Thoughts, Evil, Hell and the Devil…

From “Between Death and Life” by Dolores Cannon (1993)

(“D” is Dolores in the following discussion between Dolores and “S” is her client’s subconscious, while the client is under deep hypnosis)

( Interjection: The concepts presented in this book are remarkably similar to those presented elsewhere, such as “A World Beyond” (1971) where Arthur Ford channels through Ruth Montgomery, over two decades earlier.

The concepts of ‘Sin,’ ‘Evil,’ ‘Hell’ and the ‘Devil’ were also “control” topics for the church, in which an established intermediary (the church) could act “for God” in establishing “forgiveness” on the side of “the people” as church members. ~ Don Chapin)

P. 184-188 of “Between Death and Life:”

D: Then is there any such physical place as hell?
S (of client’s subconscious): There is no physical. The mind will at the time of death create its own hell if that is what it’s expecting. Suppose a person lives a life of wickedness, all the while knowing that they’re going to hell for what they’re doing. If they firmly believe that, then when they die that will be waiting for them.

(Interjection: Many years ago in a session with Lazaris, channeled through Jach Pursel, Lazaris talked about the vast numbers of fundamentalist Christian souls who, having “passed over,” lie in unopenable coffins waiting for Jesus to come for them, while any attempt to awaken them they interpreted as “the devil” trying to tempt them. Meanwhile, my sister, who had converted to a southern Baptist religion, transitioned to an after-life of ecstasy. ~ Don Chapin)

D: I do not believe people necessarily have to be living a wicked life. They can be living a perfectly normal God-fearing, church-going life, but the church has planted this fear in them. And, being normal, they know they are not perfect, so they expect to go to Hell for some small insignificant sin, because this is what the church has promised. They feel they are so unworthy that there can be no other afterlife for them but Hell. This type of brainwashing does an extreme amount of damage to the person if it prepares them to expect Hell instead of Heaven. I think this is where the church is wrong and can do more harm than good. By making people fear Hell so intensely, the church succeeds in creating it for them.
S: They remain there in their version of Hell until they realize that it is a manufacture of their own mind. It may take a year or it may take hundreds, but since time has no meaning on this side it is as only the twinkling of an eye. When they realize they don’t have to stay there it has no power to hold them and they are released to go where they truly belong.

D: But there is much that we call “evil” in the world.
S: Evil is not an accurate term. This gets back to what is good and what is bad. It’s simply misguided, that would be a more appropriate term. In our perceptions the things which you call “evil” are merely energies which are misguided or misdirected. These energies are simply not evolved. They are not personifications of evil. They are not entities, so to say. There is no such Devil sitting on people’s shoulders telling them to do this or that. On this side we have no concept of evil, for evil is merely a disharmony between the two forces and this has been given the term “evil,” in order for your human conscious mind to be able to comprehend this dis- harmony. Please understand there is no incarnate evil. There is no such thing as a Satan who is walking the Earth and snatching the souls from people. This is a fallacy and a story which was created in order to understand disharmony. I will use an analogy. There is positive and negative on a battery. If you are going to jump a car you have two jumper cables to hook up, positive and negative. And if you leave one off; well, you’re going to sit for a while, aren’t you? So it can be seen that both are necessary. Neither is more important, more helpful or useful for they are equal in importance and usefulness. So shed your fascination with evil and good for this is an inaccurate concept and will hinder your conceptions and understanding.

D: Did these energies come here from somewhere else?
S: They’re energies that live on this planet. We are all energies. You are an energy; your soul is an energy. These are the energies I speak of. We could say souls.

D: Would this go along with the idea that thoughts are things?
S: Exactly. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts are real manifestations. Thoughts are, period.

D: You mean, by people thinking about these bad things happening to the world they are actually creating these things?
S: This is true. Thinking of hell on Earth will bring it just as surely as going out and building it by the sweat of your brow. It may not occur in the same way but it will just as surely occur.

