of Oneness and Coherence, ahead of us, following earth’s contour, through the middle of the MC layer and around the N. Hemisphere, again “charging” that layer with these concepts, but this time from WITHIN. Let’s see if there are any significant differences between my solo “dry run” earlier this week and what might be observed with this Team’s energies involved.


Started a few minutes early… No really “unexpected” happenings as we’ve had in the past, yet some puzzling observations… 
In general, while circling the globe in this fashion, the MC layer over more populated areas seemed “thick,” somewhat murky, appearing as if polluted. Within the U.S., this was more noticeable over parts of the Midwest (tho not that heavily populated), the Northeast (likewise, N.E. Canada) and, to a lesser degree, down the eastern seaboard into our southern states.

In these places and elsewhere around the globe, as this Universal Energy penetrated the Mass Consciousness layer, it (the MC layer) seemed to “balloon” a bit. But, from what I could understand, this MC-layer-ballooning wasn’t from the Universal Energy, but from the “loading” of that localized layer with the concepts of Oneness and Coherence, which was relatively “new” to that geographical area. (Which was a bit surprising, since we’d previously been ‘bombarding” the MC layer, globally, from both above AND below!)
Specifically, this “ballooning” wasn’t as heavy through Meso America and the upper part of S. America, but Europe reacted similar to N. America; Over W. Africa the MC layer seemed “lifeless” (Ebola?), while S.E Asia had little reaction, but western China experienced “ballooning” (HUH? Western China???).




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