A Lightworkers Healing Method

Lightworkers Healing Method® as promulgated by Lynn McGonagill since about 1999 (https://www.naturesenergieshealth.com/mind-and-spirit/lightworkers-healing-method) is an angelically guided multi-dimensional energy healing system where you are guided by higher dimensional angelic entities. The system I promulgate is where an individual creates a programmed shakti from Universal Energy, directing it to accomplish a specific mission. Shaktis (reference articles entitled “Meditation Mechanics” and “An Interactive Discussion with Quotes from ‘Energy Blessings from the Stars’”) were known of many centuries ago by ancient Hindu Rishis (great sadhus… holy men) who originally thought that only angles could create them. Eventually, these holy men were able to observe the effects of shaktis on the field of Universal Energy and realized they could direct shaktis as well, an ability I have also been gifted with.

I don’t know if Lynn sees her called-upon angelic entities, but with the process I advocate, imagination and visualization are extremely helpful as “images” or a “knowingness” is extremely helpful. Initially, while Universal Energy actually permeates everything and everybody, it helps to visualize it as a placid, at rest body of water. The initiator then visualizes the Universal Energy becoming active with purpose, intention and drive toward a specific positively-oriented goal. Yes, this could also be a self-serving or negative goal, as well (reference my book “In Psychic Defense”), but the ultimate consequences to the initiator might make this an “expensive” lesson. ☺

While generating this action is up to the individual, I typically use my palm chakras to send the energy out into the Universal Energy field.

~Don Chapin

Angelically Guided Energy Healing

Lightworkers Healing Method® is a multi-dimensional energy healing system where you are guided by angelic entities, higher dimensional guides and interactive light beings. This powerful healing method can improve any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional aspect in your life, or another person’s life to which you apply the method. There are no limits in this method. It can in fact be applied not only to humans, but (with the receivers permission) it can be applied to your pets, your community, your relationships, your business – virtually anything!

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is not for the gifted few but for anyone who wishes to pursue the art.

  • If you are a Spiritual Seeker, using the Lightworkers Healing Method® for yourself will transform your life.
  • If you want to awaken your healing skills, this is the perfect beginning. Your Spirit Guides will lead you precisely to the best use of your natural healing gifts.
  • If you are already a healer, the Lightworkers Healing Method® will elevate your existing practice to a higher healing art.

The Lightworkers Healing Method can also be seen a growth vehicle, as it has the unique ability of realigning us with our life’s purpose. Before you were born, there was a soul intention — a life purpose for which you were going to live.

We all have this, but so many of us are distracted and we leave the path for which our soul has intended us to follow. Many of us don’t even know what our purpose for living is. As we move from this intended path, we can become diseased as our guides see our life more valuable in burning karma acquired from previous lives. By coming back in alignment with our soul’s plan, our lives start to work, and the barriers of disease, or anything in life that is making us miserable disappears.

Lightworkers Healing Method has no affiliation with religion. It is purely a divine healing method working with what IS. The spiritual aspect of this method can be affiliated with whatever way you see higher consciousness. Whether you see it as God, Buddha, Cosmic Consciousness, the Universe, or nothing at all – whatever way you see it WILL work for you.

You can learn to do this. Channeling Divine healing energy is not a gift; it is a teachable, learnable skill. Now it can be your skill. BE who your soul came here to BE; live the life you came here to live. Help others do the same.

This advanced method of spiritual healing was discovered by Lynn McGonagill in the 1990s, and she applied this method of healing first in 1999. Read her fascinating story of discovery and how it all began by clicking here. Click on the picture to the left to listen to a brief discussion from Lynn about the Lightworkers Healing Method.

Study the Lightworkers Healing Method

We present study aids for the Lightworkers Healing Method below. As a minimum, we recommend that you read the book Be Who your Soul Wants you to Be and study The Planetary Healing CDs. We present both of these essential learning aids to this method as the Basic Kit shown below.

For those that want to more insight into the Lightworkers Method with a visual aid in the form of a video, we recommend the Standard Kit (our recommended kit).

For those wishing to get all of the study aids above as well as all of the Core Curriculum Videos, we recommend the Premium Kit.

If you would like to view a free online introductory class first, then click here.

These kits present the basic techniques of the Lightworkers Healing Method and will give you the tools to begin practicing on yourself, your family, and your friends. Completing any of the kits will give you the background and the prerequisites should you wish to further pursue Distance Learning studies to become a practitioner in this magnificent healing discipline. To practice professionally, we recommend the Distance Learning Program which is available as the Advanced Kit shown below in the products section.

About Lynn McGonagill

Lynn McGonagill - Lightworkers Healing MethodLynn McGonagill is the physical dimension Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method. To date, she has gratefully invested twenty two years in training with higher-dimension healing beings, twelve years in joyfully practicing LHM full-time with thousands of clients, and five years in lovingly teaching the method to others. Lynn is nearing the end of a three year, three month, three day at-home retreat in Sarasota, Florida, during which her sole focus has been teaching, writing about and practicing the Lightworkers Healing Method.

How it all Began

Before Lynn’s brother Allen died, she was living a “normal” life as a CPA with her own firm. Allen had experienced a death and revival experience in his final weeks. Back in his body afterward, he promised Lynn that if he died, and if he could, he would come back to tell her about it. Two weeks after his death, in February 1990, Allen kept that promise. Over the next 16 months, Lynn gradually followed her brother into the higher dimensions. By requiring that she reach higher to meet him each time, Allen was teaching Lynn inter-dimensional travel.

One day in June of 1991, the breakthrough occurred. Lynn was asking Allen for help about a particular issue when he exclaimed, “You’re just missing it! You’re missing the whole thing!” He then turned sideways and disappeared. Behind where he had been, she could see many beings, all out-of-body, just like him. Eventually, Lynn realized there were Guides in that group: wise, loving beings absolutely determined to support those of us who are in bodies. At that point, the Guides, Angels and Lightbeings took over Lynn’s training. They started showing her ways to work with the energy of the Universe. The Guides opened doors to other times, other dimensions, other vibrations, to the endless healing power and loving force of Divine flow. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ was born.

“We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. Our soul plan for our lives exists before we’re born. Then we’re born and it’s harder than we thought it would be to live our soul plan. We begin to substitute “close enough” actions, and our lives get off track to some degree or another.” Lynn McGonagill

In 1994, the messages began: “You aren’t doing your work in the world. Sell your accounting practice.” As so many of us so often do, she ignored her guidance. Almost five years later, the Universe pushed her out of the nest: she got ill. Disabled with fibromyalgia, she could no longer work. She was forced to walk away from the business world.

After trying everything from western medicine to raw foods to reiki and finding no relief, she decided to try the “energy tricks” she’d been learning. This powerful method brought her back to vibrant health, and through her own healing journey, she found healing for so many others. In 1999, she began seeing clients – just a few friends at first, then friends of friends, and so on and so on. Her training intensified as she facilitated these healing sessions. In every session her Teachers showed Lynn new facets, new techniques, new doorways to helping people come into vibrational alignment with their soul’s plan for their life.

In 2007, the messages began again: “You are not doing your work in the world. We didn’t go through all of this effort just for you. Share with others what we have taught you.” Lynn began to experiment with teaching a few select students. Encouraged by their success, she gradually expanded into larger groups. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ is now spreading peace, joy, and healing both nationally and internationally.



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