D: Then by thinking of these things and fearing them, people are creating a thought energy that is powerful enough to cause them. Is that correct?
S: That’s exactly right. A thought is energy. Your soul manipulates energy. Thinking is manipulation of energy. A thought is a willful act. The purpose is to counteract this disharmony by bringing in fresh energy, new ideas, hope, new directions. It’s the intention of the thought itself that counts. If you send someone love, that is the intention. If you wish something in return for that, you may send them love but that is not the intention. It is entirely dependent
on what is expected.

D: Then if it is true that there is no such thing as evil and there is no such thing as the Devil, where does our concept of evil come from?
S: Do you really wish to know? There is one word that sums this whole concept up easily. [He spelled out] E-X-C-U-S-E-S. There is a lack of responsibility by blaming this unhappiness and this dread on others. It is much easier to assign the blame outward than inward. And so, voila, the Devil is there poking his three-tined prong and urging others to do that which they would not normally do. “Who, me? No, the Devil made me do it.” This is heard through the centuries. This is what is meant by “excuses.” This is “evil.”

(And so, in a more primitive time and in dealing with more primitive people, the church encouraged the concept of “evil”, “hell” and “Satan,” also realizing that such concepts put the church in a powerful position as an intermediary between the power of good (God) and such “external” concepts. Therefore, self-realization and self-empowerment, such as practiced by the Gnostics and earth- centered philosophies such as witchcraft or it’s corollaries, shamanism and Native American belief systems, could not be tolerated. Those practices HAD to be eliminated while the hierarchal church was promulgated. ~ Don Chapin)

D: We were thinking that evil was definitely a force and we wondered where it came from.
S: It came from the imagination. It was conjured and so roams the world devouring innocent babes, debauching, raping, pillaging. This is evil incarnate. The excuse is to hide from responsibility.

D: Then it comes from the mind of the persons?
S: That is correct. It comes from the inner desires of the people and not from some outside force, for there is no such entity roaming the universe. There is simply a lack of responsibility on those who wish to assign the Devil his blame.

D: Well, with so many people believing that there is evil and there is the Devil. ..
S: Then there is the Devil.

D: Is it possible that by believing it, people can create some kind of a thoughtform?
S: They cannot create an entity, for only God can do that. They can create situations which seem to prove their existence. They set up the events which prove to themselves the validity of that which they want to believe. This is true not only in “evil” experiences, but in good and “holy” experiences also-that which you believe preprograms your experience. Believe what you want and that is what you will find.

D: But we have heard that you can create thought forms with your mind.
S: That is not correct, for no mere mortal has the power of creation. Only God has that right; that power. What humans are creating are these situations or circumstances which seem to prove the existence of this Devil. Can you give me a specific example of what you are asking?

D: Well, I’ve heard it said that if enough people concentrated, they could create a thought form.
S: That is not correct. They can create energy which is merely a collection of the energies being fed into it. It is simply a matter of pooling the energies. This can be done for good or for harm. But there is no creation of an entity.

D: Then it would dissipate when the energy was released from it?
S: There was nothing created and so the energy would dissipate and go back to the elements. I repeat, there is not the creation of any entity in this; there is simply the pooling of energies, which is a very powerful process. There is no creation of life by any creature, be it astral or otherwise. There is only energy created by God and that is all.

D: So we don’t need to fear anything like that?
S: That is correct. Humanity has been in the chains of fear for too long and it is now time to break the chains of that bondage and release humans to accept their own responsibility.

(Interjection: BUT, per page 152 of the same reference, while “sin” is relative, even murder might be explained as a prior, pre- incarnation contract, suicide is another matter…. “To take the life of self is the only thing that can truly be considered upon this side to be sin, because life is so precious.” … “Suicide brings upon that soul much bad karma that will have to be erased by much good in preceding and succeeding lives.” … “A suicide must face the same situation and problem again until they learn an acceptable way of solving it. They can never run away from it. They only prolong their progress and create disruption.”)



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