The Astral Plane Heart-to-Heart Replicator:

Design Intent:

This completed Replicator is based on an often-stated axiom that the most effective means of communication between two people is heart-to-heart, AND that, in the quantum field, devices can be constructed without specifying details. I therefore requested a device be constructed in which a finite number of people (as few as one) could provide Universal Energy generated from their hearts and the Replicator output would constitute multiple streams of that energy to be directed to a user-designated “target,” a specific group, nation, region, etc., or even to all the billions of people on Earth.


The first Healing Earth Team application of this astral plane device was on July 4, 2015 (Healing Earth session # 94.) To me, the Replicator seemed almost thin, but dimensionally with variable width and height, resembling a car’s radiator with the energies from our Team entering one side (like the airflow from a car’s grill), and the other side streaming all over the earth to wherever designated by the initiator(s).


An interesting feature was that, no matter at what part of Earth I was looking, a city, country or continent, the Replicator (or its projection) was “right there” adjusting its height and width… which adjusted its “output” … to the population sizes of the geography being observed. Its actions in that regard resembled an eyeball “floater’… those rods or cones that sometimes briefly detach from the retina and ‘float’ in the vitreous humor. . . no matter where you look, it’s always there.

Please see “Homing in on a Standard Process” Meeting Notes for more on the use of the Heart-to-Heart Replicator. This was a very effective approach that deserves further inquiry and to be included in one’s practice.



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