Panpsychism: Scientists Discover that Everything — from Rocks to Molecules — Is Conscious

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  Is science FINALLY beginning to catch up with human perception? In some of my spontaneous/unplanned peak experiences, I have WITNESSED the consciousness of the atom, which Alice Bailey wrote about in a book of the same title back in 1922. Other peak experiences, some of which I have listed on, have taken me inside material objects where I have FELT the consciousness of that object and the sense of gratitude of that consciousness for being able to be of service. There is also evidence that my experiences are not unique, but that others, sometimes after years of meditation, or under heavily controlled peyote or mushroom ‘trips’ (Don Juan) have had similar experiences. A shamanic journey, Aboriginal dreamtime, a number of situations occur where human consciousness can perceive another consciousness in living or “non-living” objects, all pointing to a Universal Consciousness. Humph! The March 2018 issue of “Smithsonian” has an article “Can Trees Really Talk to Each Other?” What about trees talking to humans? I’ve had it happen! Back sometime in the mid 1890’s Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose demonstrated to our government how plants responded to human thought. The bottom line is that consciousness is UNIVERSAL…and ‘science’ is just discovering that? ~ Don Chapin

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